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Aged Clock

Aged Clock

How to make an old style clock from a mdf base:
It looks like a museum piece, but it's brand new.

Learn how to make a watch that looks old and that works too..


  • 1 round MDF board 30 cm in diameter and 3 cm thick
  • 1 sheet of A3 sulfite paper or Couché paper
  • 3cm diameter cylindrical foam
  • Acrilex matte black acrylic paint
  • Glitter powder gold color old or copper
  • Acrilex Colorless Lacquer Gum
  • Color acrylic paint Burnt Shadow (tube)
  • White PVA ink
  • White Collar Cascorez Extra
  • Battery operated motor for watch>
  • 2 meters of black decorative gallon
  • 1 meter thick black twist
  • Brushes Tigers n° 8/142 (boring) and 6/142 (round)
  • Yellow sandpaper G-125 (worn)
  • Hot glue pistol
  • Disposable gloves
  • Golden pointers
  • Tea from India
  • Weights
  • Sponge
  • Stylus

Way of doing - Print the risk

Download Clock Watch Aged

Click the link to open the pdf file.
Then right-click and save to your computer.

Print the display; it should fit on the MDF board after trimming.

The ideal paper is the couché type paper that has greater strength and presents a better printing result.
You can also do Sulphite paper.

For a professional effect, ask a printer to make the impression.
Just deliver the template in pdf.

Working on MDF

aged watch

Pass a basic coat of white paint on the part, previously sanded and pierced.
Just one coat, we'll touch it later.

Note: you can make this watch even with a sous-plat, as long as it is not too thin; make sure, however, that behind the part has a cavity or space to accommodate the engine.


Cut the foam lengthwise with the stylet.


Glue the foam to the edge of the plate with hot glue, tightening well.

The cylindrical foam comes with a thin coating that repels paints, so it needs to be removed with sandpaper.


This sandpaper should not be either coarse or too thin: worn sanding, of the type used for wood, are perfect.

The foam should look rough and porous.

Watch Frame Painting


Paint the entire piece with matte black paint, except for the part where the display will be glued.

Requires at least two coats.


Mix the glitter with the shellac.

There are many brands of metal inks, but some do not stick well to the foam and others contain solvents that can melt it.


Dip a piece of sponge into the mixture and apply to the foam as desired.

Try not to apply all the way around, as the idea is to make the frame look rusted and weathered.

Leave some areas black and others only with some golden spots.


Glue the black gallon over the foam with hot glue and pass the golden mixture over it.

The idea is to give the impression that it was carved in the piece.

Applying the watch face


Before pasting the dial into the watch, open a hole in the center (marked by a black circle)

Glue the dial, trying to make the hole in the paper match the MDF.

Let rest for several hours, under weights. (if you have a press, better yet).

Do not forget to put weights inside the motor cavity before, because lack of pressure in the center can create pockets of glue, and consequently wrinkles.

Watch face painting

Take 1 Indian tea bag (or two tablespoons in case of package tea) and infuse it with hot water.
Let cool.

When the tea is very dark, apply with the sponge at the edges.


Also make some sparse spots nearer to the center, being careful not to overdo it.

The effect will be more realistic than if the paper had been bathed in the infusion.

Note: if using tea packet, be sure to strain it before applying on the dial.


After the display is very dry, take some scratches and stains with Burnt Shadow, using a round, fine brush.

Glue twist

For the finish, we will glue around the dial a black twist, already previously treated with the old gold glitter.


Begin gluing (with hot glue) from number VI (6, in Roman numerals), and finish so as to fit the two ends.

Tip: to prevent the ends from shredding after being cut, pass some white glue on both and let it dry, before gluing the twist on the watch.

The battery and the hands of the clock


The clock is almost ready, now only need to make it work.

Remove the nut on the end of the motor (where the pointers will fit) and thread the tip through the hole.

Make sure that the top of the motor (indicated by the handle) matches the number XII, that is, 12.


Turn the clock and lock the engine by screwing the nut on the tip.

Put the hands, leaving the seconds hand finally.


Notice the tip he has behind; it must be fitted to the engine tip.

Note also that in the last photo, the pointers were also "aged"; for that, it was enough to scrape some of the gold paint with scissors.


The clock is ready


With the same techniques, you can make one with a frame imitating oxidized copper.

We do not advise the use of varnishes, as they can change the display, but if you want you can invest in a glass or acetate vial, gluing it before applying the twist.

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