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Montessori Bed: Inspirations To Insert The Furniture In The Decoration

The Montessori style has become a trend in the latest decorative designs for the children's room. Its aim is to work the independence and the knowledge in the early years of the small with simple artifice of furniture ergonomics. And the montessorian bed is the main element in this proposal! This has won the hearts of future parents who can sleep peacefully without worrying about their children's safety throughout the night.

THE montessorian bed is a furniture adapted for children with very striking characteristics, such as:

  • Minimum dimensions that fit the child size;
  • Placed close to the ground, so its base is low;
  • Animated formats, such as houses and huts;
  • Playful embellishments that sharpen the curiosity of the child;
  • And finally, complements like shelves for books and toys coupled in bed.

Over time, it is possible to feel the difference of a crib or a traditional bed with this replacement. Gradually the child will explore his Montessorian room with the things that are within reach, such as getting out of bed without the help of his parents or picking up an accessory whenever he wishes.

60 Montessori bed models as inspiration to insert the furniture in the decoration

Promoting autonomy since childhood is fundamental to the education of the child! So try to get informed and see how best to stimulate this learning. To inspire you, we have separated 60 different and creative montessorian bed to get out of the ordinary:

Picture 1 - Style stripped, but very well planned!

Style stripped but very well planned

The idea of ​​this project is to decorate more for less! The stickers on the wall give the touch of personality, and even the child himself can enter the game by decorating as desired.

Picture 2 - With playful air and full of comfort.

With playful and comfortable air

The cottage-shaped bed gets a bold design, the side protection comes in a cloud shape, the bottom is for play and the height of the bunk and supports the age of the small.

Picture 3 - Montessori bed with drawers.

Montessori bed with drawers

The bed does not necessarily need to be close to the floor. That's why some drawers help organize the child's toys.

Picture 4 - Inspiration comes from the early years.

Inspiration comes from the early years

Picture 5 - Privacy in the right measure!

Montessori bed with privacy

In this project, the bed and shelves were embedded in the wall itself, drawing the shape of a house. And the most interesting is the curtain that blocks the lighting and still gives some privacy when needed.

Picture 6 - The bunk model also wins the Montessorian version.

Montessorian Bunk

The bunk is designed according to the needs of the child, so much that the height is lower than a standard bed. Its colors and finishes follow a children's furniture design to bring safety and bring more charm to the decor.

Picture 7 - For who shares the room with teenage brother.

Room with teenage brother

Sharing a bedroom can be a daunting task for those who only have 1 bedroom for their children. In this example, the opposite is proven! Taking into account the needs of each one it is possible to have a nice result that pleases both profiles.

Picture 8 - Customize the beds by painting and writing the names.

Customize the beds by painting the names

To cheapen your cost, opt for the pinus wood and make the custom bedding yourself. It is not difficult to invest in a Montessori decoration!

Picture 9 - The charm of the stacked mattresses.

The charm of stacked mattresses

This idea is perfect to keep up with your child's growth. Over time, go stacking up more mattresses. And the composition of the sheets and bedding make all the difference for this proposal.

Picture 10 - The cottage format pleases the small ones.

The cabana format that appeals to small

If you want to get out of the traditional house-shaped bed, opt for the cabaninha. They have the same flexibility of accessories and a charm in the room.

Picture 11 - When the house gains all the complements of a real construction.

Montessori bed with small house

This bed provides several games for your child. The built-in bed windows allow you to play, as well as support some toys and books.

Picture 12 - Embellish the Montessori bed to give more personality.

Montessori bed decorated

A simple bed gains more personality with embellishments and accessories. Abuse these items to give the decorative touch in the room!

Picture 13 - A charming and inviting house.

A charming and inviting home

For those who want to invest, you can be inspired by this idea. The house has won the air of a real building!

Image 14 - Be inspired by a bold and different design.

Get inspired in a different Montessori bed design

This bed has a traditional base, but with a metallic structure that allows you to hang mobiles and light strings. Its different color in every detail provides a fun air to the room.

Picture 15 - Bed montessoriana gray.

Gray montessor bed

Going to the neutral path is the simplest for anyone who wants to decorate a children's room. In this case, it is worth investing in colorful decorative items to break the monotony.

Image 16 - The simple structure is also another option for those who want to get out of the home format.

Simple montessorian bed

Picture 17 - Here, it was covered by a stamped protection.

Montessori Bed with Stamped Protection

The cover or cover protection is an indispensable accessory. Make a harmonious composition with the sheet, pillow case and pillows to give the special touch.

Picture 18 - Draw the headboard on the wall with the shape of the house.

House-shaped wall headboard

This technique is a way takes the fun air to the room. With the help of masking tape it is possible to delimit this house design on the wall for paint application.

Picture 19 - The cabaninha is an alternative for children from 1 year.

Cabaninha para cama montessoriana 1 year

The cabaninhas have become the darling of the little ones to complement the bed.

Image 20 - Accessories make all the difference for the composition.

Accessories make all the difference for the composition

Picture 21 - A creative and versatile idea!

A creative and versatile idea

Image 22 - For those who want to escape the dated rooms.

For those who want to escape from dated rooms: montessoriana bed

This project takes into account the growth of the child. It provides several functions according to the needs of each age! When small, one can sleep at the bottom, and in the course of time, the top bed can help gain more room for another function at the bottom.

Picture 23 - Montessoriana berth in house format.

Montessoriana Bunk format of house

Picture 24 - Finishes should be rounded for safety.

Rounded finishes provide increased security

Picture 25 - Couple a reading corner next to the bed.

Montessori bed with reading corner

Picture 26 - Tablado + futon = Montessorian bed.

Table and futon

A cool idea is to be inspired by the oriental style! In this case, the wooden floor with the futon helped to mount a Montessorian bed. Composing cushions on the mattress make the look a lot more fun for the kids proposal.

Picture 27 - The futon can also be the complement of the bed.

Futon as a complement to the bed

Note that the flooring, the futon and the bed provide different types of uses. The levels they form to the floor help the child easily walk down to the floor.

Image 28 - Shared room with Montessorian bed.

Shared room with Montessorian bed

Picture 29 - This bed, in the future, can be a beautiful reading armchair.

Bed that can become an armchair for reading

Picture 30 - Yarn decorations are the best option to decorate this type of bed.

Yarn decorations to decorate the Montessori bed

Hang the wire ornaments on the bed frame. They take all the playful air a child needs!

Picture 31 - The cushions make all the difference in the look!

Pillows make all the difference in visual

Picture 32 - The lateral protection can have compartment for books.

Bookcase in Montessorian bed

Image 33 - Simplicity in decoration can attract great results.

Simplicity in decoration with the montessorian bed

The mattress on the floor may be a simple idea, but it allows the freedom of the child's movements.

Image 34 - The Montessori bedroom works with low and pre-dimensioned elements.

Montessori bed in bedroom

Picture 35 - Accessories like mobile and protection decorate the bed.

Mobile and protection decorate the bed

Image 36 - The wire of light illuminates the corner at night.

Light wire that lights the corner at night

Picture 37 - The curtain of voal is ideal to cover the bed.

Voal curtain to cover the bed

The fence as protection is a way to recreate the design of a home. However, be aware of the finishes, as they should be rounded and safe so as not to hurt your child.

Picture 38 - The lateral protection can be removed in the future.

The side guard can be removed in the future.

Picture 39 - Sharing the environment and style!

Sharing the environment and style

Image 40 - Room with Montessorian decor.

Montessorian-style room

Picture 41 - Narrow and charming!

Charming and narrow montessorian bed

Picture 42 - White montessorian bed.

White Montessorian bed

Picture 43 - Bed montessoriana neutral.

Neutral montessor bed

Picture 44 - A fun composition with boxes next to the bed!

Montessori bed with boxes

Picture 45 - chic hippie style!

Stylish hippie style

Picture 46 - Montessori bed with fence.

Montessorian bed with fence

Picture 47 - Choose a bigger bed to keep up with your child's growth.

A larger bed to keep up with your child's growth

The Montessori bed can be made to order or bought ready, because in the market there are several sizes. If the room allows, the ideal is to choose a larger bed that can accompany the growth of the child.

Picture 48 - The pinus bed gained more charm with a painting.

Pinus bed with paint

Picture 49 - Montessori style cottage bed.

Cabin style montessorian bed

Image 50 - Color painting and contrast gave personality to the room.

Room with Montessorian bed

The contrast of the B & B creates a fun scenario for this room. The slate paint on the walls and ceiling delimit the environment and let the children draw. The bed is lower to follow the Montessori concept of the project!

Picture 51 - The bed was embedded in the wall itself, gaining a personalized art.

Built-in Montessori bed

Let the room decor inspire! Whatever the preference, put drawings and prints so that from a young age he learns and motivates himself with the theme.

Image 52 - The delicacy of candy colors!

The delicacy of candy colors

Picture 53 - Montessori black bed.

Black montessorian bed

Picture 54 - Modern Montessorian Beliche.

Modern Montessorian Bunk Bed

Picture 55 - Montessorian bed in tent format.

Montessori bed: inspirations to insert the furniture in the decoration: insert

This camp tent shaped bed gains a side door that can be closed or opened according to the needs of your child. Only this furniture in the room is enough to decorate the environment!

Picture 56 - The bed allows the division of functions over the years.

The bed allows the division of functions over the years

Image 57 - Simple montessorian bed.

Simple montessorian bed

Image 58 - The simple model with headband drawn.

Montessori bed with upholstered headboard

Image 59 - A very playful space to play and rest.

Space for play and draw

Fall in love with this project: its colors, its distribution and its design allow you to explore each corner in a different way. The bed for example, gains a creative shape of a house. Note that it has a ladder to access another part of this composition, maybe a space to play, study or even another bed.

Picture 60 - Make a headboard upholstered in Montessori bed!

Make a headboard upholstered in the Montessori bed

Who says that a Montessori bed can not have a headboard? Line the sides of the wall with a upholstery that allows the rest area to be more comfortable and modern, just like this design!

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