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Architecture Apps: Get To Know 10 Apps You Can Download Now

Architectural applications are very useful not only for those who work in the area but also for those who are looking for tips to make changes and renovations in your home or apartment.

You are often sure you need to change something, but you have no idea where to start. Then enter the architecture apps, which will give you several tips and help take the first step.

The truth is that apps have come up with the goal of making life easier for people. Including the architects, who can create plants and make calculations through the cell phone itself. So you do not have to go behind a computer or various work tools, with the rules for calculating angles.

Looking for apps in this area? Check out which are the best, which you should download on your smartphone, whether you are an architecture professional or anyone interested in remodeling your home:

1. Homestyler


Is your idea to decorate some home environment? Then the Homestyler application (for interior design) will be your great ally. With it you take a photo of some room in your house and test what you would like to change: the color of the wall, the placement of a wallpaper, carpets, furniture, pictures and decorative items.

It's almost like recreating the room of your house virtually and being able to test what your idea would look like without leaving furniture or starting wallpaper / wallpaper. It would be a test to see if it's going to look just the way you're imagining it.

In addition to creating your own project you also have access to the items that already exist in the app, you can choose between trends and thus go mounting space. For example, if you want to bet on the vibrant blue trend, you'll find items that fit that hue and you can see how they look in the environment you want to redecorate. And if you do not like it, just start over with another trend that caught your eye.

The app allows you to create projects from scratch or take a picture of the environment ready and go testing the news. It's all in Portuguese and can be found on both Google Play and the Apple Store.

2. AutoCAD

AutoCAD app

This app will please more who works with architecture or has ease with drawings. The idea is to upload everything you create to anywhere and be able to edit both on your tablet, cell phone and computer. That is, if that idea came up and you are not near the notebook, but have a cell phone on hand, you can create the will.

The app is paid, but you can test for a week. In addition to creating and accessing designs that you have already made, there is also the option of using a sample drawing. You then select, trim, draw, make notes, and take measurements. This is true of both the ready-made and the ready-made models.

One of the great practicalities of the app is being able to open your existing drawings that are saved in Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive, not just those on your phone or tablet.

It is worth testing for the free period and if you feel that the application will help you, sign the full version. Available for Android and iOS.

3. Magicplan


The idea of ​​Magicplan is very similar to that of the first app that was quoted in the text, Homestyler. The difference is that here you will not only decorate an environment of your home, but rather create the complete plan. That is, we can say that it is a mix of AutoCad and Homestyler.

When opening the application you must make a free registration, putting your email address and purpose of use. Both professionals and people who want to use the app for personal use can take advantage of Magicplan.

After accessing with your account, just click on "new plant". You will have access to the following options: capture, which would take a picture of an environment of your home; draw, for those who have practicality with drawing and want to draw their own plant; import and draw, to import an existing plan and create a new terrain survey.

The more laymen can use the capture option, photograph each corner of the space they want to change and fit into the plant, as if they were assembling a puzzle. Then it is possible to furnish the space, to see how would the new layout of the furniture.

It can be downloaded on both Android and iOS and is completely free.

4. Autodesk SketchBook

Autodesk sketchbook

This free application is very practical for those who need to save their sketches and drawings of plants. To start using it just create an account using your email address. Anyone who already uses Autodesk (hint number two) can take advantage of the same account.

You have the option of creating new sketches, accessing your mobile gallery, and sharing your drawings. In editing you can select, transform, change the color, place text and even create videos with time lapse. There are also several pencil options to draw.

Useful for anyone who already has a certain practice with drawings and likes to keep their creations always around. You can find the app on Google Play or the Apple Store.

5. Sun Seeker


Knowing where the sun hits and where it does not hit an environment is very important for anyone planning a particular space. So you know that furniture would be better positioned in the part that receives sunlight and in the part where it does not arrive.

The good news is that you will not have to spend all day in the room observing how the position of the sun - let alone repeating it at all times of the year. With the Sun Seeker you can find out exactly which parts of that environment will receive sunlight.

The app uses the camera phone and shows you not only where the sun is at the time you are using the app, but also what position you will be in the next few hours. Available for Android and iOS, but on Google Play it takes $ 22.99 to use the app.

6. CAD Touch


In the free version of the application it is possible to make your own drawings, find tutorials and edit any glitches that you have identified after completing your project.

Besides editing you can measure, make notes, new drawings and visualize the final result. If you have something ready saved in a folder on your phone - or online - you can completely recreate and reinvent everything you've produced before.

It is suitable for architects and can be used anywhere. At the end you send the file by email. What makes it practical for when you are away from the computer and the office. The next day just download the file on the computer and continue the project or finalize it the way you want.

It can be found on Google Play and the Apple Store and has a paid version, as well as a free version with more features. If you plan to use the app frequently, it's worth investing in the PRO version.

7. Angle Meter PRO

Angle meter pro

If you need to measure the angles of a particular building or some object that will be part of the home décor, you no longer need to have the famous ruler level with you. Your smartphone will do the measurements with the help of this application.

Simply install on the cell phone, open and place on the surface you want to measure the angle. No registration required. The app immediately gives you the measurement options.

Available for Android and iOS. On Google Play the app is free but contains ads. At the Apple Store you have to pay to use Angle Meter, but you have access to more options than the free version of Android, such as measuring angles from your camera phone.

8. Simple reform

Simple Reform

The Simple Reform is a very useful application for those who are thinking of remodeling the house and wants to know on average how much they will spend. The app is national and has SINAPI as source of prices.

After you download (Appstore and Android) and install on your mobile phone, you must accept the terms of use to access the application's functions. You will see a screen with the following data to fill: State, spreadsheet type, reference month, and BDI - the latter data has optional padding.

Select your state, choose whether to make a spreadsheet unfastened or not canceled, and select the reference month. Ideally, you wager on the most recent month available in the app. Click save.

You will be redirected to the next screen where you must fill in initial service data, infrastructure and foundations, structure, floors, walls, coverings, doors, windows, paint, roofing, electrical, hydraulic, sanitary and demolition and removal facilities. It is not mandatory to complete everything, only what will be part of your retirement.

When you complete the data you can view the complete budget and have a sense of how much you will spend on your retirement.

You have noticed that there are several architecture applications available for use on your smartphone! If you have any other options to add to the text, tell us in the comments!

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