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Spray Aerosol in Paint! Spray paint is a practical and quick way to paint products, t-shirts and walls.

How to use the spray? How to use the spray to graph?

• The homogenization of the product must be done in rotations of the tube during 3 minutes

• Check that the actuator (nozzle) is properly engaged in the tube,

• Apply the product at a maximum distance of 25 cm and 30 cm,

• Apply first in movements from right to left and then from the bottom up, this process is what we call a cross coat.

• The first coat of the product must be applied very thin, to avoid concentration of the product and to drain.

• Between coats of spray paint is sufficient for 2 minutes, it is not necessary for the first coat to dry completely to be applied to the 2nd coat.

• Shake the can between coats.

• After completing the application, turn the tube upside down and press the nozzle until only gas comes out, this eliminates all the accumulated paint and prevents the valve from clogging.

• In case of valve clogging, remove the nozzle and immerse it in acetone or tinner.

• When necessary, clean the hole with a fine needle.

• Do not apply in temperatures below 18° C or with high relative humidity.

• Store the product in a covered, cool, dry, ventilated place away from sources of heat or sunlight.

• Observe the expiration date printed on the label to avoid storage beyond the period.

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