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Abbottabad Golf Club In Pakistan

He spent eight years in the city and left this poem:

I remember the day I arrived. From the sweet air of Abbottabad and the snow-covered trees and ground, the place looked like a dream, a pine tree swayed the creation. I loved it from the first moment and was happy righting my life in these eight years so brief, left perhaps, in the middle of a sunny day. Oh Abbottabad for your beauty I bow, the sound of the wind will never be heard again, I leave some sad tears and give up with a heavy heart, knowing that I will never erase you from my mind.

Abbottabad Golf Club in Pakistan: pakistan

Landscape of Abbottabad

No, it's not who you're thinking. The words are from Sir James Abbott, who wrote this long ago, demonstrating the passion for the city that lies in the Orash Valley at 1260 meters high, as well as Campos do Jordão. The mountainous climate is hot, with hot summers and a bit of snow in January, little even, just for kids to play dolls. The place made him, at the time when he was the first Deputy commissar of the city called Hazara, to become so enthusiastic that the modern State of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan was still created in the days of British India, the city honored him by his name to compose the current denomination: Abbott and Abbot, which means "place of life."

Abbottabad Golf Club in Pakistan: club

Sir James Abbott, dressed as a nobleman of the region (oil - B. Baldwin), 1841

Today it is quite different, known as "The City of Schools", because of the four Faculties of Medicine and the Faculties of Literature, Exact Sciences and Natural Sciences, the Institute of Information Technology and the Military Academy, among others. Abbottabad is chic and attracts tourists from all over, not only tourists, but also people who imagine being able to hide in a house at a distance of 2,000 meters from the Abbottabad Golf Club, meeting point of the local ruling class. Oddly, this stranger chose this city, this neighborhood, imagined that it could lead a life as calm as quiet is the people who live in it.

Abbottabad Golf Club in Pakistan: club

Cedrus deodara, native in Abbottabad - Pakistan

Who knows, he spent hours contemplating the white mountains of Karakoram in the illusion of some day walking to the club and hitting a ball or watching Tiger Woods, one of the best golfers of all time, play there. I knew it was difficult to show up in public, talk to people on the street, be normal, eat like everyone else in a restaurant, at Mona Lisa for example, which is one of the oldest in Abbottabad, famous for the ice cream of Tutti Frutti.

Abbottabad Golf Club in Pakistan: club

Abbottabad Golf Club

The members of the Abbottabad Golf Club do not speak of anything else. The field is empty, the spring wind stirs the centuries-old cedars, and the crowded bar has left the founder of the new city, Sir James Abbott, back in the background. From now on the most famous man who walked there, by the "place of life" was called Osama.

Author: Raul Cânovas

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