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Blue Baby Room: Tips On How To Decorate And 40 Photos

Decorate a blue baby room is indicative that the family is waiting for the arrival of a little boy! Everything should be ready to wait for the new small member: the furniture, the lighting, the colors of the walls, the decorative elements, etc. It is the chance that the future mom has to prepare for the first time something with great affection for her new baby.

If you want inspirations on how to decorate the blue baby room accompany this article. Here we will give you some tips and show pictures of incredible environments decorated, just for you to capture the ideas and do the same there in your home.


  • 1 Blue Baby Room Designs and Pictures
    • 1.1 Proven├žal blue and white
    • 1.2 Modern with touches of color
    • 1.3 Blue and beige / brown
    • 1.4 Blue and green
    • 1.5 Navy blue and red
    • 1.6 Blue and yellow
    • 1.7 Turquoise and pink
    • 1.8 With Clouds Theme

blue baby room models

Blue Baby Room Designs and Pictures

The blue of a baby's room can be applied subtly or more intensely. Whether it's wall-paper, furniture or environmental utilities, this tone can give a lot of personality and style to the new family member's room.

There are many ways to combine various shades of blue with other colors. In addition, he can participate in various children's issues, if that is his desire.

cute blue and brown baby bedroom

We separate the most common themes in the world of the decoration of baby rooms in blue color. See which one you like best!

Provencal blue and white

The Provencal style uses rustic, bucolic and romantic elements that can be applied, mostly in furniture. O blue and white is a pair that combines a lot and complement each other. White can neutralize a darker blue tone or share the softness of a lighter shade of blue.

Here are some nice options:

baby bedroom proven├žal light blue

Invest in dark wood furniture to give rustic air

blue and white baby room

To decorate, you can opt for Proven├žal lamps or chandeliers, armchairs lined with leather or other more rustic fabric, wooden furniture - preferably demolition - or white.

baby bedroom blue provencal style

White furniture is also a great choice. Choose those with Proven├žal references

blue baby bedroom proven├žal

baby blue baby room

Modern with touches of color

As we said at the beginning of the text, it is possible to prioritize the blue in the baby room more subtly. This is not to say that the decor will result in something "bland", but rather, in a modern environment, as long as you opt for irreverent blue objects, which draw the attention positively.

This type of room can be built with blue furniture, and neutralize the remaining objects. Or the other way around.

modern blue baby room

blue baby bedroom color touches

Another idea is to color the wall with parsimony and not to leave them completely blue.

modern blue baby room

baby blue navy bedroom

A simple and elegant decoration idea with blue + white

blue baby room boy color touches

Blue and beige / brown

Blue + beige or brown is another combination that gives super right in decoration. You can bet without fear for babies' rooms boys or girls as well.

Remembering that there are some variations for beige, such as color nude, the cream, the ice and the Fendi, about which we speak here in the Sweet Work, see here the complete post. All these tones are neutral, but still impart sophistication. In addition, there are other earthy tones, the main one being brown, which is also versatile and can be applied in several ways in a baby room.

blue and beige baby bedroom

blue and brown baby room

See how delicate this type of decoration is

baby room blue and brown tips

different blue and brown baby room

The brown matches more with the "sky blue"

The beige and earthy tones are perfect for letting the more light and airy environment, besides having the advantage of combining super well with several tones, including blue!

Baby room blue and brown elephants

Blue and green

At first glance the green with blue may not seem very harmonic. But when it comes to a nursery, where the place can receive a creative and fun decoration, the result can be incredible!

One idea is to make this junction with wallpapers of these colors. To layette and decorative objects, in this case, you can include elements of these tones, or neutralize with more moody colors.

blue and green baby room how to do

baby blue and green style bedroom

Play with the tones in different ways, but without overdoing it

When the walls are blue and green, the tip is not to overload the color of the furniture, but prefer the white ones. It is also worth remembering that generally, when uniting these two colors your decoration will be modern, so it is better to choose decorating items of the same style.

blue and green baby room models

Coloring the walls with this mix of colors may suffice for the baby room

blue and green baby room

The navy blue and red baby room decor has been one of the most sought after by the future moms. We find in many stores many options of layette in this combination of colors, especially those that have as their theme the "Sailor teddy bear".

Therefore, who wants to create a stylish environment navy, with elements that refer to the high seas, beaches and ships, this union of tones is ideal!

baby blue bedroom litter

Use red with blue on the walls - you can paint or stick it on - or on textiles such as curtains, rugs, crib sets and cushions.

baby room blue navy teddy bear

Sea bear theme is much sought after among moms!

baby room blue navy teddy bear sailor

For something more intense, choose colorful furniture with some of these colors! It's very charming and it's the kick for the rest of the decor.

Many of the rooms decorated with navy blue and red, as well as the sailor style, "Nutcracker and the Little Soldier of Lead", see examples below.

baby room navy blue and red

Layout has the nutcracker character as main

baby blue navy bedroom furniture

Blue and yellow

Another fun combination, blue and yellow can be used in the nursery in a very creative way, and can be something softer or more accented.

May be baby yellow with baby blue; blue with yellow gem; navy blue with intense yellow or mustard; everything will depend on style that you check into the room.

cute blue and yellow baby bedroom

different blue and yellow baby room

With the walls in yellow, you can invest in blue furniture

Blue Submarine Yellow Baby Room

The room may have yellow walls and furniture in blue or otherwise. And why not invest in painting the ceiling to innovate in the visual of the environment?

blue and yellow baby bedroom on the ceiling

WOW! You were very creative, were not you?

blue and yellow baby room

Turquoise and pink

And who said there are no blue bedroom options for girls? The turquoise blue is one of the softer tones and can be used to give femininity to the environment, in addition, it is super elegant and delicate.

Next to him You can include the rose, which will close with the golden key the two predominant colors of your baby's room! You can choose to paint the walls in blue and choose the furniture and objects in pink, or merge the two colors throughout the decor.

Be sure to see amazing inspirations from turquoise + pink rooms:

turquoise baby bedroom tips

baby turquoise and pink bedroom

This color combination looks really amazing!

turquoise blue baby girl bedroom

To get out of the ordinary, bet on wall designs and Proven├žal furniture

turquoise baby bedroom

The combination of these colors does not leave the room overwhelmed. Bet without fear!

With clouds theme

And how to think of the color blue and not remember the sky? Impossible! And because the clouds are delicate and fluffy, just like the baby who arrives, they are much in demand in the decoration of this type of room.

You can opt for a minimalist decor that looks gorgeous with a lighter shade of blue. The clouds will be present in different ways, according to the quantity you want: in the trousseau, on the pillows, on the wall, on mobiles, on the carpet, among others.

baby room blue light clouds

baby room blue clouds mobile

Blue with gray also looks lovely * - *

blue baby room clouds

O wallpaper with stamped clouds can give that special touch that was waiting. But if you want something more subtle, what about shelves with that format?

baby room blue clouds wallpaper

Even with a classic theme, you can innovate with modern furniture

baby room blue clouds shelves

Ah... decorating a baby's room is so rewarding! Amid so many preparations for the arrival of the baby, this is one of those that leaves us wondering when he will be in our arms. We hope you have enjoyed knowing tips and blue baby room ? Any questions just leave a comment for us!