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50 Decorative Cages: How To, Tips And Photos!

The use of decorative cages in the home has become increasingly common to give a special and delicate touch to the environment. The variety in models and styles of cages allow the item to be introduced in different lines of decoration and in very different ways. Want to know how to use cage in home decor? So, let's go to the post with tips and ideas!

50 DECORATIVE CAGES: How to, Tips and Photos!: tips

How to use


The first tip of using cage in the decoration is to introduce the object as pending. For this, you will need to hang the cage and pass the light inside.

The cage can be used alone or through a set to give the idea of ​​different pendants.

Decorative cage-2

The decorative item may also receive illumination in another way. Do you know those Christmas lights that are stored? Take advantage of them to create a spot of light inside the cage and then position the item on a piece of furniture or even on the floor.

Decorative cage-3

Do not know how to make a cage with Christmas lights? So let's take a step by step.

  1. If you already have the cage, but still not in the color you want, the first step is to paint the item. To do this, use brush or spray;
  2. Then place the light bulbs inside the racks and let the outlet part out;
  3. Now just plug the power switch into the outlet and that's it. It even gives to use as a lamp in the room.

Decorative cage-4

Another idea is to use the item in the garden or balcony. Placing one or more cages on the floor already leaves the ambiance charming, but you can also place small vases of flowers within the space.

Decorative cage-5

In the room the object was hung on the wall next to the bed and inside was placed small illuminated flowers.

If you do not have this type of flower at home, you can use artificial flowers and fit the Christmas lights. The effect will be the same, and you can still choose which type of flower to match the room decor.

Decorative cage-6

For those who like organization, one idea is to use the larger cage models for storing books, making doorways in the office or even using sewing objects as a door for those who have the activity as a hobby or profession.

Decorative cage-7

The wire object can also gain a more sophisticated style in the room. How about adapting the cage to receive a chandelier? In the end, you get a unique and very elegant product.


For colored models, a vase of flowers with color can give even more life and joy to the object. After placing the vase of flowers, enjoy the cage as a centerpiece in the dining room.


Using the cages together and hanging on the wall helps complete the vertical decor of the home. After all, the walls also deserve to be decorated.

In this project, the used cages were of different sizes and the same color. To make use of the item, small plants were placed inside the crates.

cage on the dining table

  • If you want to hang the cages as a garnish on the dining table this is also possible.
  • There is no need to turn the object into pendant, and the item can serve only as a decoration and a special touch.
  • The tip is that when hanging, the cages do not hinder people to serve and nor stay at eye level in order to make it difficult for everyone to see at the table.

Decorative cage-11

In the kitchen the decorative cages can also complete the scenery. In this project, cages of different colors, shapes and sizes were placed on a shelf just to decorate and color the environment.

Decorative cage-12

Larger models can also be part of the home décor. If you have one of these at home, enjoy the item to put larger plant pots and fill the space with a little green.


In the outside area of ​​the house, the item can also be used in a corner next to a bench or sofa. To give utility to the object, place flower pot and even candles inside.


Another space of the house that gives to use decorative cage is in the bathroom or toilet. Positioning the object on the workbench is a good option, and you can leave the racks with nothing inside, put candles or even use the space to store face towels.


In the baby's room the cage can be used to decorate a little corner or as a pendant. If you are following a more delicate decoration and with light colors, you can choose the Provençal style for the little girls.


The more rustic lines can also be used indoors and break the whole classic look of the decor. In this idea of ​​use, the wire and wood cage won white candles that contributed to harmonize the different styles of decor.

Decorative cage-17

To avoid leaving the dining room sideboard unattractive, bet on decorative objects. In this case, the rectangular cage and with older lines gave a rustic touch to the modern decor. The tip is that this item is in harmony with the rest of the decor, but it does not always have to be the same style as the rest of the decor and the objects used in the room.


The green plants are always good alternatives to fill the interior of the small plants. If you have few skills with gardening and / or little time, opt for succulents or cacti, since both require little care and are always beautiful.

Where to buy

Decorative cages can be purchased at physical decor stores or you can even take advantage of stores that sell old and used items to find a retro model and give the item new face.


In online stores you can also find varied models. Like the one that already comes with washer and can be purchased here.

Decorative cage-20

The more work and rich models in detail already dispense item to fill its interior and already are a luxury. If you liked this template, you can find it in this store.

Photos of decorative cages

It has already been noted that this object has become common in different styles of decoration, so we separated some more inspirations so you can find the model that most matches the line of decor that follows in your home.

Decorative cage-21

Decorative cage-22

Decorative cage-23

Decorative cage-24

Decorative cage-25




Decorative cage-29

cage on top of sideboard

What do you think of the use of decorative cages? Particularly I find a treat and detail that makes all the difference in the decor and the best is that you can find items for the most diverse tastes and styles.

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