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Advantages Of Floor-To-Floor Installation

Advantages of Floor-to-Floor Installation

You have decided to change the floor of your house and you are full of doubts. Will it be necessary to do a preparation work, for the removal of the current coating? Not necessarily. Currently, it is very common to install the new floor immediately on the old one. Know below the advantages of floor on floor.

Advantages of Floor-to-Floor Installation

floor over manta

Often a protective blanket is placed between the new floor and the old one

If the removal of the old floor becomes unnecessary for the laying of the new floor, you will save a good money on labor. If you put the total costs, installing the new floor over the old one leads to a savings of 40%.

In addition, you will simply eliminate the work of withdrawal, with its consequent dirt, generation of debris and noise. The process will involve visiting the coatings shop, choosing the type of floor and scheduling the installation.

Much less time consuming than still having to carry out the withdrawal of the former.

The only procedure that may be necessary is to level the floor surface if it is not completely flat or straight. It will be enough to apply self-leveling mass to regularize the subfloor.

After all, the basic condition for a floor-to-floor installation is that the old flooring is to be smooth, free of moisture and thoroughly clean.

Best Flooring Types to Apply on Floor

floor to floor

Laminate and vinyl flooring are the most suitable for installation on old floors. We can also cite the slim ceramic floor; the best floors to cover floors is the porcelain tile and the ceramic.

It is possible to install about 60 square meters of these floors per day. Clad-type coatings, which fit normally without the need for glue or mortar, are even more advantageous.

They are faster to install, do not exude strong odors and do not need time to dry.

And the best: you always have the possibility to remove them completely if you want to change the flooring or if you need to deliver a rented apartment with the original floor. The boards can be used to cover floors in other places.

Lastly, nothing prevents the installation of the floor over the old one being done inside the most different ones paging proposals.

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