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20 Christmas Ornaments With Super Legal Cds & Easy Footsteps!

Nowadays we almost do not listen to more CDs, so before you play outside you can join a lot of them and enjoy creating beautiful Christmas ornaments with CDs.

Christmas decoration does not have to look the same every year. You can create your own, like Christmas ornaments with CD. In addition to being a well-considered and sustainable way to decorate your home at this time of year, the format and brightness of the CD can be used to create the most different props, check it out!

christmas ornaments with CD

Photos and Ideas of Christmas Ornaments with CD Used

Christmas decorations with CD's can range from decorative props in the trees to up to decorate table and panels. The brilliance of the CD can be harnessed to create pieces with the glamor and festivity that this epoch evokes, or you can create embellishments that cover the entire surface of the CD, only using it as a base.

Christmas ornament with CD for tree with angel cover

You can create "covers" for CDs and create the most different Christmas ornaments for your Christmas tree!

Christmas ornaments with CD for tree with positive messages

In each one you can decorate in a way and even add positive words to create a Christmas mood!

Christmas ornaments with CD for tree with glitter

The CDs gained a layer of glitter that complemented the luminous side of the material!

The brightness of the CD can also be incorporated into the decoration!

Christmas ornaments with CD for tree with photos of children

You can give an even more personalized touch to the Christmas ornaments and decorate with photos!

Christmas ornament with door cd painted with colored inks

The CD can be decorated with glass inks, glitter and ribbons, for example

Christmas ornament with CD for door

In addition to decorating the trees, the decorations can be arranged on the door knobs and even on the door of your entrance!

Christmas ornament with CD with picture of cookies hanging on the wall

The CD can be decorated with fabrics and papers of several different prints. Just stay tuned to keep the Christmas look!

Christmas ornaments with CD with other formats like heart and star

And how about betting on other formats with CDs? You can create drawings that relate to Christmas, such as a tree, star, heart, for example

You can cut the CD to create other formats or even to serve as decoration of other items!

Christmas ornaments with small pieces of glued CDs

A basic Christmas tree ball has gained a decorative layer with several pieces of CDs

In addition to door or tree trimmings, you can create props that are laid out on the wall, such as a bow or even a tree shape!

Christmas ornaments with CD in bow format

Instead of a single CD, you can arrange several of them and form a beautiful bow!

The bows can serve to decorate both the inside of your house and the entrance!

Christmas ornaments with CDs on each other in arc format

The CDs over each other created a party look!

Christmas ornament with pine-shaped CD that can be hung

Several CDs have served to create a beautiful pine-shaped ornament that can be hung wherever you want!

Christmas ornament with CD in tree format hanging on front door

In addition to arranging CDs in different formats, you can even decorate them with tapes and even lights!

Christmas ornament with CD in the shape of a tree with lightinnhas in the center

The lights in the center of each CD gave a more modern touch to this ornament!

Christmas ornament with each CD with a message hanging on the wall

Each CD can be used to compose a message, for example!

CDs do not need to create a format, but they can be arranged in a way that creates a drawstring or a wand, for example!

Christmas ornaments with CD horizontally

Here the ornaments were arranged horizontally and they created beautiful messages and decorative items!

miniature Christmas trees made with CD

The trees even got "snow" at the base!

You can also create table ornaments like miniature trees!

Christmas tree ornament with base made of CD

This mini-tree can decorate your Christmas party and then you can deliver as a souvenir to the guests

How to Make a Christmas Ornament with a CD: Step by Step

Creating a Christmas ornament with CD is not difficult and to prove it, we have separated a very quick and easy step by step that you can do at home. Check out!

You will need:

  • Red and Natalino Con-Tact Paper
  • Various ribbons
  • CD
  • Spatula for adhesive application
  • Scissors and stylus

First you must cover the CD with the red opaque Con-Tact paper. You can use the spatula to make application easier and prevent it from forming air bubbles. After cut the leftovers and in the middle of the CD, drill a hole and fold the folds in.

Then you must apply the Con-Tact Christmas (the one that is transparent with Christmas images). You can apply only on one side of the CD, but it depends on where you will arrange the ornament. Then thread a string through the hole in the CD and tie it to the end. This ornament can serve to decorate both your tree and any place, such as a door handle or even the front door of your house!

Christmas ornament with CD made with con-tact

If you want more choices of home made Christmas decorations, check out various models of recycled ornaments and handmade ornaments.

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