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5 Tips To Keep Away The Mosquito From Dengue

According to the Ministry of
Health, in the period from December to May, the care to combat dengue
be reinforced. At these times the combination of heat and humidity tends to be
higher temperatures, and the high temperatures bring with it the possibility of
of the mosquito. Check out the tips we've separated and keep this villain away from the
your house and your family!

Stand still! Pay
attention to the water tank, which must always be closed with a suitable cover.

let water accumulate on the slab or in the gutter of the house!

If you have stale old tires
in the open, deliver them to the urban cleaning service or leave them stored,
dry, in a place where they do not get rain.

Barrels, barrels and dumps should
stay well covered. Put the trash in plastic bags and put it in the bin. Not
throw rubbish in vacant lots.

If you go to a place that
mosquitoes, or camping, for example, protect yourself with the use of

You have many plants in the
garden? Put sand in the vases! It preserves moisture and prevents the dish
become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Count on us! We have the
right tool against this enemy: STIHL sprayers! Practical and
mosquito outbreaks even in places of difficult access.
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What care do you have in
your home? Tell us in the comments! To the next!

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