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Aluminum Gate: Know The Advantages And See 60 Inspirations

Aluminum, iron or wood gate? Which one to use? Yes, there are many options and each carries features of its own. Knowing them is important to define which model of gate is most suitable for the facade of your house.

The choice of the ideal gate is important both from the aesthetic point of view and from the functional point of view. Always remembering that the gate also has the function of ensuring the safety of the house.

In this post you will know better the characteristics, the advantages and the disadvantages of an aluminum gate. And of course, check out inspiring designs of houses with aluminum gate. Come on?

Advantages of aluminum gate

Aluminum is recognized for its lightness and this feature is very significant when it comes to gates, since when it comes to automating it the engine does not have to be very powerful.

Another advantage of the aluminum gate is its low maintenance. The material does not rust (rust) differently from iron and steel, so maintenance becomes much simpler and more economical.

Cleaning the aluminum gate is also much easier to perform as dirt does not permeate.

The price of an aluminum gate is another advantage of the material. It is usually more affordable, costing on average $ 900 a meter.

Disadvantages of aluminum gate

Aluminum gates do not have the same structural stability, or the same strength as steel or iron gates.

Another disadvantage of the material is its poor thermal comfort. Aluminum carries too much heat, making closed garages excessively hot. Therefore it is not recommended to use aluminum gates in garages that are integrated with the residence.

Aluminum is also not a malleable material, posing another drawback to the material. This characteristic, peculiar to aluminum, prevents more elaborate designs and forms, with this the aluminum gates have common formats and little differentiated from each other, composed mainly by lines, sometimes vertically or now horizontally.

Discover 60 project photos with aluminum gate

How about checking out some home designs with aluminum gates now? There are 60 images selected so that you can better understand the possibilities of the material and be inspired by them:

Picture 1 - Black aluminum gate for garage.

Black aluminum gate

Aluminum does not allow for many varieties of colors, most of which are white, black, gray or bronze. The paint should be made with compressor and with special paint.

Picture 2 - Aluminum gate imitating wood.

Aluminum gate imitating wood

The matte color of the gate made it very similar to the wood. The spacing between the pieces also resembles the wooden slats used in gates.

Picture 3 - Pivoting door of black aluminum for garage.

Black aluminum pivot gate

Picture 4 - Sliding gate of white aluminum.

White aluminum sliding gate

In this house, aluminum assumes two functions: it is gate and wall at the same time, due to its extension. The white color, very common, matches the architecture of the house.

Picture 5 - Aluminum hinged gate.

Hinged aluminum gate

In this house, the aluminum gate protects the sliding glass door and brings more safety to the residents.

Picture 6 - Sliding aluminum gate to the garage.

Aluminum garage door

The design of this gate follows the same pattern of the house, including color.

Image 7 - Social gate of white aluminum.

White aluminum social gate

With non-standard measures, this aluminum social gate leaves the facade of the house more elegant, especially by the detail of the metal handle.

Picture 8 - Gate and wall of gray aluminum.

Gray aluminum gate and wall

For those who do not want to hide the house behind a wall, you can choose something similar to this image project. Here, wall and gate become one thing.

Picture 9 - Door and aluminum frames guarantee the visual identity of the house.

Aluminum gate and window frames guarantee the visual identity of the house

Image 10 - Aluminum sliding gate.

Aluminum sliding gate

A single aluminum plate forms this sliding aluminum gate. The plates follow the contour of the house, forming the wall that protects the residence.

Image 11 - Cast aluminum gate.

Cast aluminum gate

The all-cast aluminum gate in golden tone matches the brick wall of the facade of the building. It is important to remember that the gate is an integral part of the house, so it must be in harmony with the other elements

Image 12 - Tall and imposing.

Tall and imposing aluminum gate

This gate is made of aluminum, but could easily be passed as a wooden gate, so great is its nobility.

Image 13 - Gray and basic.

Basic gray aluminum gate

This model is very common to be seen out there. It is beautiful, functional and brings privacy, while revealing some points of the interior of the house. For those who are in doubt which model to choose, this may be a good option.

Image 14 - Black small aluminum gate.

Small black aluminum gate

Image 15 - Aluminum sheet dividing the inside of the outside of the house.

Aluminum gate: know the advantages and see 60 inspirations: advantages

The single and large aluminum plate divides the interior from the exterior of the house. However, it is important to remember that aluminum carries a lot of heat and can overheat

Image 16 - Gray aluminum garage door.

Gray aluminum garage door

A good idea is to match the gate with the frames or with the finish of the guardrails, just like in that image. An alternative to get away from the aluminum ally

Picture 17 - Beautiful and very different.

Beautiful and very different aluminum gate

This model of aluminum gate has cast strips that allow the entrance of light into the house. In this case, the grids are also aluminum, following the same style of the gate

Picture 18 - For modern facades, bet on black aluminum gates.

For modern facades, bet on black aluminum gates

Image 19 - Aluminum sheets bonded in copper tone.

Aluminum sheets in copper tone

The joined aluminum plates form the garage door of this house. For the social gate, the option was to use aluminum in its natural color.

Image 20 - White aluminum swing gate.

White aluminum swing gate

The modern style house has an all closed aluminum gate in white. The tilting opening optimizes wall space.

Picture 21 - Gate and railings of aluminum.

Aluminum gates and grids

The facade of this house received a dark gray aluminum gate, both for the garage and for the social entrance. The aluminum grilles leave the house exposed and protected.

Image 22 - White aluminum gate to the garage.

White aluminum gate to the garage

The garage gate allows full view of the house, while the social gate is fully enclosed. At the moment, the most advisable, in terms of security, is precisely to leave the house visible avoiding the action of bad guys.

Image 23 - Aluminum gate with differentiated design.

Aluminum gate with differentiated design

Despite the few design possibilities that aluminum allows, it is still possible to compose discrete gate models like this one from the image.

Picture 24 - White aluminum up to the garbage collector.

White aluminum up to the garbage collector

Aluminum was the material chosen to compose the facade of this house, from the gate to the garbage dump. The white color of the gate enhances the style of the house.

Image 25 - Metal screens and aluminum gate.

Metal screens and aluminum gate

To ensure the protection of the residents, the white metal screen. Already for the gate, the proposal was to use aluminum.

Image 26 - Aluminum gate with differentiated design.

Aluminum gate with distinctive design

The tear in the middle of this white aluminum gate left him looking quite different from what is commonly seen there. The white metal screen allows you to view the inside of the residence

Image 27 - Gray aluminum gate in accordion format.

Gray aluminum gate in folding format

Image 28 - White aluminum gate with cast structure.

White aluminum gate

Image 29 - Dark gray door in combination with the rest of the house facade.

Dark gray door in combination with the rest of the house facade

Picture 30 - Simple aluminum gate for a monumental house.

Single aluminum gate

Despite the simple style of this gate, the house was nevertheless grandiose. A proof that often 'less is more'.

Figure 31 - Highlight the handle.

Highlight for handle

The common white aluminum gate was highlighted by the copper tone handle. Small details that make the difference in the composition of a house.

Image 32 - Opening leaked at the gate makes the house safer.

Opening leaked at the gate makes the house safer

Image 33 - Aluminum gate in a not very common color.

Aluminum gate in a not very common color

The reddish tone of this gate is not very common in materials like aluminum. But it is undeniable that the color appreciated the facade of the property

Image 34 - All white in this facade.

All white on this facade

Image 35 - Wall and gate in the same shade of gray.

Wall and gate in the same shade of gray

Image 36 - Sliding gate to garage.

Garage Sliding Gate

The lightness of the aluminum makes the door opening much easier and faster, even on the automatic models.

Image 37 - White below, black on top.

White underneath, black on top

Image 38 - White of the house allows the use of any color to the gate.

Aluminum gate in white house

White houses are wild, that everybody knows. The possibility of combining any color with white is an advantage, especially when other elements do not have large varieties of color, as is the case of aluminum.

Image 39 - Vertical and horizontal.

Vertical and horizontal

Without much to do to differentiate the aluminum gates, the way is to use creativity within the limits of the material. In this case, the gate was made with aluminum tubes horizontally and vertically to create a different design

Picture 40 - It looks like wood, but it is not.

It looks like wood, but it's not

This aluminum gate is very similar to wood, both by color and by the drawings on its plates. A gate worthy of admiration

Image 41 - Black aluminum gate with white details in the painting.

Black aluminum gate with white details in painting

Image 42 - Aluminum winding gate for garage.

Aluminum rolling shutter for garage

If you have little space to open the gate, you can be inspired by this model of rolling door. It does not take up space on the walls, optimizing the site for other purposes.

Picture 43 - Perforated aluminum plate for the garage door.

Perforated aluminum sheet for garage door

Image 44 - Following the same style.

Aluminum gate following the same style as the bodyguard

Both in the gate and in the body guard, the style is the same. A good option to integrate the whole look of the house

Image 45 - Black sliding aluminum gate.

Black aluminum sliding gate

Picture 46 - Automatic gates bring comfort and safety to the residents of the house.

Automatic aluminum gate

Picture 47 - A house to be seen.

House with aluminum gate

In this project, the proposal is to leave the house in sight of everyone. The wall and the social gate are made of glass. Already the garage door is of white aluminum cast.

Image 48 - Brown aluminum gate with diagonal opening.

Brown aluminum gate with diagonal opening

Picture 49 - Wooden house with brown aluminum gate.

Wooden house with brown aluminum gate

Image 50 - Low aluminum gate.

Low aluminum gate

To follow the same style (and height) of the wall, the option was to use a sliding aluminum gate.

Image 51 - Off White facade with white aluminum gate.

White aluminum gate on the facade

Picture 52 - White house, white gate.

White house, white aluminum gate

Picture 53 - Panel in the middle of the black aluminum gate.

Panel in the middle of the black aluminum gate

Picture 54 - Small and small: blue aluminum gate does not go unnoticed.

Small and soft blue aluminum gate

Picture 55 - White values ​​aluminum and leaves the gate more noble.

Aluminum gate: know the advantages and see 60 inspirations: advantages

Image 56 - Brown gate in color (and drawing) of house facade.

Brown gate in color and facade design

Image 57 - Gray aluminum at the entrance of the house.

Aluminum gate: know the advantages and see 60 inspirations: advantages

Image 58 - What do you think of gate and red aluminum windows?

Red aluminum door and windows

Image 59 - Deconstructed brick wall became more sophisticated with the white aluminum gate.

Debrided brick wall

Image 60 - Stone wall and white aluminum gate: proof that the aluminum combines very well with several other materials.

Stone wall and white aluminum gate

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