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Pallet Bed - 52 Incredible Inspirations & How To Make It At Home!

For lovers of reuse of materials, sustainability and DIY's there is nothing more charming and simple to make than a bed of pallets. They leave the environment rustic and cozy, besides being super versatile! Proof of this is that there are several different models that you can do in your home. Still have doubts if you should bet on this material to make your bed? Then check out the following tips.


  • 1 Pallet Pictures and Models
    • 1.1 With Futon
    • 1.2 Colored
    • 1.3 With Headboard
    • 1.4 With Created Mute
    • 1.5 With LED Lighting / Tape
    • 1.6 With Chest / Drawers
    • 1.7 Bunk beds
    • 1.8 Sofa bed
    • 1.9 Balance Sheet
  • 2 How to Make Pallet Bed: Step by Step
    • 2.1 How to Make a Pallet Bunk
    • 2.2 How to Make a Pallet Balance

Pallet Pictures and Models

If you are short on budget to buy a new bed, this can be an incredible option for your room! And as we've talked about before, there are several types of pallet bedding. This way, you can make a more rustic, just stacking the items, can colorize, add a headboard and make up a bunk!

Room with pictures of beaches.

With Futon

Of course, the use of mattresses is not mandatory. Therefore, the futon is super welcome in your pallet bed. You can bet on models thinner (like the photo below), and even use large cushions across the length of the bed.

Pallet bed with futon on top and multiple cushions.

Single pallet bed next to window.

Besides combining super well with the pallet proposal, the futons also bring a extra warmth into space.

Bed with futon, with lights underneath.

And depending on the option you buy, you can still use it without any cover, making a composition with the colors!

Sofa bed with futon and cushions


One of the cool things you can do on your pallet bed to make it unique is to play in the colors. In this case, all of them are allowed: blue, green, white, pink, yellow, black, brown, purple, lilac, among others. Everything will depend on the other tones of the room, to leave the furniture harmonious with the rest of the environment.

Blue pallets and red and dark blue bed linen.

For example, if the room is masculine or if you have darker items, you can paint the pallets in black. Do not forget to use a bedding that also fits the décor and that space do not get too dark, bet on light walls and lights underneath the furniture.

Pallets painted black, red-brown bedding and green lights.

But if you are a fan of green pool, how about painting the pallets of this color and bet on a bedding with white sheets and bedspread and cushions in earthy tones? The entire composition may also be present on the walls. In the picture below, for example, green is predominant, but it is accompanied by drawings and a brown stripe at the base.

Low bed of green pallet.

And speaking of cold colors, how about a pallet bed? blue? It can be in shades brighter or darker, everything depends on the rest of the decor. But overall, you can combine it with pastel tones and neutral colors, like gray. And if you want to give happy in space, how about using yellow cushions and a rug?

Blue pallet sofa bed.

Talking about yellow, this tone also looks amazing on the pallets! You might even find it a bit difficult to match it with other pieces, but in it it goes well with almost everything. The important thing is to always leave it as the main item of space, so that the room does not get too loaded. You can bet on a bedding with neutral tones as well as walls and floor.

Yellow bed with white and black bed linen.

With Headboard

If there is one thing that can make all the difference in a room and a bed is the headboard. In the case of a pallet-made furniture, of course you can bet in the same material to make the headboard. That way, you can use the pallet horizontally or vertically, it all depends on the size you want.

White-colored room with furniture and wooden floors.

Room with white walls, bed and wooden floors.

How about a headboard bigger than the width of the bed?

Pallets with lights inside.

Assembly with three pictures with pallet beds.

Room with white wall, pictures and pallets without painting.

Small pallets can also be used in the decoration, like the pictures in this room.

If you do not want to leave the raw wood to make your bedside, you can still paint it and put inspiring words and phrases? The result is incredible, is not it?

White headboard with written words.

White pallet bed, sheets and gray headboard.

But of course you can also bet on other materials to make the headboard of your pallet bed. How about using concrete bricks, as in the picture above, or bet on a beautiful screen, same as the image below?

This room is decorated in light colors.

With Mute Created

Of course, a sleeper sofa is essential in any room, and a bed made of pallets may have some super interesting options for decorating. To begin with, how about using the pallets themselves to make the bedside table? Just rearrange the items. You can even make a kind of stairs for your bed, as in the picture below.

Created from the pallet.

Assembly with different types of pallet beds with bedside table.

Unfurnished room with a pallet bed and mattress.

Pallet bed with bedside table.

Another item that perfectly matches a pallet bed is a crate, can be the same fair.

Montage with two photos, showing different angles of a room.

If your room has little space, how about putting the crates in place of the headboard?

All white room with pallets.

And if you want to innovate, you can even use a trunk as a dumb servant. He may appear with or without dye, everything will depend on your taste and the rest of the decor of your room.

With LED Lighting / Tape

An idea that can give a up in any decor and still leave the intimate space is to include LED lights. You can put them under the pallet and at the head,for example. You can be sure that the result will be incredible!

Blue pallets with lights inside.

Pallet bed with lights underneath.

Room with dim lights and under-bed lighting.

Dark room with illuminated Eifel Tower and lights under the bed.

Quaro with light bed linen and lights at the head and under the pallets.

If you are a gipsy fan, you can not miss this kind of lighting in your room!

With Chest / Drawers

You've probably noticed that the arrangement of the pallets can make all the difference in space. And one of the ways you can fix them is by leaving the length of the bed bigger than the mattress, in this way, there is a space that can be used as a kind of chest.

Pallet bed with space left over, forming a type of chest.

Room with purple wall and pink bedding.

You can even stack several crates at the foot of the bed and make a partition in the room.

Room with dream filters and curtains in bed.

Pallet bed with open space underneath for shoes.

Assembly with photos of pallet bed, taking advantage of the space below to store things.

In addition, you can also take advantage of the space under the bed as drawer. For this, stack two pallets and remove the boards from the top of the pallet on the floor. Finally, you can leave the free space, use boxes or baskets.

Double bed with space for drawer.

Pallet bed with drawer on the feet.

You can also bet on a more refined model.

Assembly with three photos of pallet beds with drawers.

Bunk bed

Do you have more than one child or do you simply want to increase the amount of beds in the room but do not have space? You can bet on a pallet bunk. It can be all made with the material and can have room for two or three beds.

Pallet bunker, with space underneath for study table.

A great option for small rooms is to make a bunk and enjoy the space below to put a study table.

Pallet bunk structure.

Mounting showing triple pallet bunk.

Bunk pink, with pallet ladder.

How about painting your bunk?

Sofa Bed

And it's not only in the bedroom that you can enjoy this stuff! How about making a pallet sofa, too? They are super comfortable and can turn a bed easily! Just do not forget to fill the furniture with amazing pillows!

Woman sitting on sofa bed using computer.

Comfortable with green walls.

Sofa bed with yellow cover.

Is there more versatile mobile than this one?


Another idea to increase your pallet bed is to turn it into a swing! All you will need are ropes and a very strong structure to support the weight of the piece. And do not forget, it can be done in the bedroom, but it also looks amazing in the garden!

Pallet bed suspended by ropes.

Child lying on swing made of pallet.

How to Make Pallet Bed: Step by Step

This should be one of the simplest step-by-step you've ever seen! To make a simple pallet bed, you will need:

  • Pallets (the amount will depend on the size of bed you want);
  • Screws;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Train.

To get started, measure the size of your pallets and the space you have for the bed. Also measure the height of the pallets and the mattress, so that your bed is neither too high nor too low. Then stack the materials. If you are placing a pallet on top of the other, be sure to screw it to make sure they are securely fastened.

Before using the pallets, be sure to clean them and anticupins. In some cases it is also necessary to sand the pieces.

If you want a colored piece, choose a tone that matches the room, buy paint and give life to the objects.

White room with sheets of the same tone.

If you want a headboard, do the same procedure explained above and place one or two pallets (depending on the width of your bed) standing. Screw the parts in more than one place to secure them.

How to Make a Pallet Bunk

Making a pallet bunk can be a bit trickier, but the result pays off! You will need pretty much the same products as the previous item. Start by measuring the parts. Put two pallets upright to start the frame. Then, screw the pieces horizontally, already making the bunk shape. If you prefer, use wooden planks to help fix everything. The bed underneath may lie flat on the floor. Already the top, must be very well screwed, to ensure the safety of the furniture. And of course, do not forget to also assemble a wooden ladder and screw it into the piece. For a complete walkthrough, click here.

Also include a central clapboard to assist in support.

Bunk beds made with pallets.

The pallet itself can serve as a ladder!

How to Make a Pallet Balance

To take stock of pallets, you will need:

  • Rope;
  • Pallet;
  • Pillows;
  • Ink.

Before you begin, sand and paint your pallet. Then you must choose the place that will put the piece. If you choose a tree, for example, measure the height and cut strings with extra length to the knots. After positioning the ropes, start tying your pallet. Always take several turns and we to ensure the support. When you are sure that the piece is quite firm, add cushions to make the space comfortable.

If you want to venture into a larger piece, simply screw all the jute pallets and choose a strong support for the swing.

Pallet swing in the garden.

Now that you know several types of pallet bed and you know how to make them, you are ready to bet on this furniture! And if you like these ideas, know that there are several other things that can be done with pallets, such as: deck, table, wine cellar and even swimming pools. Did you like our tips, do you have any questions or suggestions? Talk to us in the comments!