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Vintage Room And Retro: 60+ Tips, Decor And Photos!

The style vintage/ Retro leaves any charming room with decorative pieces reminiscent of past times. However, it is important to reinvent yourself so that the old aspect gives way to a modern environment, making this mix something unique and different.

Before carrying out this proposal, it is necessary to highlight the differences vintage and the retro since they often confuse people. O vintage refers back to the old one as that incredible piece of your grandparents' house. Already the retro is related to items inspired by old decades. Usually new furniture that goes through a modernization process. A rereading.

With such definitions in mind it is easier to start the project and stick with a concept for the decoration of your room. Regardless of the choice, you can compose and merge both styles in the same environment. After all, only you will know in fact which part is original or which has passed through a upgrade retro.

Are you in doubt how to decorate? Check out below in our special gallery, 60 useful tips and lovely bedroom designs inspired by vintage/ retro. Inspire yourself here:

Picture 1 - For those who admire the style, but do not want something very characteristic, you can bet on the decorative details like a blue dumb groom, paintings and antique pieces


Picture 2 - Old furniture can merge between vintage and retro


Picture 3 - Room of girl with style vintage / retro


Picture 4 - Following the vintage line the children's room used to give color to the central furniture, resulting in a delicate and charming room


Picture 5 - The highlight of this room goes to antique refrigerator that took style to the decoration


Picture 6 - To take the industrial touch of the room, the strategy was to insert furniture with old and colorful design


Picture 7 - Frames follow the same retro style using old frames


Picture 8 - The brick wall is a strong trend in modern decor, but to bring the antique touch wager on retro-looking items such as canopy bed, lamps and miniature pieces

image 8

Picture 9 - Betting on headboard captain is a strong point in this proposal, besides leaving the room more cozy


Picture 10 - The golden and worn tone of the furniture composes the style of the decoration


Picture 11 - When simplicity speaks louder than style and result still looks amazing


Picture 12 - The decorative items make all the difference in the environment


Picture 13 - Vintage / retro room with pink decoration


Picture 14 - The pieces of re-reading are great to compose a more elegant decoration


Picture 15 - Get inspired in the chic retro style!


Picture 16 - The drawing of the mute is one of the characteristics that emphasizes the old style of the decor


Picture 17 - For a retro baby room bet in the Provencal style

Vintage Room and Retro: 60+ Tips, Decor and Photos!: tips

Picture 18 - Or for a funky environment insert colorful retro furniture


Picture 19 - To leave delicate place a floral print on bed linen


Picture 20 - Sisters room with vintage / retro style


Picture 21 - For the room of girl the bet was to use furniture with soft tones


Image 22 - The furniture can undergo a restoration and can give color to the environment


Picture 23 - For a girl room dare on a wallpaper of poa, metal bed, crafted frames and lots of color


Picture 24 - Colors is another way of working style in the decoration


Picture 25 - To leave the room cool, bet on furniture with old design with intense colors


Image 26 - The neon leaves the most cool atmosphere in the room


Picture 27 - The key part of this room is the bicycle and the chest that carry the vintage personality of the room owner


Image 28 - The decorated wall is a remarkable detail to leave the retro atmosphere, bet on the wallpaper with geometric pattern


Picture 29 - The pictures of the pictures is another point to work on the decoration


Picture 30 - To follow the old but modern line, bet on a mute stand-up toothpick


Picture 31 - Bet on a metal bed with crafted headboard, it takes all the old look to the place


Picture 32 - The great highlight of this room is the design of the dresser that has the vintage style


Picture 33 - Double room with vintage / retro style with light colors


Image 34 - Other details like colors, frames and details can make up the proposal and leave the room with the antique touch


Image 35 - The chic hippie remits much the proposal vintage / retro


Image 36 - The furniture in dark wood was something very common at the time, where every detail is possible to notice the design of the piece


Image 37 - Not to leave the visual heavy the bet of the environment was the neon lamp and the carpet with stamping Chevron


Picture 38 - Single vintage / retro room


Picture 39 - Color composition and bedside finishing demarcate the style of the room


Picture 40 - It is possible to work the style with a chart of colors and prints


Picture 41 - The trend of the dumb servant with suitcases fits perfectly for the retro proposal


Picture 42 - The furniture design leaves the old air contrasting with the modern details of the finishes


Picture 43 - How about a wall full of style?


Picture 44 - Room of man with vintage / retro style


Image 45 - The less is more is also applied in the vintage / retro proposal


Picture 46 - The rustic air can accompany the vintage / retro style


Picture 47 - You can blend styles with modern pieces and old design


Image 48 - Another way to decorate the wall is to work with the old-looking and full of drawings


Picture 49 - The sturdy headboard wrapped in frames takes all the retro touch to the room


Picture 50 - Double room vintage / retro with romantic air


Picture 51 - Retro room with navy touch


Image 52 - The mirrored dumbwaiter, apparent brick wall, picture frame and wooden bed form a beautiful modern retro composition


Picture 53 - The colors broke the industrial aspect of the room and took the vintage touch to the room


Picture 54 - The pieces reinforce the style of the decoration so do not forget to produce the environment with decorative items that follow the proposal of the room


Picture 55 - The four poster bed is a strong bet for vintage / retro touch


Picture 56 - Mix styles to bring balance to the environment


Image 57 - Vintage bedroom / retro with dark colors


Image 58 - Male bedroom with retro style


Image 59 - The pieces with aged finish is a characteristic that is present in this style


Image 60 - Women's room with retro style


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