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33 Wonderful Roses Rugs - Tips, Models & Where To Buy!

Pink is the color of the moment, and this is not just for women. The pink rugs are the perfect pieces to compose, from a more delicate decoration to a very cool and young. You can place them in bedrooms and living rooms, helping to bring touches of color, be lighter or more vibrant.


  • 1 Where to Buy: Store Tips and Prices
  • 2 Photos and Ideas of Roses Rugs
    • 2.1 Pink Baby
    • 2.2 Pink Pink
    • 2.3 Hairy / Shaggy
    • 2.4 Crochet
    • 2.5 For Double Room

pink rugs

Where to Buy: Store Tips and Prices

There are many models of pink rugs, you can choose from the smoothest, textured and without prints, even those who have everything. For example, a matte pink rug you find for R $ 72.81, in Casa Brasil Rugs.

Already a carpet with prints, perfect for rooms for babies or children, leaves for R $ 140,56, in Grão de Gente.

Photos and Ideas of Roses Rugs

Pink rugs can be in lighter shades or the more vibrant ones, such as pink, and the styles they bring to the environment depend on the decor around. In addition, you can still choose models with different patterns and textures, such as doormats.

Pink Baby

This rose shade is perfect for decorating more delicate and charming surroundings, such as the nursery, for example. This is because it gives a touch of color, but getting very discreet, only helping to complement the decor.

light pink round carpet in baby's room

No mistake: a pink and white decoration, delicate and well clean!

Round rugs help to delineate a space, such as a space for children to play, for example

pink round rug between two children's room beds

Rugs in children's and infants' rooms are important for children not to play directly on the floor, especially if the floor is colder

light pink carpet with beige designs in baby's room

You can even choose models with designs and even textures, especially if you are looking for a more delicate decoration!

light pink textured rug in baby's room

light pink carpet in gray baby room

In addition to the delicate rooms, the light pink carpet, mainly the smooth ones, combined with other colors, like gray, creates a very modern environment!

The pink baby carpet can also be used in more modern environments, for this, prefer smooth models (without drawings, for example)!

pink baby rug in children's room with wall with plants stamp

The patterned wall and the bed with wooden frames helped to give a more modern touch to the matte light pink rug


The pink pink rugs are perfect for those looking for a more glamorous and fashionable decoration. You can bet on larger models (if you want more attention) or smaller versions (just to give a very distinctive touch of color).

pink pink carpet in living room TV with white sofa

The furniture in neutral tones, such as white and brown, helped to highlight the pink pink carpet

Pink carpets bring even more fashion style to the environment!

Pink Carpet in Pink and Purple Decorated Room

Even with a decoration in shades of purple and pink, the carpet helps to complement, being very discreet

pink rose carpet in persian style

This carpet model can help you decorate more chic boho!

In addition to the smooth versions, you can choose models with Persian or Indian rug designs, for example

pink pink carpet with blank designs

Even with more alternative style, the rug helped to compose a young and modern bedroom decor

Hairy / Feathered

Hairy carpets can have two functions: helping to compose a fashion environment or give a touch of comfort to the space.

light pink round rug fuzzy in baby's room

In lighter shades and smaller, more traditional shapes (such as rectangular or round) are perfect for a more charming look

light pink carpet mat in baby's room

light pink carpeting mat in teenage room

Light-colored rugs can also be used in a teenage room. Perfect for those looking to give a modern touch to the decor!

light pink carpet in a room with gray decor

The fuzzy models with larger hairs are perfect for those looking to bring the feeling of comfort even more

light pink carp fleece in living room

light pink rug in heart shape

You can bet on different sizes of carpets, like this one at heart

carpet pink pink shaggy in double room

There is nothing more fashionable and glamorous than a pink pink carpet!

De Crochê

The crocheted rugs give an air of artisanal and at the same time delicacy to its decoration. You can bet on the most different sizes and formats, for example, the rounds are perfect to help make up the look of that corner, whether in your room or in any other environment.

round pink crocheted rugs

To bring a different style, you can choose models with different colors, even in various shades of pink!

pink crocheted rug

Pink crochet rugs look discreet and still bring more detail to your décor

pink crocheted rug with rectangular shape

There are the most different models of crochet that can create the most different formats and styles of rug

animal shaped crocheted pink rugs

For children's and teens' bedrooms, you can bet on models of rugs in format and drawing of animals! Create a fun look!

For Double Room

The double rooms can also get pink rugs without getting too "feminine" air. It can be perfect for both a more delicate decor and a more modern ambiance.

light pink carpet with discreet textures in double bedroom

The carpet has designs and a very discreet texture that depends on the lighting, so help to create a nice décor!

To give a very young touch, you can bet on smooth models and traditional formats

light pink carpet in romantic double bedroom

The light shades of pink are also perfect for decorating more romantic and charming surroundings

pink pink carpet with purple tones in double bedroom

The pretty rustic model rug has created a perfect blend with the fashionable bedroom decor

The pink pink carpet can be perfect to help you create a more youthful and even more rustic decor!

pink pink carpet with drawings

The carpet designs brought chic boho style to the bedroom

pink pink carpet in double room with green decoration

The pink carpet can also be used in a more relaxed beach house decor, for example, blending with other colors such as green!

The pink is a very flexible color, combining with any environment and can adapt according to your style. Now just choose the model and you're done!

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