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Baby Biscuit - 25 Cool Models To Inspire!

The baby biscuit is pure cuteness, so it is widely used as a souvenir of birth, baby shower and first birthday.

It's amazing all the possibilities that the mass of biscuit allows. No wonder this is the favorite material of moms when choosing the souvenirs.

In this post we are going to show 25 beautiful baby models of biscuit, for both girls and boys. We will still give you tips on how to create a useful keepsake and suggestions for anyone who wants to venture out and make the pieces at home.

Photos and Ideas of Baby Biscuit

Most of the baby biscuit models we see out there are made with silicone mold, but it is also possible to loosen up the imagination and create an original piece.

Baby biscuit inspirations

Baby biscuit inspirations

Before ordering your souvenir with the craftsman our tip is to check the other works he has already done. With this you can get a sense of his modeling and the quality of the work. You can send an inspirational photo so that it looks alike, but you have to keep in mind that it never looks the same, since each artist has his own trait and his own way of doing it.

Baby biscuit inspirations

Baby biscuit inspirations

Baby biscuit inspirations

Next we separate gorgeous baby models from biscuit, from the most classic made with mold to the most creatively modeled by hand.


Generally, the baby biscuit has the same colors as the bedroom decor. For girls the colors are lilac and pink, but you can also vary with the color you like the most.

When we think of newborn soon comes the mind the calm and the silence that they need, so the colors used in the souvenirs should also pass this tranquility. Most of the souvenirs have more neutral colors and pastels.

The biscuit keyring is a souvenir option that is super high. The keychain can be used as a birth, baby shower and birthday gift. It is possible to find different models of keyrings one softer than the other. To surprise us with beautiful keyrings models, we prepared a special post with 30 inspirational inspirations!

Baby biscuit for girl with towel and pacifier

This cuteness is all modeled by the hand and can also be adapted for boys, changing the colors of the details. It is nice to create a utility for the souvenir, so you can make a keyring or put a message door.

Baby biscuit for girl with dog

The baby biscuit is not only used as a souvenir. This photo is a great reference to make the top of the cake of the baby shower or the first birthday.

Baby biscuit for girl with magnet for refrigerator

Biscuit Baby for Girl Key Chain

Baby biscuit for girl with red dress

Baby biscuit for girl with pink polka dot dress

This souvenir looks beautiful and is made in silicone mold, it is a great model for anyone who wants to venture out and try to make the piece at home. Although made with mold, all details are customizable.

In most craft stores you find this template with the name "baby butt". It is the baby without the clothes, the clothes are due to his creativity.

Baby biscuit for girl with pink diaper

Biscuit Baby for Girl Key Chain

Baby biscuit for girl in cup

Biscuit Baby for Girl Key Chain

One model of souvenir that has been very successful is the EVA baby. This is a kind of cute little souvenir and very easy to do. For moms who are in search of a beautiful and economical souvenir to make at home, we have prepared a special post with 25 models to inspire besides molds to print and make at home!


The baby biscuit for boys has the colors that refer to the male universe, as blue and green, but in lighter tones to pass tranquility.

Baby biscuit for boy in cup

Baby biscuit for boy for baby shower souvenir

The little baby in the cup is a great balcony for baby shower favors. It looks very cute and you can put the key chain.

This same model can be made in larger size and work as a whole cake.

Baby biscuit for boy bonbon door

This piece is not made with a silicone mold, but with a cutter. For those who want to save the tip is to make this same model in EVA, it comes cheaper and is much easier to do.

Baby biscuit for baby boy teddy

Baby shower may have a theme, like a teddy bear, for example. It's cool to characterize the theme with baby items like pacifier and bottle. It can be a baby teddy, little lion, elephant, among many other options.

Baby biscuit for little lion boy

Baby biscuit for boy with blue clothes

Biscuit Baby for Boy Key Chain

Baby biscuit for boy in diaper

Biscuit baby for boy with painted chicken's cap

This type of keychain is super high as a souvenir. The baby touch you can customize with the theme of the party, leaving more featured.

If you are going to make the biscuit keyring at home it is important to think of a model that does not get too heavy. In this case, it is best to use cutters to make the piece thin and light.

Another detail is in relation to the chains of the key chain. The base of the biscuit is water, so placing the chain in direct contact with the wet mass can cause the piece to get all dirty and rusty, especially after packing.

The tip is to pass nail base on the chain or put a galvanized steel hook in the part and only mount the key ring when it is completely dry. Another option is to replace the chain by the waxed cord, as shown in the photo.

Baby biscuit for boy in the can

The baby biscuit can be used as an applique for canisters of bullets, acrylic boxes and tubes. It fits nicely with the custom label.

Did you like our baby biscuit inspirations? Have you already chosen which template you will use as a souvenir? Leave your comment.

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