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Wooden Bench: Know The Advantages, Disadvantages And Examples

Do you like wood and want to use the material all over the place in your home? Then you need to know the wooden benches. They are more common in Europe and the United States, but have been gaining a foothold in Brazilian projects for some time. Learn more about the wood bench:

Wood is one of the materials most used by humanity for millennia. It is tough, timeless, versatile and brings us closer to nature. Another characteristic of this material is the touch of comfort, warmth and rusticity that it confers to the environments.

And the best of all is that it can be incorporated into any proposal of decoration, from the most classic, going through rustic to arrive at the most modern and contemporary models. This all depending on the type of wood and the finish given to it.

For kitchen and bathroom countertops the most recommended is to use solid wood of eucalyptus or teak which are more resistant. For counters or dry benches, it is also possible to use MDF or Formica, increasing the possibilities of colors and textures.

Check below the advantages and disadvantages of wooden benches:

Advantages of wood bench

  • One of the main advantages of using countertop wood is price. The material often outweighs that of marble, granite and industrialized stones, such as Silestone or Nanoglass;
  • The wood leaves the environments more welcoming and cozy;
  • The wood is very versatile and can be used in any room of the house, style or decoration proposal;
  • Solid, sturdy and sturdy material;

Disadvantages of wooden countertop

  • If it is not treated and waterproofed properly, the wood can suffer wear, since the material is sensitive to water, heat and humidity;
  • The texture of wood can accumulate fungi and bacteria if not cleaned properly;
  • Since it is not very usual in Brazil, there are only a few carpenters who can carry out a kitchen or bathroom in wood, and in this case, you may have to carry out the project yourself;
  • Wood is the preferred material of insects such as termites and drills, to keep them away it is important to treat the wood with suitable pesticides

Care needed to keep the wooden bench always beautiful and functional

Unlike natural and industrialized stones that do not require much care, wood, in turn, is more demanding and needs some special attention. Take note:

  • Sharp and sharp objects can cause irreversible damage to the workbench, so it is advisable to take extra care when using these objects;
  • Maintain frequent maintenance or whenever the wood shows signs of stripping. Care includes sanding and application of marine varnish;
  • On the kitchen countertops the attention should be with the hot pans. Do not place them directly on the countertop to avoid damaging the wood;
  • Use neutral and mild products to perform cleaning;

See 60 projects that include the wooden bench in your proposal

Check out now some projects that have bet on countertops and wooden counters. You will want in your home too:

Picture 1 - Simple wooden bench with support vats for the modern bathroom.

Simple wooden countertop

Picture 2 - White furniture enhances the wood tone of the two countertops in this kitchen.

White furniture enhances the wood tone of the kitchen countertops

Picture 3 - Wooden bathroom bench completes the proposal of use of the material, also present in the wall, in the bathtub and in the floor.

Wooden Bathroom Countertop

Picture 4 - Wood can also be used on the wooden counter of American kitchens.

wooden counter of American kitchens

Picture 5 - Rustic wood contrasts with the other elements of more noble characteristic, like the marble of the tub and the decorative objects of glass and metal.

Rustic wooden countertop

Picture 6 - The rustic and the classic share space in the decoration of this bathroom with wooden bench.

Bathroom with wooden bench

Image 7 - Keep sharp and pointed objects well away from the wooden bench.

Wooden countertop in the kitchen

Picture 8 - In this kitchen design, the wooden bench extends to the balcony forming an L.

Wooden L-shaped bench

Image 9 - Raw wood tone gently contrasted with the niches blue.

Wooden countertop in bathroom

Picture 10 - Modern kitchen with wooden bench: the black cabinets, with straight lines and without handles, harmonize with the light tone of the wood.

Modern kitchen with wooden countertop

Image 11 - Strong and striking tones: this kitchen counter does not go unnoticed.

Kitchen counter with wood

Picture 12 - Gray cabinets with clear wood bench; there is no style that does not match the wood.

Wooden countertop in gray wardrobe

Picture 13 - Modern and sober kitchen bet on the wooden counter to create a more welcoming environment.

Wooden counter for more than modern kitchen

Picture 14 - Counters, niches and tables: everything in wood, everything combining.

Wooden counters, niches and tables

Picture 15 - Of modern and jovial style, this wooden balcony is based on a metal barrel.

Metal barrel with wooden bench

Image 16 - Countertop for small meals made of wood; the brick helps to leave the environment more rustic and cozy.

Wooden small dining counter

Picture 17 - Dry wood bench can be made with MDF or Formica, already in the wet counters the ideal is to choose solid wood to guarantee the durability of the material.

Dry wood countertops can be made with MDF or Formica

Picture 18 - Solid wood countertop for the modern bathroom.

Solid wood countertop for the modern bathroom

Picture 19 - Under the wooden bench, a minibar and a mini cellar.

Under the wooden bench, a mini-bar and a mini-cellar

Picture 20 - Take care of your wooden bench with neutral cleaning materials.

Take care of your wood bench with neutral cleaning materials

Picture 21 - Modern, retro and rustic: a mix of styles in the bathroom with wooden bench.

Bathroom with wooden bench

Image 22 - Gourmet balcony all planned in wood: from the cabinets to the balcony.

Wooden bench on gourmet balcony

Picture 23 - Woody tone of the counter gives the touch of comfort to the environment that mixes shades of blue and white.

Tones of blue and white on wooden bench

Picture 24 - Wooden chairs to match the wooden bench.

Wooden chairs to match the wooden bench

Picture 25 - Light tone of the wood of the balcony in harmony with the other soft colors of the rest of the environment.

Clear tone of the counter wood in harmony with the other soft colors of the rest of the environment.

Image 26 - Bench areas that do not get in direct contact with water do not require as much maintenance.

Bench areas that are not in direct contact with water do not require as much maintenance

Picture 27 - The rustic wood of this wooden bench has gained a touch of sophistication with the glass top.

Rustic wooden countertop

Image 28 - Plants and wood are always a great combination.

Wooden countertop and plants in bathroom

Image 29 - Wooden countertop to the coffee corner.

Bathroom counter to the coffee corner

Picture 30 - Among the metallic elements, the wood brings the necessary comfort and warmth.

Wooden kitchen counter with island

Picture 31 - Wooden countertop to the living room.

Wooden countertop for living room

Picture 32 - Instead of the bathroom cabinets, what about betting on only one countertop and solid wood shelf?

Solid wood countertop in bathroom

Picture 33 - Metal structure serves as support for the wooden boards, forming the bench of this bathroom.

Wooden boards in bathroom

Image 34 - Want a modern and elegant environment? Bet on the mix between wood and shades of blue and gray.

Wooden bench in environment with shades of blue and gray

Picture 35 - Unlike the previous image, this kitchen design bet in the warm colors in combination with the wooden countertop to create a warm and cozy atmosphere

Warm colors in combination with the wooden countertop in this kitchen

Image 36 - Make the entire wooden counter, rather than using the material just for the top.

Make the entire wooden counter, instead of using the material just for the top

Picture 37 - The wood guarantees a touch of sophistication more for the room.

Wooden bench in room

Picture 38 - Wall of burnt cement, black cabinets and crockery and a wooden bench to close the modern design of this bathroom.

Wooden countertop in bathroom and wall with burnt cement

Picture 39 - Made to measure, the wooden bench fits in any corner of your house.

Wooden countertop in modern bathroom

Picture 40 - Wooden counter divides the room of the home office.

Wooden bench in home office

Image 41 - Wooden bench for the bar.

Wooden bench: know the advantages, disadvantages and examples: disadvantages

Picture 42 - Classic style cabinets, brick wall and wooden bench bringing rusticity and the lamps and chairs highlighting the modern: is or is not it a kitchen for all tastes?

Wooden countertop in American kitchen

Image 43 - Is the proposal a clean and smooth environment? Bet on wood too.

Wooden bench in clean environment

Picture 44 - Discreet, the light wood bench of this bathroom was almost completely covered by the support tub.

Light wooden bench in bathroom

Picture 45 - Too Modern? Put a cloth curtain on the wooden bench.

Cloth curtain on wooden bench

Picture 46 - The wood can not be left out of proposals of vintage decoration.

Wooden bench in vintage proposal

Image 47 - Wooden benches break the monotony of the white environment.

Wooden bench in white environment

Picture 48 - Wooden countertops look great when combined with niches and shelves of the same color.

Niches and shelves with wooden countertops

Image 49 - Stone and wood in the balconies of the same project.

Wooden bench and stones in the kitchen

Picture 50 - The house of integrated environments counted on the help of the wood to create the demarcations of each space.

Integrated environments with wood bench

Image 51 - White and wood: a combination of colors for refined and elegant proposals.

White and wood in decoration

Picture 52 - How can one not surrender to the charm of this tree trunk rustically placed inside this room?

Tree trunk in living room with wooden bench

Picture 53 - Almost white, this wooden support desk brings beauty and functionality to the kitchen.

Wooden countertop in minimalist kitchen

Image 54 - Facing the mirror ?! The impression you make is the same, but by looking more closely you may notice that the wooden counter extends to the other room.

Wooden bench between the environments

Image 55 - The wooden floor marks the area occupied by the wooden bench.

Wood floor and countertop

Picture 56 - Perfect kitchen model for those who wish to be inspired by the rustic and retro style.

Rustic and retro kitchen with wooden bench

Image 57 - Light wooden balcony with black top.

Light wooden bench in the kitchen

Image 58 - White kitchen with wooden bench is a classic in other countries.

White kitchen with wooden countertop

Image 59 - Wooden balcony that extends to the ceiling.

Wooden counter that extends to the ceiling

Image 60 - Be aware of the exact measurements where the worktop should be cut: cooktop, tub and faucet.

Wooden countertop in the kitchen

Image 61 - When a tree trunk becomes a counter, the result is like that of the image.

Wooden bench: know the advantages, disadvantages and examples: bench

Picture 62 - Rustic wooden balcony for the environment integrated in modern style.

Wooden bench in the living room

Image 63 - Wooden room Niches in combination with kitchen counter; the connection between the rooms made by the extension of the counter.

Wooden countertop in integrated kitchen

Picture 64 - Use and abuse the charm of wood to integrate environments.

Wooden kitchen counter and integrated into another environment

Image 65 - Wooden counter turned mini wine cellar; woody tone prevails throughout the kitchen.

Wooden counter turned mini wine cellar

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