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35 Models Of Chicken Bag Pull: Ideas And Tips!

Who likes to decorate the kitchen with crafts will like to know models of Pull chicken bag. This product is used to store the typical plastic bags we take home from the supermarket, bakeries and other establishments.

It was invented for many years, bringing back memories of our grandparents' times. And its functionality is incredible, because no one can stand collecting bags in drawers or in the dispensing, with the chance of being scattered all over. With the pulls chicken bag they will be organized and the object will bring a charm to your kitchen.


And because of chicken? In many manual works we see the reproduction of farm animals, such as cows, pigs and chickens, because they refer to life in the countryside, where the care of the house is well seen and there is the creation of these animals. Also, decorating with animals is always a great option to brighten any environment, and with the kitchen would not be different, right?

The chicken, then, is one of the most loved animals by people when the subject is to thematize the kitchen. And so we find different types of crafts that can compose this room. There are dish cloth holder, dish cloths themselves, egg holder, clock ornament, hood for home appliances, among others.


That is, you can bet on the chicken to give a farm air and entertain the decor of your kitchen. If you have skills in sewing and painting, you may want to do this without leaving home! There are several models to choose from that are not difficult to make.

In this post we select the models of chicken bag pulls which are more made by artisans and that draw the attention of people for their delicacy and power of relaxation. Do you want to know what they are?

Follow to the end! Incidentally... in the end there is the step by step for you to produce your own pulls bag, will you lose?


  • 1 Models of Chicken Bag Pull
    • 1.1 In fabric and patchwork
    • 1.2 In felt
    • 1.3 In crochet
    • 1.4 From MDF
    • 1.5 Dead chicken

Models of Chicken Bag Pull

Fabric and patchwork

These are the most famous models of chicken bag pulls and other animals as well. We can find them in handicraft stores or home products, but we also have the option of doing it ourselves.

There are two more traditional ways of producing this type of product: sewing in a conventional way, with Sewing machine or manually; using the fashionable patchwork technique, which uses fabric flaps and works with overlays, but which are sewn in the same way.

The two ways are simple to make and result in a pulls pretty good bag. In addition to the fabric, you can use other objects such as buttons and decorative ribbons. What can also be done are fuxicos (those bundles made with fabric and thread) and flowers to decorate.

Another thing that can not be forgotten is the placement of chicken eyes. They can be hand painted or glued - there are plastic little eyes found in craft stores.

See beautiful models of chicken bag pull made with fabric and patchwork:







patchwork chicken-puller


In felt

O felt is a material widely used to make crafts for the versatility of colors it offers and for easy handling. Who does not know the felt, he is a fabric made from wool and animal hair, and is recognized as TNT (nonwoven fabric) because it is not made after weaving but by compaction.

Because it is lightweight and has high working power, it can be sewn with the sewing machine or manually. There are models of graceful chicken bag pulls made with this material, which may have fill to stay longer cuddly and robust or have only one layer. It is a very economical option to make items to decorate your kitchen.

We separate some models for you to be inspired, which are easy to make, as well as cheap:




Cute Chicken-in-Felt-Puller


chicken-in-felt bagel


In crochet

Crochet is another type of crafts that never goes out of style and shows itself as one of the most requested options when decorating the house. Always versatile, the crocheted pieces can gain varied shapes and styles, because it is you who will create your model.

If you have skills with needles, do not miss out on the chance to produce your own pulls chicken bag. They will give your kitchen a different look and guarantee a unique look, since no one will have the same model. There is graphics available on the internet for you to make your own pulls chicken bag as well as other objects that decorate your home.

In addition to those that are hung on the wall, you can bet on models that are made to stand on a stand.

See below the different models and understand how they can be made:

chicken-crochet bagger





crocheted chicken sack

From MDF

Parts in MDF are sold ready in many craft stores for you to create the decor. They come without any paint, meaning you have the freedom to color the way you want and paint any designs.

Another technique that can be applied on MDF is that of decoupage, craftsmanship that uses bonding of paper or fabric on a surface. In this way, you can choose pictures of chickens and paste on the already painted MDF of the color that you have defined.

As the item is a pull bag, it is important that it has a hole somewhere in the piece for the removal of plastic bags. This hole can be in front or below the item, and you can hang it on the wall or leave it on some base.

Take a look at the models of pulls chicken bag in MDF that we separate for you to know:


mdf chicken pooper




chicken-in-mdf bagger

Dead chicken

It may seem strange, but another much-requested model to create decorations for the home is the dead chickendid you know It's a super original way, which promises to make your kitchen a lot more fun.

The best way to create this model is with fabric, it can be TNT, Felt and other type as well. It is important to choose one side for the exit of the bags. How the chicken will be head down, you can make this "hole" in the head or the bottom of her body - and the exit will be done by pulling the bag up.

Use creativity to create your dead chicken. Here are some ideas:

dead chicken sack

white chicken jerk-jerk


cute goat-tail-fly


dead chicken sack

Do not forget that if you learn right, you can use this learning to earn extra money. There are many craft shops that accept jobs from many artisans, it is worth investing.

I hope you have enjoyed knowing more models of Pull chicken bag. Any questions you have leave a comment for us!