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Small Balconies: 60 Ideas To Decorate And Optimize Space

The small apartment plants have a layout that does not always be able to fully appreciate all the environments. The balconies and gourmet areas have become a differential in recent constructions, so the older developments have lost their charm with the reduced porch, which sometimes complicates the dream of the gourmet barbecue.

With that in mind, we selected decorating tricks to help optimize small balconies, combining practicality and functionality.

Tips for decorating small balconies

1. Use and abuse the vertical garden

The wall is one of the most forgotten places by most of the locals. Get out of the traditional decor with pictures and abuse the vertical garden trend. It is inexpensive, you can install it yourself and can be found easily in garden and building stores.

2. Create a social area, with furniture adaptable to available space

Nothing better than getting in touch with the surroundings and the landscape of your apartment. In the market it is possible to find tables, seats, mini sofas and electric grills that occupy the minimum of space.

3. Build your own garden

Plant pots look great on balconies. Make a composition with pots, flowers and plants to give the vibrant touch in this little corner!

4. Prioritize your needs

Complaining about lack of space is no longer an excuse! Turn your balcony into a functional space for your day to day living. Ideas and inspirations do not lack and you should prioritize what you miss most in your home, such as a home office, a mini bar, a coffee corner and so on.

5. Extension to the room

Did not like any solution? The way is to remove the doors from the balcony and level the floor to extend the living area. This way you get extra space and break, natural light as a courtesy!

60 designs with ideas to decorate small balconies

Now that we know that small balconies can be transformed into spaces for different functions. How about seeing how this works out in practice? Be inspired by some designs to put together the perfect decoration on your small balcony:

Picture 1 - Synthetic grass + deck = artificial nature.

Artificial nature with synthetic grass

The balcony decorated with wooden deck enhances the feeling of freshness, as it refers to a space with pool and beach. If the idea is to create a space to relax, bet on the synthetic grass that blends very well with the wood. Try to include your decorative elements to leave the environment with personality!

Picture 2 - Bet on cupboards!

Small balcony with cupboards

Those who live in a small apartment know how much space is good to accommodate things. If your balcony allows, do a joinery project to have this additional space in your home.

Picture 3 - Furniture made to measure establish a better use of space.

Small balcony with custom designed furniture

There is talk in both kitchens and planned rooms, and the balcony can enter this range. It's a practical way of putting what you need in an organized way, with niches, shelves, partitions, and so on.

Picture 4 - A great option for those who live alone.

Small balcony in apartment with armchair

As the armchair is the highlight on the porch, opt for a signed design model. Otherwise, the market offers similar armchairs that create the same visual effect.

Picture 5 - Decoration of narrow balcony.

Narrow Balcony: an idea for decoration with armchairs

Tiles, armchairs and a center table are enough to have a multifunctional space indoors.

Picture 6 - Mount a magical and enchanting scenery with the wire of light.

Mount a magical setting with the light wire

Picture 7 - Plants bring more privacy to the balcony.

Small balcony with plants: a little personality for the environment

This is also a way to grow flowers and have your own garden, leaving the environment healthier and full of freshness. Note that the above solution was to plan a hanging garden with the metal frame nailed to the liner.

Picture 8 - Build a beautiful and functional home office.

Another idea to decorate the small balcony: set up a beautiful and functional home office

Picture 9 - A veranda perfect for dining outdoors.

A perfect porch for outdoor dining

The balcony is the perfect spot for a quick snack in the late afternoon. Invest in a small table and a bench attached to the wall, keeping the rest of the balcony as circulation space.

Image 10 - Make a functional distribution of furniture, from a good study.

Small balcony with adequate distribution of furniture

For space do not get tight, place the table in the corner and keep the kernels unoccupied.

Picture 11 - House with small balcony.

Residence with small balcony

Picture 12 - A cozy little corner to eat on the porch.

Set up a cozy corner to dine on the balcony

Picture 13 - Mount a small dining room.

Another option is to make a small dining room on the small balcony

Image 14 - If you prefer, choose the folding table.

Folding table: a practical and functional option for any small space

Picture 15 - Small balcony with barbecue.

Small balcony with barbecue

Image 16 - Enjoy the small porch to mount a little corner of the cafe.

The coffee corner can be a good option to enjoy the space on a small balcony

Picture 17 - Create a small living room.

The balcony can also house a small living salt

Enjoy the balcony to create another convivial environment for the residents of the apartment. Turn this environment into a second living room or even a barbecue corner.

Picture 18 - Conceal the condenser beautifully and functionally on your balcony.

Use a piece of furniture to hide the condenser from the air conditioner.

Very common in new developments, the air conditioning condenser is installed and fixed in the balcony area. In this proposal, it is covered by a wooden furniture.

Image 19 - Make the right choice of the color palette.

Do not forget to combine everything, including when choosing the ideal color palette for the environment

Image 20 - Closed porch bookcase: more space and functionality.

Closed small bookcase: space to store objects and books

In addition to storage, it is possible to decorate with apparent objects in each niche of the shelf.

Picture 21 - Besides resting, a dedicated space for your hobby.

For space watchers

Image 22 - Decorate the place with objects that reflect your personality.

Use decorative objects that reflect your personality

Picture 23 - The slats give more charm to your private garden.

More charm with wooden slats in the garden decor on a small porch

Wood is a warm material that takes comfort to any space. The contrast of the green of the plants with the deck forms a large "window" for the living room.

Figure 24 - Lower the table to the guardrail to optimize the space.

Make the most of the space by positioning the table next to the guardrail / grid

Picture 25 - Be enchanted with the Boho style.

Small balcony decorated in boho chic style

If you are a lover of this style, spread cushions and puffs across the floor. Decorate with plants and place comfortable textiles. The environment will be much more welcoming!

Picture 26 - The low puffs are more comfortable in reduced spaces.

Low poufs are comfortable for small spaces

Picture 27 - Poufs are small and comfortable.

Bet on the comfort and practicality of the puffs on the balcony

Image 28 - If the porch is closed, abuse materials that do not need a high resistance.

On an enclosed porch, take advantage of inserting materials that do not need to be resilient

Picture 29 - A little corner to read asks for a comfortable seat and pillows.

A reading corner asks for a comfortable seat and cushions

The balcony can also be a space of silence, concentration and inspiration. For those who enjoy a good book, the corner of reading is a simple and practical alternative to decorate this space.

Picture 30 - A set of chairs and a table are always welcome in the decoration.

Classic choice: a set of table and chairs

If you do not know what functionality to give your balcony, invest in the traditional set of chairs with table. It can serve to have a coffee or read a book outdoors.

Picture 31 - Differentiate the purposes with different coatings.

Use different floor coverings, differentiating the purpose of each environment

Picture 32 - Without the door it is possible to gain an extra space in the balcony.

Remove the door: an option to gain extra space on the small porch

Picture 33 - Less is more: a minimalist inspiration for a small balcony.

Less is more: a narrow balcony inspiration with minimalist design.

Invest in an environment with few furniture, such as a futon and pendant lamps. The use of more furniture can leave the space tight and with little circulation area.

Image 34 - Narrow benches are great on any kind of balcony.

Bet on narrow benches to diversify and add seats on the porch

Picture 35 - For those who like a network!

The network is versatile and can be collected according to the occasion

The net is a great accessory in the decor, providing beauty for the space and comfort for the locals. They combine with any balcony and exude rusticity in the environment. Enjoy to install on yours too!

Picture 36 - When very small, use the walls as support of pots.

Use the walls to support pots

To add a touch of freshness and contact with nature: the vase with plants on the wall is the smart solution for environments that have little balcony space. In addition, green works as a balance point with the rest of the decor.

Image 37 - Get into the trend of decorating with the bike.

Trend: decorate the balcony with the bike

Picture 38 - A simple way to extend the balcony to the living room.

A simple way to extend the balcony to the living room

Connect the balcony to the interior of the house without breaking or remodeling. With the help of the right furniture it is possible to make the integration in a comfortable and pleasant way. In the above project, the bench facing the living room was the key point of this junction.

Image 39 - Use different colors, especially if you want a young and dynamic environment.

Use different colors, especially if you want a young and dynamic environment

Picture 40 - Mount a simple home bar on your balcony.

Build a simple home bar on the balcony

Picture 41 - A beautiful armchair: another utility for the balcony.

A beautiful armchair to give another purpose to the environment.

Picture 42 - The pure charm of the vases that go around the perimeter of the porch.

Vases around the perimeter of the balcony

Picture 43 - Mount your indoor spa.

Build your indoor spa

And still complement the zen atmosphere and relaxed with vases of cacti and the lining of pebbles.

Picture 44 - Decorate more for less!

Decorate more using fewer features

Image 45 - Small balcony with Scandinavian style.

Small balcony decoration with Scandinavian style

Picture 46 - Mount your meditation nook.

Small balcony with corner for meditation

Picture 47 - Versatility is all in a small space.

Bet on a versatile decor for the small balcony

Picture 48 - The washers and plants leave the balcony even more charming.

All the charm with plants and washers

Picture 49 - Enjoy the guardrail to suspend some utensils specific to this place.

A solution to take advantage of the bodyguard

Picture 50 - No mistake: bet on white as the base color of the balcony decoration.

Bet on the white without making a mistake in the decoration!

Picture 51 - Creative, innovative and functional!

Hanging table for balcony

Image 52 - Flowers to brighten your home.

Flowers to brighten your home

The flowers are the best friends to give color and life in space. Choose the ones you like best and even compose them with colorful objects such as rugs and printed cushions.

Picture 53 - Balcony super planned!

Super small planned balcony

Picture 54 - An art on the wall makes all the difference in the visual.

Bet on an art or illustration on the wall to change the look of the balcony

Image 55 - Small balcony to receive friends.

A small balcony space to receive friends

Image 56 - Create an outside living room.

Any coziness for your guests with a benches or sofas

Image 57 - Who said that a small porch can not be fun?

A fun area

The solution of this project is perfect for the needs of the locals: with a built-in barbecue on the guardrail and space for meals.

Image 58 - Features for a small balcony: mini library and a bench.

Mini library and bench for a small balcony

Image 59 - Small balcony decorated with theme bar or bar.

Small balcony decorated with bar theme

Image 60 - The pallet also has its charm in decoration!

The pallet also has its charm

Pallet armchairs and sofas are the sustainable and economical alternative of the time.

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