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60 Country Houses: Must Do Projects, Models And Plants!

Climb the mountain to enjoy the cold of the mountains and enjoy a country house should do more part of the routine, but since I still do not have the house in the mountains, what remains is to be inspired by models and projects. And if you, like me, also want to have inspirations to build a home in a cozy place in the middle of nature, let's go to the post!

Facades and models

balcony with hammock

To access the house, there is a small rustic wooden staircase

Country house is a place to relax, and that is exactly what this project shows. From the facade to the details, every bit of the house makes clear the feel of cozy and relaxing place. To create this pleasant climate, the bet was to introduce large glass doors and windows, reconciling the internal space with nature, and a terrace with hammocks that value the cozy aspect.

small house

Details with stones fill the structure footer

The proposal for a single-story house may also be the bet for the home in the middle of the mountains. This model enhances the apparent roof, and windows and wooden posts, which when open let you enjoy the beautiful view outside. Another strong point of the project is the wooden deck that creates a point of appreciation.

single frontage

The lawn and shrub garden with trees fills the outside

If the search is for a simple house to enjoy the best part, that is the field, and value a cozy space and without great perks, you can already include this little model among the favorites. Here the colorful wooden windows give a touch of color and joy to the house.

stone house

Pergolados of wood decorate the outside area

With a touch of rusticity the house in the middle of nature gains this aspect because of the coating of stones. In order not to leave the home so rustic, the bet was to merge the construction with other materials, such as the brick in view that characterizes another area of ​​the house. This mix of textures and aspects ensures a touch of modernity to the project, but without ignoring the main characteristic, which is country.

houses with terrace

The houses with balconies are very characteristic of buildings in the middle of nature. The extended roof is a great element to give a feeling of warmth and an ideal place to decorate with elements that enhance and allow you to appreciate the natural environment that surrounds the residence.

modern architecture

The wooden deck values ​​the project

For this project the idea was to follow a more current architectural proposal, with cuts and shapes that do not follow the traditional styles of construction. Besides the mismatched forms of residence, the project still has structural elements that value the insertion in the mountain, such as windows and wooden deck.

facade exposed brick

In front, covered caranda

The proposal here was for a house with the whole structure made of brick at sight. The material besides being very resistant, still dispenses the painting and gives a super charming touch to the home. And to combine with this structure, the bet was to adopt windows with wooden frames and glass fill, which allows the view to the external area and the use of sunlight to illuminate the interior of the residence.

modern pool

The green pool lining integrates this area into nature

If the construction is in a region where the temperature during the day becomes more warm, a proposal is the house with swimming pool. However, if the weather is not so hot, it is worth resorting to the heated pool to make the environment even more relaxing. In this case, the ideal is to be inspired by projects like this, where the pool model integrates nature.

house with wooden deck

The wooden pergola has

The rustic façade is also a great inspiration to integrate the building with nature. As an example, this project shows classic elements of this style, such as:

  1. Painting with earthy tones;
  2. Pergolado with wooden log;
  3. Wooden deck.

Modern house

A modern inspiration for the house amid the mountains is this design. Here the construction is characterized by large openings with glass doors, built-in roof and integrated internal environments. The model, although quite different from previous versions, is also an option and especially for those who do not dispense elements of modern architecture.

More pictures

wood house

The wooden house has a cozy style

pool format L

The yellow lighting leaves the home warm

colonial house

The wooden Venetian windows make up the colonial style design

wooden facade models

mountain house

The climbing vine decorates the porch space

small simple house

The white painting values ​​the green space to the environment

rustic facade

The blue painting of the door and window frames color the wooden house


Vases with cacti decorate the ground floor

balcony decoration

On the balcony, the decoration with wooden pestle gives rural traces to the project

facades with balcony

large house

modern brick house view

Wide glass windows make up the project

wooden deck models

colored door

The doors in green water give color to the structure

flat floor plans

house with large pool

The large pool is part of the back area of ​​the residence

wood door

The house has wooden doors and an apparent roof

house stones

Stones decorate the outer wall of the home

lawn garden

Coconut trees decorate the garden

models of facades


house project with pool

In design, the apparent roof features home

This project is ideal for anyone who is in search of a spacious single storey house with pool. The windows and glass walls that integrate the structure are ideal to enjoy the external view and enjoy the nature even from inside the house.

project with barbecue

Flowers and shrubs decorate the pool environment

A slightly smaller version of single storey house with pool, this proposal has apparent roof and porch at the back of the house. In this space still has a gourmet area with barbecue and tables for those who do not dispense a good barbecue.

design with pergola

This proposal is a cozy and cozy house for the project in the middle of the mountains. The apparent roof gives charm to the structure, and the stone details, like the contours of the window, give a touch of rusticity to the home.

terrace in the background

In the project, the bedroom exit has a small balcony with hammock

For those who are looking for a brick brick home project, can be inspired by this model. Here the proposal is to give warm traces from the structure and the integration with the environment is given by the windows and wooden doors. The leisure area with pool in the back of the house is an optional option, which can be used for regions with warmer temperatures during the day.

project house with terrace

Beside the pool, a small roof with barbecue

Here the inspiration is one of small house, cozy and with a veranda all around. The roof that extends beyond the structure of the house is supported by logs, and in the design the wood can still be seen on the doors and on the terrace floor.

More pictures

solar panel design

The proposal includes solar panels for energy capture

project leisure area

Next to the pool, leisure area with barbecue and games tables

Suspended deck design

house project with garage

The side garage is covered

facade design


house with pool

On the floor, the garage is in front of the house

This plant is ideal for anyone who is in search of a large project to gather the family in a comfortable space. The project has a suite and two bedrooms, in addition to the common rooms (kitchen, living room, bathrooms), but the space gains even more value on account of playroom which gives direct access to the outdoor area with swimming pool.

pool deck with wood deck

If the idea is to have a big house in the mountains, this project is ideal. Here the space is divided into:

  • 3 suites, one with closet;
  • Living room;
  • Kitchen with dining area;
  • Pantry;
  • Laundry;
  • Washbasin;
  • And in the background, deck with pool, balcony and external bathroom.

small building plant

In the outdoor area the shower is next to the pool

Following the proposal of a simple and small house, the humanized plant shows an ideal option for a couple; since the house is only composed by an edicule with kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Already the outside has barbecue, balcony, shower and swimming pool.

two bedroom floor plan

In the kitchen, the barbecue is integrated into the space

An intermediate plant option, which varies from large to small, is this two-bedroom project. In addition to the bedrooms, the house still consists of living room with dining room and American kitchen. The idea is basic, but ideal for those who want to enjoy nature and dispenses the perks and modernities.

house plant with fireplace

And if we are talking about a country house, of course we can not miss a project with a fireplace. Here the proposal is a living room with fireplace to gather family and friends in a warm place. The rest of the project also has two bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen.

More plants

gourmet balcony

Outside, balcony with barbecue

house big house

house house with terrace

On the floor, the bedrooms and living room are carpeted

modern house plant

In the outdoor area, game room

humanized plant

After all the inspirations of cottages, gave even more desire to climb the mountain. Tell us what you can not miss in a house in the mountains.

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