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Blue Room: 35 Beautiful Inspirations And How To Decorate!

The meaning of colors is something that can influence even the decoration of environments, example of that is that a more closed and dark tone can make you more sad and reserved. Thinking about tonalities, the tip of today is for those who seek an environment with meaning of tranquility and serenity for rest, and so we go to a selection of photos and tips for blue room.


  • 1 double
    • 1.1 Turquoise
    • 1.2 Dark blue
  • 2 Female
  • 1 year
  • 4 Children



cape head

Pillows decorate the bed

Color is a trend and was the choice for the decoration of the small double room. To bring the tone to the environment, the choice was to use a headboard in the tonality and details of the bedding, and thus keep the rest of the space in light tones to ensure brightness and a sense of more space.

wallpaper double room

In this decoration, the turquoise appears predominantly on the wallpaper behind the bed, and is combined with beige. To keep the tones in the decor, the bet was on the bed set and cushions with the color duo.

modern decoration

The hinged pendant replaces the lamp

Here the tone appears in a more discreet way, since the tone is only reserved for the panel that replaces the use of the headboard. The result is a clean environment with just a touch of color, and it becomes an inspiration for anyone who follows the classic line.

simple decoration

If you want a simple proposal to decorate the environment, draw inspiration from this idea of ​​using the painted wall. Here the turquoise color appears on the surface at the bottom of the bed and on the decorative pillows on the bed.

blue turquoise

The brick wall the apparent view creates a contrast in the soft decor

The tonality can also appear in the project without involving structural changes and paintings. The example is this suggestion of using color in bedding and rug.

More pictures

modern double bedroom

turquoise decoration

Dark blue

room with tv

Plaster lining with built-in lighting is modern

In choosing the color for the fourth second Feng Shui, blue has the ability to intensify wisdom and prosperity, and when used in the dark tonality refers to the power of intuition. In addition to these factors, the room decorated has a relaxing look and is a great choice for those who follow a modern version with classic touch.

striped wall

In this project, the most intense color appears in several details such as:

  • Striped wall, which lengthens the environment and gives a higher right foot sensation;
  • Upholstered headboard with captain;
  • Bedding details such as floral cushions that decorate the bed.

wall blue marine

White comic books decorate the wall

The change in a point of the environment can already be transformative, and here the idea is to paint one of the walls. To follow this example, give preference to a surface that is less in your field of vision, such as the wall behind the bed, so as not to become tiresome.

upholstered headboard

If you want decorating a rented house or apartment and for this avoids more radical transformations, the option to use a navy blue headboard is enough to add color to the couple's environment. The details like colored cushions that are in harmony with the environment are also great allies for the decor.

More pictures

beige and blue decoration

The wooden panel decorates the wall

mirrored wardrobe

dark blue wall


bedroom with dressing table

The comic frames have the same color as the wall

If the tonality was previously tied to being a masculine color, know that it was just a silly paradigm. The color can and should be used in female room and this example shows exactly that. For the design, the tonality chosen was a shade of lively blue and cheerful, and some details in pink appear as a complement to the decor.

decoration with christmas light

In this design the turquoise wall is the highlight of the environment. To give more delicacy to the space, the proposal was to use Christmas lights to decorate the wall and pink items to create a counterpoint and give more prominence to the room.

modern female bedroom

The mirrored dumbwaiter is modern

Cobalt blue can also be used in the female environment, and in this design the color was reserved for the headboard that extends in the form of a panel and for the lamp beside the bed. The environment is still a mix of various other shades such as: yellow, pink, and purple.

female wallpaper

In this decor, light blue is the great character of the decoration. In addition to appearing in the decoration of the walls, the color is still seen in detail of bedding, furniture and carpet.

More pictures

pink and blue decoration

The planned move became TV support

turquoise wallpaper

bedroom for girl


decoration navy blue

White furniture softens the darker shade of décor.

The navy blue was the choice to decorate the masculine environment, and the more closed tonality is seen in every detail of the environment, such as:

  • In the mix of prints of wallpapers;
  • Into bed;
  • And on the rug.

futon bed

In this decoration, the blue wall appears less prominently, since it is only a strip closer to the plaster lining. However, the tint continues to appear elsewhere in the decor. The ambience still has a more modern touch due to the futon style bed that sits on a wooden platform.

single room decoration

Next to the bed, a study corner with a desk

For this decor, the tonalities are mixed somewhat and it is possible to see different variations of blue throughout the environment:

  • The wall at the bottom of the bed is a lighter shade and decorated with beach pictures;
  • Details of the bed linen and the chair show the shade of navy blue.

More pictures

niche wall

Rollaway bed

On the floor, taco-type wooden floor

male bedroom

modern white sofa

The guitar becomes part of the decoration


contemporary armchair

In this boy room, the navy blue is the basis for all the decoration with soccer theme and to create a counterpoint, the yellow appears in the details of the decoration and gives more prominence and joy to the environment.

blue and orange decoration

On the wall, wallpaper chess

In this project, the mix with orange is a charm and leaves the children's environment with very modern and cheerful features. The composition of the space is all designed for children, since the toys are arranged in niches easy to reach; the bed turns into a cabin; the table has a roll of paper to draw and so many other details that value the development and fun of the little ones.

baby's room

The blue baby room is also an option to decorate the environment. In these ideas, the tones vary and it is worth using from the lightest to details with the most intense color.

girl's bedroom

The color is not restricted only to boys not. To girl's bedroom the idea is to use a softer tint with the mix of other tones, such as pink or purple.

More pictures

boy decoration

Black and white photos decorate the wall

bedroom with bunk bed

Stripes on the wall stretch the room

children's blue decoration

Once you see all the inspirations it will get difficult to resist a blue room, since in addition to beautiful, the color also pass serenity and helps to have a more restful sleep.

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