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Toilets And Toilets Without Window: Solutions

Toilets and toilets without window: Solutions

Toilets and toilets without windows often have the risk of being muffled, giving a feeling of suffocation. If you do not want or can not open a window in place - even if it is for the service area - there are some solutions to transform that part of the house into a more ventilated and welcoming environment.

Bathroom without Window: Ventilation

If you live in a house and the bathroom is on the top floor, you can install a permanently ventilated dome next to the ceiling, facing the roof.

Ventilated glass bricks are also an option. In addition to airing the environment, both solutions allow the passage of natural light.

In the case of apartments, you can install own bathroom hoods next to the walls that lead to the light and air ducts of the buildings.

The simplest option, however, is to install a small fan by the ceiling. Direct it to the outside of the bathroom or washbasin. It can be operated via switch. It will blow the air out of the environment, making it difficult for mold to appear and renewing the air.

Bathroom Lighting without Windows

bathroom without window

Install several bulbs through the ceiling so that all corners of the bathroom are well lit.

Avoid indirect light. After all, you have no natural source of clarity there.

Swap cold light bulbs with hot on every available nozzle.

Place washers on the walls next to the mirror to increase visibility near the sink.

Colors and Materials for the Windowless Bathroom

bathroom without window

The right colors bring the clarity of natural light to the windowless environment.

Lighter shades make the place appear larger, brighter, and eliminate the impression of confinement.

If possible, install more than one mirror on different walls. It is a sure trick to "multiply" the available space and duplicate the incidence of light of the place.

Use and abuse structures and objects made of transparent or acrylic glass, such as the box or the sink counter. They are visually less invasive, prolonging the look and giving the illusion of greater space.

More Tips for Toilets and Basins without Windows

If the environment is tighter than normal, install sliding or rolling doors (the so-called "shrimp" model) instead of the traditional ones.

This will save circulation space and free up walls to verticalize the decor. For example, the placement of hooks for towels and small cabinets.

a electric towel rail will dry your towels in a less ventilated environment. It's worth the investment.

flower washbasin

Find a little corner in the sink to put fresh flowers. They humanize the environment and the bathroom will gain an extra charm;

Candles are good alternatives to light the place - but they do not replace good artificial lighting. They only give an extra point of light. In addition they decorate and, in the case of perfumed ones, help to control odors.

Artificial aromatics also play the role of controlling odors. Another tip is to put pout-pourri in a beautiful vase.

Try to escape the installation of cabinets under the sink. They occupy a space that, once empty, will serve to create the illusion of a wider environment.

Study the possibility of placing only a basket with rolls of toilet paper on the floor. And store other objects of the bathroom in the room.

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