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11 Pedras Para Calçadas: Tips, Photos And Types

In many residential or even commercial projects the facade is the last point of the project. Should not. The front elements are essential as a complement to a good decoration, and among them we find the sidewalks. There are many others to be thought of, such as the gate, the wall cladding and of course the floor. There is much to be thought of for the front, in particular on the stones of sidewalks.

There are endless possibilities of how to decorate a sidewalk. What once was only concrete, today can receive more than fifty types of stones and each one with a different visual result, being able to value or to decay the project. The choice should be well made, but first of all, think about the construction and organization of space.

The first point we want to give is very basic: the sidewalk is public and it is crucial to obey the criteria of accessibility and predetermined space. You should not change the height or infringe the pilot project of the city hall of your city. With too many such rules, real estate owners are free to plan a decor that allows free access for passersby. The width of the sidewalk allowed varies from city to city, so it is important to consult the rules of the city hall. The standard width is usually 1.50 m.

Stones Tips for Sidewalks

And which stones to use? There are several legal decorating proposals and each type of stone involves a change in budget. Evaluate each option and consult your contractor about the application. Some possible sidewalk stones are:

  • Miracema stone - originated in the region of Pirapetinga and Santo AntĂ´nio de Padua, is very used for external coatings for the duration of the material, both in floor and walls. Sidewalks are its most common use, but in façades it is also a good request because it requires little maintenance, with very nice artistic results. It has anti-slip coating, so it can be used in gardens, BBQ area and garage as well. As it can be found in several colors, it can be used to create decorative mosaic on the floor as well.

    cobblestone model with miracema stone

    sidewalk with mosaic of miracema stone

  • Drain plates - If your city is rainy, you do not have better material to use. It sucks water with a less potent effect than a flower bed, but it's a great tip for anyone who does not want to risk getting a little water when leaving the house. They are also anti slip and therefore great for exterior floor coverings in your garden or yard. They are also athermic, keeping the temperature stable. They do not allow water to get wet, also helping to avoid flooding on your street.

    picture of stone sidewalk drainage

    picture of stone sidewalk draining red

  • Limestone - Most public spaces use this type of stone, extremely resistant, a medium cost and beautiful finish. Do you know that kind of Portuguese sidewalk, forming mosaic designs with different stone colors? It is the limestone we are talking about, with excellent cost. They can be found in several colors, even though light gray and medium gray are the most common.

    mosaic of limestone pavement black and white

    picture of sidewalk in limestone decoration

  • Basalt - excellent cost benefit, wide market offer and durable material. The contractors indicate for a lower cost of labor the larger stones, which adjust easily by their own weight and also allow the formation of mosaics. The cost is medium but durable and well-known material for decorating outdoor areas such as pool area. It is anti slip too, ideal for sidewalks and garden and yard walk areas.

    cobblestone model decorated in basalt stone

    basalt stone decorated sidewalk tip

  • Granite - is one of the materials so resistant that it is used in garages and spaces with traffic of vehicles and passers-by. The material is also cheap and has a special shine. The disadvantage is to absorb the ambient temperature, which can become cold at night but extremely hot on summer days. But it has a light shine and helps even to value the environment. The finish matches well with wall cladding as well. The most used model is granite in cube, but can be found in square or rectangular stones as well. In some warehouses you can even ask for the custom cut, adding value to the look of the sidewalk.

    granite walkway tip

  • Goian stones - known for its light and distinctive colors, is widely used in garden and pool areas. It has a distinctive luster and excellent finish, easy and fast to apply. They are sawn and hand cut, so you can order larger cuts if you want a simpler mosaic or a smaller cut if you want meticulous work on the look. It receives this name because it is widely found in the State of Goiás in a region with extensive natural rock formation. It has great offer in the market, so the price is still well taken into account. It is also durable, but does not absorb water and has a slight brightness in sunlight or artificial, generating a beautiful finish.

    picture of stone pavement in goiania stone

    staircase model in goiania stone

General Tips

  • The ideal sidewalk model has a coupled landscaping project. One of the reasons is not only being the creation of a green area in the urban center, but also help in the flow of water in periods of rain. Large trees can hold more than 70 percent of the rainwater, and this is a great help in urban centers with sewers overcrowded by urban verticalism. Trees work as an excellent sponge for rainwater and prevents flooding.
  • They are not a permanent solution, but they help a lot. It is also a good hint, logically, to think of the decor, in a lighter green environment. But for the creation of flowerbeds you will need a great help with a landscaper and architect specializing in exteriors.