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Wooden Balcony: Learn The Advantages And 60 Ideas Of Projects

The balcony is one of the best places in the house. If it's made of wood, better yet. The wooden balconies are cozy, comfortable and can be used in different décor proposals. And, best, they're super high on interior design.

Demolition wood, for example, looks great on more rustic proposals, while thinner wood enhances elegant and sophisticated style balconies.

In any case, wood is always a joker in the hands of the one who is decorating. It is possible to create wonderful environments with it. All you have to do is take care of it so that it stays beautiful all the time, especially if it is being used in the structural part of the porch, like the floor, for example.

Hence, we list below the advantages and disadvantages of using wooden flooring on the balcony, so you can make your choice aware of all the pros and cons:

Advantages of the wooden porch

  1. The wood is a great thermal insulation, keeping the temperature always pleasant to the touch. Using it on the floor guarantees that good feeling of walking barefoot without getting your feet too hot or too cold;
  2. In addition to thermal insulation, the wood also has a good acoustic performance providing greater comfort in the environment, since the sounds do not rebound on the surface.
  3. Regardless of the type of wood used or the finish given to it, the material will always present its natural veins guaranteeing a beautiful rustic effect, sometimes softer or more intense.

Disadvantages of the wooden porch

  1. One of the biggest disadvantages of using wood, especially in outdoor environments, is the need for constant maintenance. Reapplying the varnish periodically ensures the durability and beauty of the parts. Each type of wood requires differentiated maintenance and the more exposure to sun, rain and wind, the greater the need for maintenance as well. Review these factors before choosing the type of wood that will be used on your balcony.
  2. Another disadvantage of lining the porch floor with wood is the cost of this intervention. Wood is one of the most expensive materials for flooring and, depending on the type of wood used, it even surpasses the more expensive models of vinyl floor and porcelain tile. One option is to use wood carpet, however if the balcony is exposed to bad weather, this type of flooring is not recommended, as its resistance is low.
  3. Wood is also very susceptible to termites and other insects such as drills, for example. To avoid this kind of problem, carefully check the origin of the wood and treat it properly with products that repel the visit of these unwanted guests.

Types of Wooden Porch

Rustic wooden balcony

Wood is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about creating rustic environments. Wood and rustic walk together and complement each other perfectly. So, if you are thinking of building a rustic wooden porch, you hit it right.

In this case, choose a decoration with objects and furniture in solid wood, flowery fabrics, wicker or straw objects and plant pots, it is even worth creating a vertical garden to complete the proposal.

Wooden balcony with glass

Glass has become a recurring feature of balconies, especially those of apartment, thanks to the tendency to glaze the balconies to ensure more privacy, safety and comfort.

With that you must be wondering "will glass and wood work together? I want a wooden porch, but I also want to glaze it! " The answer is a resounding Yes !. That's right, both materials can and should be used together, even if the proposal is to create a rustic porch. This is because glass is a neutral element in the decoration and yet it helps to create a clean and smooth effect for the environment.

Wooden balcony suspended

The suspended wooden balconies are very charming and combine especially with cottages or beach, but nothing prevents them from being used in the urban environment. Even, did you know that apartment balconies can be considered as suspended balconies ?.

You can apply a rustic style decor as quoted above, or even merge objects and more elaborate design pieces to compose a more elegant ambiance.

Gourmet wooden balcony

Another very common type of balcony lately is the gourmet balcony. And there is no way there, he said in gourmet, brought the wood together. It is possible to create gourmets wooden balconies in different styles, from the most rustic to the most sophisticated. The important thing is that she is there, marking presence.

Get to know some designs of wooden balconies to get inspired. Enjoy and take note of those you liked the most, so you are already designing yours.

Picture 1 - Wooden balcony with gray floor; must be suitable for outdoor use.

Wooden balcony with gray floor

Picture 2 - All the balcony made in wood: from the floor to the guardrail.

All wood balcony

Picture 3 - Wooden furniture make the wooden porch even cozier, have at least one.

Cozy wooden balcony

Picture 4 - Wooden balcony with white painted wooden pergola.

Wooden balcony with white painted wooden pergola

Picture 5 - Wooden balcony with rounded format.

Wooden balcony with rounded shape

Picture 6 - Wooden floor has brought the cozy climate of this simple and cozy wooden balcony.

simple and cozy wooden balcony

Picture 7 - Lining and wooden body guard; the shelf with rustic wooden shelves leave the balcony even more charming.

Charming wooden balcony

Picture 8 - A wooden porch to let the hours pass.

A wooden balcony to let the hours pass.

Picture 9 - The pergolado curtains brought more privacy to the wooden porch.

The pergola curtains brought more privacy to the wooden porch

Image 10 - Balcony slightly suspended from the floor.

Balcony lightly suspended from the floor

Image 11 - Rustic balcony with glazed wood.

Rustic wooden glazed balcony

Image 12 - Pallet is the star of this wooden porch.

Pallet: the big star of the wooden porch

Picture 13 - Standing on the stones, this wooden porch bet on a bamboo pergola to get more rustic and cozy.

Bamboo pegboard for wooden porch

Picture 14 - Do not forget the plants to compose the decoration of the wooden balcony in rustic style.

Decorated wooden balcony

Picture 15 - White plywood left the wooden porch in the same style as the rest of the house.

Wooden balcony in American house

Picture 16 - Use and abuse furniture that brings comfort to the wooden porch; after all this is the place of the house made to relax.

Wooden balcony with comfort

Picture 17 - Capriche in the lighting so you can use the balcony at any time of day

Wooden balcony with lighting

Picture 18 - Everything thought to leave the wooden balcony rustic and cozy.

Rustic and cozy wooden balcony

Image 19 - Suspended wooden balcony made with rustic logs.

Suspended wooden balcony

Picture 20 - Wood perch is always a great option to create cozy environments.

Perched on the wooden porch

Picture 21 - Made to enjoy and relax: the wooden floor guarantees the ideal temperature of the floor.

Wooden floor in balcony

Picture 22 - Suspended wooden balcony was even more beautiful in contrast to the stone wall.

Wooden balcony suspended

Picture 23 - Wooden balcony to enjoy the view.

Wooden balcony to enjoy the view

Picture 24 - Green of the plants in contrast with the tone of the wood.

Green plants contrasting with wood

Image 25 - The joy of heavenly blue to decorate the balcony with wooden deck.

Balcony with wooden deck

Picture 26 - All matching: the same type of wood was used in the furniture, the panel and the bodyguard of that balcony.

Balcony with wood

Picture 27 - Wooden balcony fits perfectly in the bucolic climate of the country houses.

Wooden balcony fits perfectly in the bucolic climate of country houses

Image 28 - Gourmet wooden balcony.

Wooden gourmet balcony

Picture 29 - Wicker furniture complements the rustic climate of this sun-blessed balcony.

Wicker furniture on wooden porch

Picture 30 - In this balcony, the wood only gave space to the grassy area.

Wooden balcony with green area

Picture 31 - With a wooden balcony gives to enjoy the sun and even the cold.

Wooden balcony to enjoy the sun

Picture 32 - Large and spacious balcony made of wood from floor to ceiling.

Large and spacious balcony

Image 33 - Integrated balcony and bedroom share the same decor style.

Balcony integrated to the bedroom

Image 34 - The floor of this balcony was made with demolition wood.

Balcony with demolition wood

Picture 35 - Rustic wood of the balcony creates charming contrast with the most elegant sofa.

Rustic wooden balcony

Image 36 - Lighting is key to ensure the comfort of the balcony at night.

Wooden balcony lighting at night

Picture 37 - Capriche in the garden and the choice of plants to make your wooden porch even more beautiful.

Wooden balcony with plants

Picture 38 - The calico pillows made a difference on this porch.

Wooden balcony with calico pillows

Picture 39 - A wooden porch to fall in love with!

Wooden balcony to fall in love with

Picture 40 - To enjoy the soft light of the sun coming through the pergola, use the wooden sun loungers.

Balcony with wooden sun loungers

Picture 41 - And to squeeze out, a wooden balcony overlooking the sea.

Wooden balcony with sea view

Picture 42 - Bamboo and wood: the perfect combination to enjoy nature in the best style.

Bamboo and wood on the balcony

Picture 43 - Leaked wood panel ensures the beauty and brings the necessary protection to a suspended balcony.

Wood panel

Image 44 - Wooden deck around pool; the glass on the sides appears discreetly, almost unnoticed.

Deck of wood

Image 45 - Value your wooden porch with differentiated furniture, carpet and lamp strip.

Wooden balcony with differentiated furniture

Image 46 - Wood, stone and iron make up this contemplative balcony that looks more like a painting.

Wooden balcony: learn the advantages and 60 ideas of projects: balcony

Picture 47 - Large and richly decorated balcony with special space to store bottles of wine.

Large wooden balcony

Image 48 - Wooden balcony with bamboo bed.

Wooden balcony: learn the advantages and 60 ideas of projects: advantages

Picture 49 - No matter the size of your wooden porch, invest in a decor that accommodates everyone with comfort.

Decorated wooden balcony

Picture 50 - Wooden floor in balcony needs to receive periodic maintenance to ensure the durability and beauty of the material.

Balcony with wooden floor

Image 51 - Glass and wood living in harmony on this balcony.

Glass on wooden balcony

Picture 52 - In the middle of nature, this suspended balcony integrates gracefully the landscape.

Wooden balcony suspended

Picture 53 - A breathtaking wooden balcony.

Breathtaking wooden balcony

Picture 54 - On the seafront, this wooden porch bet on the wicker furniture.

Wooden balcony with wicker furniture

Image 55 - Wooden balcony overlooking the city.

Wooden balcony: learn the advantages and 60 ideas of projects: ideas

Image 56 - Wooden floor integrates the living room with the balcony.

Wooden floor integrates the living room with the balcony

Image 57 - Sofas and benches are essential to enjoy the view provided by the balcony.

Sofas and benches on the wooden balcony

Image 58 - Kitchen and balcony joined by the wood; the hinged door separates the rooms when needed.

Kitchen attached to wooden balcony

Image 59 - Even though it is closed, the glass door allows you to enjoy the balcony.

Wooden balcony with glass door

Image 60 - Rustic wooden balcony, charming and full of life.

Rustic wooden balcony

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