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20 Incredible Sailor Baby Room Decorations To Inspire!

Baby coming and with it the moment to think about how it will be accommodated at home. The sooner you anticipate the baby room decor the better to design the space. The style of the sailor baby room is an option for who will be the mother of a boy with the possibility of creating beautiful designs. Check it out!


  • 1 Photos and Ideas of Baby Seating Room
    • 1.1 White and blue
    • 1.2 Wooden furniture
    • 1.3 Timeless Furniture
    • 1.4 Modern decoration
    • 1.5 Bear Mariner

photos of baby room sailor

Photos and Ideas of Baby's Room

Planning the baby room decor is a special time for parents. It is indicated to keep the focus of the project not just the perfect look. Convenience when looking for items to take care of the newborn and good use of space are crucial to designing a pleasant environment for parents and the new family member.

Whether for the sailor baby room or for any other type of theme the first step is to analyze the available area. Is it a small or large room? How much area is there to design? Not all dream furniture can fit in a small space and will hamper traffic in dealings with the child.

For modern apartments reduced spaces the best option is to opt for planned furniture. They are tailor made and focus on two very important features: space saving and functionality.

For anyone who wants a room tips for baby sailor we have some good options and how to plan.

White and blue

White walls with white furniture are often architects' first choice for small rooms. They increase the amplitude of the environment even if it is just a visual sensation. For a small room should always be the first choice white ceiling.

Blue and white for furniture and accessories is a sure choice when it comes to baby sailor bedroom. As it is not so easy to find blue furniture (and not so cheap) use the tonality in the accessories to compose the decoration of the environment. Pictures and small niches with dolls help to temper the theme in a smooth and pleasant way.

baby white and blue baby sailor bedroom

Chandelier for baby's room is a hint if the decor follow the classic style.

baby sailor bedroom with pictures

baby sailor bedroom with details on the wall

baby blue and white sailor bedroom

It is always very important to think about lighting for a baby's room. There are several ways to create a pleasant and cozy environment for eyes that are sensitive like those of a newborn.

LED lights with remote control are a great tip for anyone who wants to adjust the lighting according to use. They may get taller for when the baby is still awake and too soft for just a routine sleep check on the child.

Wooden furniture

The coating of the furniture in white color is very popular in the market because of its neutrality. It is not the only option. Furniture in darker shades (such as in raw wood) are a trend in the constant market. A great tip to contrast with the delicate look of a baby room.

Dark furniture calls for light walls to maintain the harmony of the environment. Not necessarily with white wall paint. The blue baby om combines a lot with the "sailor" theme and works very well large rooms.

One suggestion much on the agenda is recycled wood furniture. They are durable as the most acclaimed names on the market and still help care for the environment.

baby room sailor crib boat format

Retro crib helps create a boat shape on the wall and looks gorgeous!

baby sailor bedroom with dark furniture

baby sailor bedroom with wooden crib

When it comes to painting baby bedroom wall style prevails above all: half-way wall. In the doubt between two shades of paint on the same wall? Each half with a color. It's classic and always works. The tip is to always invest in colors that complement each other and combine with each other for visual harmony.

Blue and white are the most used colors but can be light blue with dark blue, water green with blue and other incredible shades!

baby sailor bedroom with blue and white wall

Timeless Furniture

The richness of detail in Provencal styles of furniture or traditional 1920's are visually appealing to decorate baby's room. But architects with a modern background are highlighting a very important point: timelessness.

Baby room furniture has a very short shelf life. Overall they can not keep up with the child's growth because the items change in size. The clothes of a child of 5 years are much more voluminous and do not fit in closet for newborn. The furniture designer is also differentiated when it comes to a design for babies.

The idea most adopted lately is to opt for quadrangular furniture. They have a straight cut and make the pieces timeless. With such a basic style in design they can be enjoyed for a long time. This makes it easier to invest more in quality without fear of losing market value.

If the mobile styles is timeless it is okay to adapt the design of a baby sailor bedroom. Just invest in accessories on walls and furniture like toys, paintings and themed paintings. This makes it even easier to roll back the room to a room that can accommodate a teenager.

baby sailor bedroom with straight cut furniture

The absence of many details makes the timeless, long-term use of sailor baby furniture.

baby sailor bedroom with timeless furniture

baby room sailor straight

baby bedroom timeless style

Modern decoration

One should never be restrictive when talking about decorating a room. For a baby room design differentiated sailor the great secret is to use imagination and objects with different designer than usual. Worth investing in toys like decorative items and even and differentiated lighting.

Cradle-sized cradle sheets help even more keep the sailor's style in the mood. And the coolest thing is that when changed they can completely change the look of space.

baby clean sailor bedroom

Colorful furniture or not being used in a baby room. If you do not find the desired color the options are planned furniture or coat yourself with a good sander and wood paint.

baby sailor bedroom with bookshelf

baby room sailor colorful crib

Raw wood furniture is modern and elegant.

baby room sailor wall with stripes

Sailor Bear

Sailor Bear is the most beautiful and delicate variation for the baby room. Can be decorated with plush. The most used colors in wall and accessories are red, blue and white.

niche for baby room sailor

baby room sailor teddy bear

The great secret to choosing the best items to decorate baby sailor bedroom is to pan in the shops. It can be on sites like, Submarino and specific stores for decoration. There are always different objects and good ideas come up.

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