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Spa Bathroom: Discover Tips On How To Decorate And See 60 Ideas

A relaxing and invigorating bath after a long and exhausting day is anyone's wish. And you can make that moment even more enjoyable by betting on a spa bathroom indoors. This is a trend that is gaining strength thanks to the demand for a calmer, lighter and more natural lifestyle.

So get ready: because in today's post you will take a shower of ideas and practical and affordable solutions to set up your particular spa. No matter the size or style of your bathroom. Check out the tips below:

How to Install a Spa Bathroom

Peace and tranquility through colors

If the idea is to set up a quiet space and emanate peace, then the most indicated colors are clear and neutral, such as white and beige that are among the favorites of the bathrooms spas. In addition to the neutral colors, you can still bet on shades that are naturally warm, like earthy ones that range from soft orange to brown.

The warmth of wood

There are few materials that can lead the mind to a state of relaxation and warmth like wood. In that regard, the wood is unbeatable and for that reason it can not be left out of a spa bathroom. And strange as it may seem, it is possible to insert the wood in wet areas, just to waterproof and treat the material properly.

You can use the wood on the floor, in the ceiling lining or as wall covering. There is even the option of decks, cabinets, shelves, niches and decorative objects made with the material.

But if you are too insecure with the wood in the bathroom, opt for coatings that mimic the material. Currently there are porcelain tiles that perfectly reproduce the color and texture of the wood. This can be an excellent alternative to the material and also with the advantage of not requiring maintenance.

Freshness and balance with plants

Another element that can not miss in a spa bathroom are the plants. They bring freshness and help purify the environment. Some species, even, release a very pleasant aroma when in contact with the steam of the shower, as is the case of the holy grass.

Plants can be placed in the toilet in pots, placed directly on the floor, or supported on shelves and niches. In that case, choose pendant species such as fern and jiboia. A vertical garden also blends very well with the proposed spas bathrooms.

Awaken sensations

For the spa bathroom to fulfill its goal of bringing relaxation and tranquility, the sensations aroused in the environment are very important. One tip for this is to invest in an aromatic diffuser with essence of herbs and flowers, for example.

Another good idea is to use candles to create a more welcoming environment. If they are perfumed, better still. You can still bet on crystals and other types of stones that besides decorating, flood the environment with natural energies.

Prioritize comfort

Comfort is the key piece of the spa bathroom. Not at all for you to invest in a beautiful decoration if the environment is not comfortable. For this bet on soft carpets, indirect lights - which can come from candles or an electrical installation, fluffy, scented and soft towels.


The decor of a spa bathroom usually follows the line of real spas, meaning everything is close at hand. Towels, soaps, toilet paper, toiletries are usually displayed inside baskets or arranged in niches and shelves. And pay close attention to this word "organization." It is extremely important for the bathroom to be functional and, of course, beautiful. After all, no one can relax in a messy environment.

60 spa baths you need to know

Can you imagine what it is like to enjoy a spa in the bathroom? If you still lack an incentive, we've selected a series of spa style bathroom images for you to plan your own today. Check out and feel all the tranquility that such an environment can provide you with:

Picture 1 - Spa bathroom with focus on modern and minimalist decoration trend.

Spa bathroom with focus on modern minimalist trend

Picture 2 - In this spa bathroom, wood and light colors alternate with harmony and balance.

Spa bathroom: discover tips on how to decorate and see 60 ideas: tips

Picture 3 - The sophistication of the white marble with the rusticity of the logs of wood are the highlight of this spa bathroom with bathtub.

White marble in the spa bathroom

Picture 4 - Ceiling, wall and floor covered with wood.

Spa bathroom coated with wood

Picture 5 - Get out of the tub and step on a soft rug like this is pure comfort and warmth to the feet; on the sides, a path of stones accommodates the access candles.

Comfortable Carpet in Spa Bathroom

Picture 6 - Spa bathroom in dark shades; to create visual comfort, the wooden bench and the black pebbles on the wall and floor.

Spa bathroom in dark shades

Picture 7 - Wooden stool leaves everything that is necessary for the bath within reach of the hands.

Wooden stool leaves everything needed for the bath at hand

Picture 8 - The yellowish light of this spa bathroom creates the perfect climate for those who want to relax.

Yellow light in the spa bathroom

Picture 9 - The warm tone of burnt red was the color chosen to decorate this spa bathroom.

Spa bathroom with red tones

Picture 10 - The white bath is between the ceramic floor and the wooden floor; highlight the abundant natural light coming through the window.

Spa bathroom: discover tips on how to decorate and see 60 ideas: bathroom

Picture 11 - In this spa bathroom, the bath area was marked by the rolled white quartz stones; in the rest the bathroom is the woody floor that catches attention

Bathroom area with spa bathroom

Picture 12 - Bathroom modern style spa bet on the light tone of the wood in contrast to the bluish green of the wall.

Modern style spa bathroom

Picture 13 - Burnt cement and wood create the balance between the rustic and the modern.

Burnt cement and wood create the balance between rustic and modern

Picture 14 - Here, the beautiful natural landscape that comes through the window integrates the decor of the spa bathroom; It could not be more relaxing, could it?

Spa bathroom with wide window

Picture 15 - And has room for sophisticated spa bathroom proposal yes!

Sophisticated spa bathroom

Picture 16 - Mix between rustic and retro turn this bathroom into a spa that pleases the body and the mind

Rustic and retro in the spa bathroom

Picture 17 - Large and spacious, this bathroom has separate space for the shower and bath.

Large spa bathroom

Picture 18 - In this bathroom, it is the combination of marble and tablets that stands out.

Marble and pellets in the spa bathroom

Image 19 - Spa bathroom and Scandinavian style: unite the two trends for a razor-cut project

Spa bathroom and Scandinavian style

Image 20 - Stones are great natural massagers; invest in a small space for them.

Stones are great natural massagers; invest in a small space for them

Image 21 - Spa bathroom with slate floor, wood carpet and shade.

Spa bathroom with slate floor

Picture 22 - Branquíssimo! This bathroom was not afraid to bet on the color to compose the whole project; black was used at specific points only to create contrast.

Bathroom with black on the decoration

Picture 23 - This spa bathroom has a bathtub, vertical garden and white marble wall.

Spa bath with tub

Picture 24 - Wood on the floor and cement burned on the walls: a combination that emphasizes the balance between the modern and the rustic.

Floor of wood and cement burned on the walls

Picture 25 - An elegant and sophisticated spa bathroom in the measure.

Stylish spa bathroom

Picture 26 - Tone of gold brings refinement to the spa-style bathroom.

Shades of gold in spa bathroom decor

Image 27 - A little bit of each element to ensure a cozy and beautiful spa bath.

Spa bathroom cozy and beautiful

Image 28 - Spa Suite: here, the bathroom is an extension of the comfort of the room; highlight the vertical garden that starts in the bathroom and extends up to the mezzanine.

SPA Suite

Picture 29 - There will always be a spa bathroom in the style you are looking for.

There will always be a spa bathroom in the style you are looking for

Image 30 - In this proposal, the bath area is inside a glass box.

Protected bath area in spa bathroom

Picture 31 - White, clean, elegant and with a breathtaking view.

White, clean, stylish, spa bath with a breathtaking view

Picture 32 - 3D Wall brings even more coziness to the spa bathroom.

3D Wall brings even more cosiness to the spa bathroom

Image 33 - White spa bathroom with pebble stones on the floor; highlight to the luxurious crystal chandelier.

White spa bathroom with pebble stones on the floor

Picture 34 - Small bathroom with bathtub won spa face with the organization of toiletries items on the shelves.

Small bathroom with bathtub

Image 35 - Bet on the Urban Jungle concept, or urban jungle, for the spa bathroom.

Spa bathroom urban jungle

Picture 36 - With a bathtub and separate shower, this bathroom has gained a spa face with the discreet presence of plant pot and wood.

Spa bathroom with separate shower

Picture 37 - A bathroom that goes beyond the bath: here, there is space and landscape to spare to relax and, maybe even, read a book in front of the window.

Spa bathroom with a beautiful landscape

Picture 38 - A shower and so much: this shower integrates to the concept of the cromoterapia to provide a more complete bath and with therapeutic effects.

Perfect shower for the spa bathroom

Picture 39 - Sisal carpet in the dry area and wooden deck inside the box: coziness and comfort in the same space.

Sisal rug in dry bathroom area

Picture 40 - The perfect combination of the rustic wooden floor, the marble of the wall and the vertical garden in the back.

rustic wooden floor, marble wall and vertical garden at the back of the spa bathroom

Picture 41 - Modern, but without giving up comfort and welcome.

Modern but without giving up comfort and welcome

Picture 42 - Gray can also be very relaxing, this bathroom that says it! Highlight the small bamboo specimen inside the vase.

Bathroom Gray Spa

Picture 43 - It's a bathtub, but it could be a pool too! When it comes to comfort and relaxation, it's all about leaving the perfect environment.

It is a bathtub but could be a pool too

Image 44 - The earthy tones predominate in this luxurious spa bathroom, while the gold comes to complete the sophisticated proposal.

Earthy shades in the spa bathroom

Picture 45 - Natural elements in a darker tone to fit the modern proposal of decoration.

Natural Elements in the Spa Bathroom

Picture 46 - To break the white bathroom spa bet on the use of furniture and wood pieces.

White and wood in bathroom

Image 47 - The raised wooden deck follows to the bath area.

The raised wooden deck follows to the bath area

Picture 48 - Even small and unobtrusive, the green leafy vase stands out in the bathroom.

Vase with green leaves in bathroom

Picture 49 - One of the most important things in a spa bathroom is to easily provide towels and other items, such as in this bathroom, where several towels are shown next to the box.

Finishing for towels in this bathroom

Picture 50 - This spa bathroom bet on the combination of glass and wood tablets.

Glass and wood inserts in this spa bathroom

Picture 51 - The wooden shutter regulates the entrance of light and still contributes to the decor of the spa bathroom.

Bathroom with wooden shutter

Picture 52 - How will the bath today? In separate spaces, you can choose whether to go for a shower or a bath.

Spa bathroom: discover tips on how to decorate and see 60 ideas: tips

Picture 53 - Pure luxury this spa bathroom all marble; the orchids on the workbench reinforce the elegant proposal of space.

Pure luxury this marble spa bathroom all

Picture 54 - Do you want more cosiness than a bathroom covered with wood and full of plants?

Want more coziness than a bathroom lined with wood and full of plants?

Picture 55 - In this bathroom, the tub is on the outside of the house surrounded by vegetation; relax just by looking

Bathroom directed to the outside area of ​​the house

Picture 56 - Already in this bathroom it does not have the green of the plants, but it has the reception of the wood.

Spa bathroom with wood

Image 57 - Ferns and niches; in the bath area, a flowerbed over the bath.

Spa bathroom: discover tips on how to decorate and see 60 ideas: discover

Image 58 - The landscape that comes from the window resembles a panel, but it is really, turning the bath into a unique experience.

Special landscape for the bathroom

Image 59 - Remember that organization is everything in a spa bathroom, so keep the niches always clean.

Remember that organization is all in one bathroom spa

Image 60 - A box of wooden slats embraces this bathing area; note that even the tub is made of wood.

A box of wooden slats embraces this bathing area.

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