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Square Newspaper Basket

Square Newspaper Basket

Making a square basket looks more complicated than the ordinary round and oval baskets. But with these tips you will see how simple it is!

The baskets are sustainable because it uses old newspapers. Also, they are beautiful and can hold objects.

Here's how.


  • Pencil
  • Newspapers
  • Scissors
  • Stylus
  • Ruler
  • String
  • White glue
  • Barbecue stick
  • Box or container
  • Piece of cardboard
  • Cardboard Piece
  • Spray paint
  • Way of doing

Way of doing


square newspaper basket

Take a bundle of up to four sheets of newspaper - unopened - and fold it in half.

Cut the sheets together in this second fold, open and separate the strips.

square newspaper basket

To make the straws: Begin by wrapping the end of a strip on the barbecue stick, diagonally.

You can also use a fine knitting needle.

square newspaper basket

As you wind up, pull the toothpick from time to time so it will not get stuck inside the tube.

It is difficult to leave the two ends of the same size, but try not to leave the second end too wide (moving the toothpick also helps avoid this).

When you reach the end of the newspaper, attach the other corner with a lump of glue.

Make as many straws as possible before you start. It is likely that at some point there are straws missing and you have to stop to do more, but the less often you have to stop, the better.

The remaining straws can be used for other jobs.

The box

square newspaper basket

Of course, we could make the bottom of the basket braided; but, in addition to a square bottom being more laborious to make than a round, the cardboard bottom has more firmness.

Place the card on the table with the shiny side down. Place a box or container of the desired size into your basket and scratch around the bottom.

square newspaper basket

Trace the cardboard and cut both with ruler and stylus.

Place five straws on each side of the card and two in each corner, diagonally. Try to leave equal spaces between them; if necessary, mark with pen.

Glue the straws only after they are all positioned correctly

Pass glue on the card and the ends of the straps glued to it. Wait at least two minutes (so that the water in the glue evaporates a bit) and load the cardboard.

Secure it in place with the clothespins; if necessary, place a weight in the center.

square newspaper basket

After the glue has dried completely, finally comes the time to braid!

Place the carton on the cardboard and tie it with string so that it does not leave the place.

square newspaper basket

Take the straw from the diagonal to your left and start passing through the straws on the right, always alternating: once back, once in front, once back.

square newspaper basket

In the beginning, it is best to fasten the straws with fasteners in the box, to keep them upright; after the first few laps, you can release them again.

square newspaper basket

When the straw that is braiding is close to finishing, put one drop of glue near the end and fit another one through the widest part.

Never let it get too short; it is best to glue two straws at a time, as this decreases the number of stops.

square newspaper basket

When it reaches the desired height, remove the box and fasten the edges with the fasteners so that the basket does not fall apart.

Measure the height of the box and cut the vertical straws to a smaller size.

square newspaper basket

Thread the straw (the one used to braid) discreetly into the braid and stick the tip.

square newspaper basket

Do the same with the vertical straws, threading them in or out, according to their positions.

So they will keep the basket in place.

square newspaper basket

To paint the basket, it is best to use a spray paint, which gives better finish and less work than paint with a brush.

Have you thought, brush the inside of all these tracks ?.

The basket is ready!

square newspaper basket

If you want to preserve the original colors of the basket, only pass a clear lacquer instead of the paint. In that case, you can replace newspapers with old magazines to make your work more colorful.

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