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30 Creative Star Wars Luminaires & Shop Tips To Buy Yours!

Every fan of Star Wars either a decoration or an object that represents that passion for the film. Thinking about it, we chose 30 beautiful models of Star Wars light fixtures for you to choose one and leave the environment very nice.

Star Wars is a series with 1 spin-off and 8 science fiction films, the film was a milestone in film productions, as it brought blockbuster idea, films in series and with guaranteed success of box office.

Forbes magazine, in 2005, calculated the results acquired by Star Wars, around the 28-year trajectory, at about twenty billion (today, about 30 billion). For the filmmaker George Lucas the production also paid off, he was considered one of the richest people in the world, according to Forbes 2004. With his $ 3 billion fortune, he won 153th place.


  • 1 Where to Buy: Store Tips and Prices
  • 2 Star Wars Photos and Models
    • 2.1 3D
    • 2.2 Lampshade
    • 2.3 DIY
    • 2.4 LED

Where to Buy: Store Tips and Prices

Let's see some pricing tips and where to buy beautiful Star Wars fixtures?

At Imaginarium, this gorgeous Darth Vader lamp costs $ 199, o0. It's a very stylish gift and every Star Wars fan will simply love it!

Star Wars Light Fixture.

Did you like the model below? You can find a similar model very charming for $ 109, the Elo7.

Handmade Star Wars Luminaires.

Black hole lamp with figures from the movie Star Wars.

Have you ever heard of Star Wars paper luminaries? They are beautiful and, despite the simple material, are a charm. At the Elo7, you get 10 units for $ 6.80.

Star Wars luminaires in beige and black.

Beige and black paper lamps with character designs.

A lamp is also very cool in any environment. At the Ebay, for $ 22.20 this model is available. Great idea to give friends or take in the room:

Star Wars theme lamp.

Black lamp with Star Wars design.

This Star Wars LED light is also fantastic, right? At the Free market it costs $ 80.00.

Star Wars luminaires in white and black.

Fixtures with Star Wars characters in black and white colors.

Show your dark side of strength with these two beautiful objects. At the I nailed it, for $ 70.00 this beauty is going to be part of the decoration of your home.

Star Wars LED Fixtures.

Fixtures in white and black.

A death star in your room or room? This fantastic lamp for $ 11.44 in AliExpress.

Star Wars pendant lamp.

Luminaire star of death.

Want a super clean lamp? Look at this beautiful model, in the Elo7, a similar model for $ 137.00.

Star Wars lamp.

Star Wars gray and white shade lamp

This black lamp with lightsaber prints are very Elo7, another very cute model for $ 109.00.

Black Star Wars lamp.

Black lamp with light saber prints.

Another very cool model of prints. At Elo7, for R $ 109,00 as well.

White printed star wars table lamp.

Star Wars luminaire in blue and white colors.

Star Wars Luminaires Photos and Models

You can find Star Wars lamps from different models, we share some very interesting models here by category, see which one is the coolest for you.


At 3D light fixtures They do not need electricity because they work on batteries. So the advantage is that you can use them anywhere, the lighting of these luminaires is also made by mini-leds.

By not having the light very strong, the light in 3D is used to create a penumbras or to illuminate some corner of the environment.

See how the designs are perfect and very beautiful:

Star Wars luminaires in 3D.

At the AliExpress, these luminaires cost about $ 11.98.

Blue Star Wars 3D lamp.

Another cool model of blue 3D light fixture with the death star drawing.

3D green luminaire.

Green 3D luminaire with Star Wars image.

Blue light in 3D.

3D lamp from Master Yoda (Star Wars).

Star Wars 3D blue light.

Another beautiful light fixture for you to decorate your room or bedroom.

Star Wars 3D Fixture.

3D signboard designed by Star Wars luminaire.

Luminaire in 3D.

The 3D luminaires are very modern and will leave your mood very stylish.

Bedside lamp

If you prefer something else traditional, a lamp can be a great idea. It has very different models that can get your attention:

Table lamp star wars.

Star Wars lamp with neutral colors.

This model is a Lux, very charming:

White and gold star wars table lamp.

White and gold Star Wars lamp.

And a super original stamped model?

Stamped Star Wars.

Printed Star Wars lamp based on beige color.

Star Wars lamp with embossed dome.

Table lamp with print and led lighting.

Black Star Wars lamp.

Black Star Wars lamp with pink lamp.

Star Wars Black Luminaire.

Black light box with Star Wars theme.

Black and white Star Wars luminaire.

Legend Tower lamp with Star Wars characters.


If you do not have the money, you can make your own Star Wars light fixture. See in the image below how it is not difficult to do in your house:

Star Wars led luminaire step by step.

Another very cool light box from Darth Vader:

Lightbox Star Wars.

Wooden luminaire black and white.

Lightbox made by hand.

Light wooden box with Star Wars logo.


At Led lamps ("Light Emitting Diode") have several advantages, such as low cost, long life, and a safe, sustainable lamp with innovative design.

Led light lamp.

Light saber luminaires with LED.

Star Wars led light.

LED lamp in cylindrical format.

Star Wars led light.

Reading lamp LED in Darth Vader format.

Did you like the Star Wars light fixtures that we show in this post? Comment below and share text with your friends!

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