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Small Baby Room: Ideas To Make This Little Corner Special

Decorate a small baby room can be a challenge. Lately the spaces in the houses and apartments are getting smaller and smaller, and for that, it is necessary to take creative measures and solutions to suit the lack of space and optimize the environments.

O small baby room is known to possess several items and details that require a lot of space. Keeping in mind a smaller environment, the tendency is to prioritize furniture and multifunctional objects that can transform according to the need of the moment and also be able to follow the growth trajectory of the baby to a certain extent.

That's why, in this post, we're going to talk exclusively about baby room decor in small spaces. There are several possibilities and, to help you and inspire you, we have brought you a complete gallery of images, plus tips on colors, styles and a baby room setting and decoration that is becoming more and more popular: the Montessori bedroom!

The use of colors other than pink and blue

Blue baby room

Although blue and pink are the most traditional choices in decorating small baby rooms, we can overcome these classic tones and give space to new combinations and possible styles, thinking about the effect that colors can have on the baby and also in the decoration, as a way to give the small environment a sense of amplitude in space. After all, there are several colors that, in addition to a cozy atmosphere, give the room a cheerful and fun tone.

We do not need to be stuck only in pastel tones: floral, black and white, inspirations of nature and more lively and fun colors can also, and should, be part of that environment. This is because during the development of the child, she is discovering not only the sensations and textures, but the different colors of nature and the surroundings that surround her.

Neutral unisex room for those who want to start decorating from the first months

The unisex room works not only for those who already want to go decorating the baby's room in the first months of pregnancy or wait until the child is born to find out if it's a boy or a girl. The neutral decor is becoming more and more popular also for anyone, regardless of the sex of the baby, want to create a pleasant and welcoming environment.

Within the designs in other colors we can think of the proposal of a neutral little baby room, not necessarily linked to details perceived as typically of boys or girls.

The most interesting thing about building a bedroom decor is that everyone can take part in the decoration: firstly, parents can enjoy and share the time to compose a space to receive the new puppy without having to wait for the discovery of the baby's sex, and later, after the little one is born, the room is acquiring details that fit more with the child's way.

Bringing Contemporary Styles for Small Baby Bedroom Decor

The baby room is a room that does not have to necessarily conform to the pink and blue standards, as we have said before. This also means that several other styles are being used to create a decor to make the parents happy and provide a good experience for the child.

Scandinavian style, minimalist, clean, urban, the various design styles can be used to inspire you and to promote creative solutions in various ways to optimize small spaces. The smallest number of objects can help you solve the overwhelming feeling we have when the baby's room is too small for the amount of things we want to put into it. The minimalist style is not only related to the design as to a lifestyle, which promotes the use of the ideal quantity of items, without waste of space or materials. Ideal for children who will grow up in a smaller environment.

Of course, traditional styles can also be used, but the interesting thing here is to use the new types of design to create a new and comfortable environment for the child that is coming.

Montessorian Room: a type of alternative project to stimulate the autonomy of the child.

Montessorian Room

The Italian educator Maria Montessori created in 1907 a methodology that prioritizes the autonomy of the baby and the child in the environment in a safe and stimulating way. The idea is that the room is not made for the parents but for the child.

In this way, the whole project is assembled with the idea that the child can explore the room autonomously, with the toys and decorations that are within reach.

To implement this methodology in your project, start working with a lower configuration, with the bed that does not exceed the height of the mattress, allowing the child to enter and exit at any time. In addition, shelves and niches are lowered for easy access of little ones to toys and books safely.

Find out more about the Montessori room here.

Now, let's go to the pictures:

Picture 1 - Small baby room in pastel shades.

Crayons in small baby room

Picture 2 - Small baby room with B & B decoration.

Black and white decoration for small baby room

Picture 3 - Small baby room decoration in light shades and combination of blue and pink.

Light shades of blue and pink in small baby room

Picture 4 - Decorating objects soft and at the height of the baby.

Objects at baby's height

Picture 5 - A sky of silvery stars in the decoration of the small baby room.

Starry sky in small baby's room

Picture 6 - Invest in ornaments and supports for the wall in your little baby room decoration.

Small baby room decoration with ornaments

Picture 7 - Baby room small pink and blue.

Pink and navy blue in small baby room

Picture 8 - A little bit of nature inside the small baby room: fresh air and wonderful colors.

A touch of nature in the baby's room

Picture 9 - For a small baby room, compact and super modern furniture solutions.

Compact and modern furniture for small baby room

Image 10 - Enclosed environment with full wall curtain.

Whole wall curtain in small baby's room

Picture 11 - Panel with paint or adhesive on the wall to give personality in the room.

Illustration in small baby's room

Picture 12 - Pink forest: be inspired by magic nature to decorate the little baby's room.

Pink and magical forest as inspiration for decoration of small baby's room

Picture 13 - Lots of color over white: festive environment to liven up your baby.

Lots of color above white in small baby room

Figure 14 - Diverse shelves to occupy small spaces.

Diverse shelves for small corners

Picture 15 - Off-white: room with furniture and decorative items in shades of white and beige.

Small baby room off-white

Picture 16 - Smart design: furniture with up to the small baby room.

Intelligent baby room

Picture 17 - Different walls surrounding the baby's cradle: wallpaper and paint slate.

Slate and wallpaper ink around the cradle of the small baby room

Picture 18 - Room of teddy bears: blue and brown decoration in a small baby room.

Blue and brown in small baby room decoration

Picture 19 - Super luxurious for a princess style room: bedroom decor with classic designs.

Super stylish for a baby room with princess style

Image 20 - Another type of nature: cacti inside the room.

Cacti inside the room in wallpaper

Picture 21 - For those who have more space: niches planned in an entire wall.

Planned Niches on the whole wall of the small baby room

Image 22 - Montessorian detail in the bedroom: mirror with support for the baby.

Mirror with support for baby!

Picture 23 - Modern room in the industrial style with details of metal, copper and acrylic.

Modern small baby room in industrial style

Picture 24 - An idea to mount the wardrobe in the Montessori style.

Montessorian style hanger

Picture 25 - White, gray and blue for a clear room and inspired by the calm and tranquility.

White, gray and blue in small baby room

Image 26 - Another decoration turned to the natural: clothesline with artificial flowers.

Clothesline with artificial flowers in the decoration of the small baby room

Image 27 - B & W inspired by the Scandinavian decoration and polar bear.

Scandinavian small baby's room

Image 28 - Composition with diverse textures of soft surfaces.

Soft surfaces in small baby room

Picture 29 - Room designed for princesses.

Small baby room in princess style

Picture 30 - Yellow and gray decoration for a unisex room.

Small unisex baby bedroom with yellow and gray colors

Picture 31 - Wall painted in a smoke style for the baby room.

Wall in the smoke style in the small baby room

Picture 32 - Panel in blue, pink, black and white for another type of unisex room.

Unisex Baby Room

Picture 33 - Idea of ​​pink room and a round crib for newborn.

Round crib for newborn

Picture 34 - A colorful wall to catch the attention of your baby explorer.

Colorful wall to catch your baby's attention

Picture 35 - Blue ice and pink as a perfect combination for the room.

Ice blue and pink as a perfect match

Picture 36 - Planned crib with attachment to a space for a recliner.

Planned cradle with attachment

Image 37 - Sheep on gray background with clouds.

Baby room with cloud theme

Picture 38 - Small baby room with corridor.

Baby room with corridor

Image 39 - Cradle and exchanger planned with alternative lighting.

Dedicated lighting for crib and exchanger

Image 40 - Decoration of a little blue baby room.

Blue small baby room decoration

Picture 41 - Another idea of ​​small baby room with gray and earth colors.

Small baby bedroom ideas with earth colors

Image 42 - Another Scandinavian style with wood, black and white.

Scandinavian style with wood, black and white

Picture 43 - Small baby room in geometric and colorful style.

Geometric small baby room

Image 44 - Cabinets designed to use small spaces well.

Cabinets designed for small spaces

Picture 45 - Small baby room in sober style with child toys in decoration.

Neutral tones in the baby room

Picture 46 - Combination of pink and gray to a baby girl room.

Pink and gray in the girl's room

Picture 47 - Small baby room with a more sophisticated air and Persian type rug.

Small baby room with a more sophisticated air and Persian type rug.

Picture 48 - Small baby room planned with straight lines.

Planned small baby room with straight lines

Picture 49 - Do not be afraid to save money on decoration!

Do not be afraid to save money on decorating

Picture 50 - Try to use an uneven and different rug to cover most of the floor of the small baby room.

Irregular and different carpet in baby room decor

Image 51 - Different patterns combined in small baby's room.

Different patterns combined in the decor

Picture 52 - Colorful decoration to give more life to your room.

Bring more room to life with colorful decor

Picture 53 - Alternative of open wardrobe for babies.

Alternative of open wardrobe for baby

Picture 54 - White and wood for a small baby room.

White and wood for small baby room

Picture 55 - Ultra-soft carpet for play area.

Ultra Cute Carpet for Play Area

Picture 56 - Use surfaces and low chests to leave toys at the height of the child.

Use surfaces and low chests to keep toys at the child's height.

Picture 57 - Baby room in small space with inspiration B & W.

Small baby room in black and white inspiration

Image 58 - Small baby room with many fabrics.

Small baby room with several fabrics

Image 59 - Mix light and vibrant colors for a more fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Mix light and vibrant colors

Image 60 - Light wallpaper with geometric pattern to decorate the small baby room in a neutral style.

Light wallpaper with geometric pattern