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72 Incredible Decorations With Screen & How To Make It At Home!

The screen is an element of decoration, which in addition to bringing aesthetic character to the environment, is still great ally in functionality.

The item is quite versatile, and can be used in different environments as a dividing idea and even to add an extra style in the decoration, after all what is not missing are screens models, which is perfect to find the version that most combines with the decorative proposal of each environment.

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  • 1 What is it? What is it for?
  • 2 Tips For Using Screens
  • 3 Types and Models of Screen
    • 3.1 White
    • 3.2 Japanese
    • 3.3 Indian
    • 3.4 Colorful
    • 3.5 Wood / MDF
    • 3.6 Bamboo
    • 3.7 From Pallet
    • 3.8 Iron
    • 3.9 Of Glass
    • 3.10 With Fabric
    • 3.11 With Mirror
    • 3.12 With Photos
    • 3.13 With Plants
  • 4 Pictures of Ambient Decorated with Screen
    • 4.1 Room
    • Room
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    • 4.5 Balcony
  • 5 How to Make Screen at Home: Easy Step by Step

Which is? What is it for?

The screen is a kind of partition for environments, but formed by more than one sheet, can be folded and giving the idea of ​​movement to the item.

The element can go beyond its decorative character and have the function of dividing and delimiting spaces, creating a new area, but without the need to build walls.

Another function is to use it as a background panel for a given space, creating a decorated and / or textured surface.

Tips For Using Screens

If you have doubts about how to include a screen in the decoration, there are several possibilities and functions that the element can have; and to bring ideas in, we've provided tips on how to add the item to the project in different ways.

  • Smash light

The screen is a perfect element to break the excess light, so it can be positioned near a window, making the natural light partially barred, and with an element that enhances the decoration of the environment.

wooden decoration screen

The wooden screen was positioned in front of the window

  • Splitter and space delimiter

This is certainly one of the main uses of screens in environments.

The item is perfect for creating new areas in integrated environments, but without a barrier like a new wall.

The screens can be used in a way to delimit a space, but in a decorative way, like creating a new space in the room, or even dividing the room into two environments.

The advantage of using the element as a room divider is that it can be changed at any time, and without the need for works.

room partition

The piece divides the room of a small room

  • Decorative panel

The different models of screens allow the item to be used as a complement to the decoration, and even with a panel decorating the environment, can be used with bed head, behind the sofa, or in other spaces that need to gain a new decor, but in a simple way.

In this tip, it is also worth including the use of the item as a way to disguise irregularities such as a wall with crack or even a worn paint.

bedside table

The bed without headboard has won a beautiful decorative panel

Types and Models of Screen


For those who are thinking of using a partition style model and keep the décor clean, the white versions are perfect.

The white screens divide the space without leaving a heavy composition and are still perfect to combine with a light color decor or slightly soften the decor of the environment.

decoration with white furniture

The white model keeps the décor clean

white models


The screen is a classic element of Japanese decoration, and this oriental inspiration can come through a model decorated with elements that refer to Japanese culture, such as oriental prints, temples, dragons and cherry trees.

The Japanese style model is perfect to be featured in the environment, and thus function as a decorative panel.

dining room decoration

The model features Oriental-style prints

japanese model


Another inspiration is the Indian style model, which brings a more detailed decoration across the surface that is all leaked.

The designs that make up the Indian model are beautiful and work as a way to add to the decor of the environment, with a touch of another culture.

living room with armchairs

The piece forms a kind of panel behind the armchairs

Indian model


If the idea is to add a touch of color to the decor, a more daring proposition is to choose for a colored screen model.

The version can be a whole color, or with a mix of colors, bringing a more vibrant look to the decor and even working as a highlight and base for the decoration.

colorful bedroom screen

The colorful model combines with the sofa cushions

decoration colored screen

The painted model brings vibrant colors

Wood / MDF

The wooden or MDF models are also perfect for different decorative proposals, and each style of wood becomes ideal for the decoration of different spaces.

The rustic style can bring a more rustic touch, while the wood in the colored MDF brings a more modern version for the decoration with screen.

rustic model

The rustic model was used behind the dresser

home office simple

The piece of wood was used in the home office

wooden model

models of wood and MDF

Of Bamboo

The chosen model can also bring the strand of nature with materials such as bamboo.

In this type of partition the bamboo can be used for any item, or just as part of the structure and complemented with other material such as bamboo and fabric combination.

screen in the dining room

The item divides the integrated environments

bamboo model

The model is a mix of bamboo and fabric

De Pallet

Pallet furniture is successful, and when it comes to reusing wood decks, the idea can even extend to screens.

In this type of partition the union of pallets forms the item, which can be painted in different colors or even maintained to the natural tone of the wood to follow a rustic proposal in the decoration.

pallet decoration

The pallet model was painted white

pallet models

Of iron

The iron versions can follow different styles, and thus combine with the decorative style of the environment.

To introduce the screen as part of the decor, it is worth using a matching model with iron furniture. However, if the idea is to make the element prominent, bet on a model that contrasts with the rest of the decor.

modern industrial decoration

The steel model brings a touch of the industrial style

iron model

The iron version is cast

Of glass

A modern version for the partition, it is the glass model.

This type of material is perfect for those who want to share environments, but without interrupting the vision, creating a space boundary, but with the idea of ​​continuity because the glass is translucent.

modern bedroom decoration

The piece divides the room

model with glass

With Fabric

The models with fabric are very varied, and goes beyond choosing the type and characteristics of the fabric; also includes deciding which frame style will support the screen.

This type of partition is versatile because of the fabric that can combine with the decor, or be a daring option and that creates a point of prominence in the decoration.

fabric model

The fabric has a soft color print

wooden model with fabric

The base is made of wood

With Mirror

For those who need a little help in decorating small rooms, the tip is to use a model that is made of mirrors or has a reflective surface as part of the item.

The mirror in the partition helps to give the idea of ​​a wider environment and reflect more light, which creates a sense of more space.

mirror partition

The partition mirror helps to enlarge the space

mirror models

With Photos

Among the varied types of screen models, a very nice model is the version that resembles a mural of photos, so the piece apart from dividing the room still creates a space of memories.

This type of piece is very versatile, and a good request for anyone who wants a multifunctional furniture.

photo template

photo partition

The photo version works like a photo panel

With Plants

In addition to introducing a kind of partition, the item can still be quite functional and serve as a vertical garden, where it is possible to include hanging plants, further enhancing the screen and adding a touch of green to the decor.

rustic with plants

The model has a rustic look

wooden model with plants

The wooden vases with plants decorate the piece

Pictures of Decorated with Screen

Living room

modern decorated room

For those who are thinking of introducing a screen as part of the decor of the room, but with little space, this project brings a perfect proposal, where the item works as a panel behind the sofa.

The idea is super cool, since it takes up little space in the environment, and still brings a new feature to the wall.

room with home office

The piece divides the room and creates a small home office

gray room

Mirrored models decorate the back wall of the room

wall blue living room

room with white screen

The cast model creates a modern look for the room

living room panel

The model that works as a panel for the room has stamped chevron


bedroom decoration

There are several uses for screen in the decoration of the room, and as an inspiration to use the item in its traditional way, the idea here is a model with wood structure used as a room divider.

The 4-sheet model divides room space, leaving the environments integrated with a partition, but without the need to add walls.

screen with lights

The leaked piece was decorated with string of lights

bedroom decoration

white and black bedroom decoration

The model used in the bedroom has mandala print

floral pattern

The embossed version decorates behind the bedside table

decorated double room

The cast version of wood functions as bed headboard

room decorated with wood screen


simple decorated kitchen

The item is super versatile and can be used in different ideas and environments, and in this case the proposal was to include a wooden screen as part of the kitchen decoration.

The piece besides being decorative still works as room divider and separates kitchen from the laundry.

colorful decoration

Colorful model divides kitchen from dining room

kitchen partition

The white version is clean


bedroom with bathroom

For those who bet on the integrated design of a bedroom with bathroom, but want a simple way of delimiting spaces, the screen is the correct element to create this room and add a decorative piece to the spaces.

In the design, the piece of wood divides the environments and combines with the decoration, bringing a touch cozier because of the wood.

chic bathroom

The bathtub follows the minimalist style

children's room with bathroom

The Provencal style item separates the children's bedroom from the bathroom

rustic bathroom

The rustic model combines with the bathroom decor

bedroom with bathroom inside

The bedroom has an integrated bathroom

vintage bathroom


decorated balcony

Screens are also functional for the outdoor area and can even be used as a way to leave the balcony environment more reserved, in addition to adding a decorative touch.

As a proposal for use in the external area, this project included a wooden model as a back panel, where it creates a cozy atmosphere in the middle of the balcony.

outdoor area decoration

The synthetic fiber model was used in the external area

72 Incredible Decorations with Screen & How to Make It at Home!: model

The retro print decorates the balcony

external decoration

The model with sisal rope decorates the outer space

How to Make Screen at Home: Easy Step by Step

And if you liked the ideas of how to use bimbos in the decoration, the good news is that you can make the item at home and complement the decoration in a beautiful way without spending much.

To help in the DIY design, let's take a step by step!

how to make

  • Separate 9 styrofoam plates in square format and of thicker thickness;
  • With glue for styrofoam, make a larger plate by joining 3 plates, in this way the screen will be formed by 3 parts;
  • Reinforce the joint by pasting thick adhesive tape onto already bonded Styrofoam boards;
  • With a pencil drill holes on one side of each board (these holes will be used for partition joining);
  • Coat the styrofoam boards with contact paper;

DIY screen

  • Make the holes on the paper contact;
  • With a satin ribbon attach the plates through the holes;
  • Now you have the screen ready!

Now that you are familiar with this super versatile element of decorative designs, you may already consider a way to include the item in the decoration to enhance an environment.