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Boiserie: Know What It Is, How To Use And 60 Decorating Ideas

Ever hear of boiseries? You may have probably seen the technique somewhere, but it was never properly presented to it. The technique is nothing more than coating walls with frames originally made of wood.

The boiserie - pronounced boaserri - arose in France influenced by the artistic movement that became known as Rococo. The great aim of the artists' carpenters of the time was to decorate the walls of the nobility in a pompous and refined way. The seventeenth and eighteenth centuries mark the height of the boiseries in decoration.

Since then the technique has undergone many changes to adapt to current needs and styles, now being called false-boiserie. With this, besides the wood, the boiseries began to be made with plaster, cement and even Styrofoam, with the intention of cheapening the cost. Regardless of the material chosen, the boiserie presents the same result, what will differentiate one boiserie from the other is the color with which it will be painted and the format that will have on the wall.

Since this is a classic and sophisticated style technique, it is very important to define the rest of the décor of the environment so that the room is not overloaded with visual information. It is also possible to determine if the boiserie will have a classic or contemporary style from the look of the frames. In general, arabesques and detailed or rounded edges, draw for the classic look, and the boiseries of straight lines refer to the modern style.

In any case, boiseries always bring a touch of refinement and sophistication to the environments. However, some details need to be well evaluated to ensure the expected effect. So, check out the tips below before applying the technique in your home.

Tips on how to use decorating boiserie


  • It is important to apply acrylic paint on boiseries made of materials such as gypsum and styrofoam, so that they become more resistant and durable.
  • Do not confuse boiseries with rodaments - that effect that divides the wall in half by a horizontal frame - or with wainscoting - wooden rulers glued to the wall. They are very different things from each other.
  • When deciding on the boiseries on the wall, consider the height of the right foot of the house. Every effect that divides and cuts spaces tends to flatten and reduce the right foot. So if your home has a low right foot, consider replacing the boiseries with another effect. If you intend to use the technique at any cost, you may want to install it up to 85 centimeters off the floor.
  • Break a bit of the formal, ornate look of the boiseries, including on the same wall more relaxed and creative pieces, such as pictures, posters or differentiated lighting with washers, for example.
  • Compensate the classic style of boiseries with contemporary elements in the decoration. It is worth using furniture of modern design, printed fabrics, differentiated lamps, among others.
  • Now if you bought a property and won to toast the boiseries, even without wanting that detail in the house, you can change the look of them with colored paint.
  • When coating a wall with boiseries there is no need to coat the others. The technique alone is already marked and expressive and using it in excess can compromise the environment.
  • The most common and recommended is to paint the frames in the same color of the wall, thus avoiding combination errors or excessive information on the wall. Uniformity also values ​​the reliefs of the technique. But if you want to paint the frames of a different color, choose a color that does not have as much contrast to the background.
  • Take all measures, calculate and plan everything thoroughly. The great secret of boiseries is the harmonious distribution of frames. Therefore, all care is little.
  • For a perfect finish, remember that the corners of the frames must be spliced ​​at a 45-degree angle.
  • To leave the most modern boiseries, the tip is to use strong colors. However, if the intention is to maintain the classic style use light and neutral colors.
  • Boiseries can be used in any room in the house: in the bedrooms, in the kitchen, in the living room and even in the bathroom. The finish is that it will differentiate one model from the other.
  • Although the boiseries are a technique created to adorn and enrich the decoration of the environments, the most recommended today is to avoid the excesses of the French nobility of the eighteenth century, opting for a cleaner frame, with straight and smooth lines.

Want to see how this all applies in practice? Then check out a selection of images of environments decorated with boiseries:

Picture 1 - Boiserie applied on the main wall of the room.

Boiserie applied on the main wall of the room

The modern environment has gained a touch of sophistication with the application of boiserie on its main wall. The technique has gained a tone of closed green, combining with the furniture and bringing color to room in a smooth and harmonious way.

Picture 2 - All charm of the boiseries for the ambience of classic style.

All the charm of the boiseries for the classic style environment

Picture 3 - Remember the tip up? It has been applied here with the use of frames and washers.

Table and washers in the room

Picture 4 - Boiserie in two tones.

Two tone boiserie

The small home office was decorated with a two-color boiserie. To favor the space of the environment, white was used at the top and blue at the bottom. Note that the curtain follows the same pattern as the boiserie.

Picture 5 - Classic boiserie with arabesques contrasting the rest of the decoration of modern style.

Classic Boiserie with arabesques

In spite of the more classic standard of this boiserie, it inserted itself harmoniously in the environment of modern predominance. The key factor for this harmony are the larger frames, with fewer cuts.

Picture 6 - Between the classic and the contemporary: in the mix of styles, the neutral tones stand out.

Room with mix of styles and boiserie

Image 7 - Frame and lamp in the middle of white boiserie.

Frame and lamp in the middle of white boiserie

Picture 8 - Brown Boiserie.

Brown Boiserie in the room

The details of this boiserie were evidenced by the use of brown paint, leaving the atmosphere exquisite and without the need to appeal to the original extravagances of the technique. The frame ended up serving as a panel for the TV, framing it on the wall.

Picture 9 - Black boiserie hidden behind the frame.

Black boiserie hidden behind frame

Picture 10 - A room with airs of nobility.

Room with airs of nobility

Picture 11 - Boiserie in half wall; the rest was decorated with stripes.

Boiserie on half a wall

Picture 12 - In this room, the boiserie extends to the ceiling.

Boiserie to ceiling in bedroom

Picture 13 - Baby room delicately decorated with boiserie.

Baby room with boiserie

If there is an environment that combines with the boiseries are the baby rooms, they get an extra "q". The frames in equal sizes, without exaggeration, allied to the green tone left the environment soft and delicate. Highlight for the clouds carefully inserted inside the boiseries.

Image 14 - Modern gray in contrast to the classic boiserie style.

Modern Boiserie

Picture 15 - Pastel colors dominate the room, including the boiserie.

Atmosphere with pastel tones

Image 16 - Sky blue was the color chosen for this boiserie.

Heavenly blue wall with boiserie

Picture 17 - Tone on tone.

Tom on tone in the decoration

The baby's room was decorated using tone-on-tone on the wall where the boiserie was installed. The background receives the warm tone of light brown, while the frames of different sizes have been painted white. However, note that both colors are neutral and soft.

Image 18 - Humor and creativity to break the pomp of boiseries.

Boiserie: know what it is, how to use and 60 decorating ideas: boiserie

Image 19 - Modern room used gray in boiserie and left black to compose the details of the remainder of the decoration.

Modern room with boiserie

Image 20 - The boiserie of this image gained pictures and a mobile inside it.

Frames and sideboard on the wall with boiserie

Picture 21 - Not so classic, not so modern.

Room with boiserie

This boiserie is between the classic and the modern. Note that the corners of the frame have arabesques and broken lines, remembering the old look of the technique. However, the predominance of the straight lines in composition with the decoration evidences the modern side of the boiserie.

Picture 22 - In the dining room, elongated boiseries visually increase the height of the environment.

Elongated boiseries in the environment

Image 23 - Boiserie the front of the wall acts as a support for the objects.

Boiserie as support for objects

Picture 24 - Very discreet, the green of this boiserie brings calm to the environment.

Discreet wall with green boiserie

Picture 25 - A single detail.

A single detail in the wall decoration

This room earned only a frame frame, creating a light vintage vintage look. The modern decor makes the decor counterpoint.

Picture 26 - Gray room, black boiserie.

Gray room with boiserie painted in black color

Image 27 - Boiserie dark gray contrasting decoration white.

Boiserie dark gray

Picture 28 - Classic, clean and soft.

Classic, clean and smooth environment

Picture 29 - Wide frames.

Boiserie with wide frames

The wide frames of the boiserie stand out in the environment. White paint contributes to the classic effect of the technique. However, be careful when using wide frames so as not to overload the visual information environment.

Picture 30 - And what do you think of the idea of ​​applying wallpaper in the boiserie?

Wallpaper in boiserie

Picture 31 - Boiserie in the closet adds sophistication to the room.

Wall with boiserie in the closet

Picture 32 - A classic detail on the ladder of modern design.

Staircase with modern design and boiserie

Picture 33 - Strong colors for a modern boiserie.

Strong colors for a modern boiserie

Want a modern and sophisticated environment? Then bet on the boiseries painted with strong and striking colors. The model of the image is an example of how to leave an elegant room, classic and with contemporary airs.

Image 34 - Boiserie with LED sign: an unusual combination.

Boiserie with LED sign

Picture 35 - Modern paintings, combined with the sofa, decorate the boiserie.

Wall with boiserie and modern paintings

Image 36 - Modern colors for classic objects.

Modern colors for classic objects in living room decor

Image 37 - Bedside with boiserie.

Bed headboard with boiserie

The boiserie of this room resembles a bed head, especially by height, ideal for this purpose. The closed blue of the wall enhances the decoration of the room.

Image 38 - Blue and brown in boiserie.

Blue and brown in boiserie

Picture 39 - Boiserie in the young room forms an unusual and interesting decoration.

Boiserie in the Young Room

Image 40 - Inspire yourself in modern images to compose the wall where the boiserie was applied.

Modern images to apply the boiserie

Picture 41 - In the room of neutral tones, the boiserie stands out.

Boiserie featured in room with neutral tones

The light tones have the capacity to highlight and value the typical reliefs of the boiserie. If the rest of the environment also follows the neutral and clear line, the room becomes even more cozy, especially if it brings together modern elements in the décor.

Picture 42 - Fixtures in boiseries are more common than you think.

Wall with boiserie and lamps

Picture 43 - Diagonal painting brings unexpected and modern effect to the boiserie.

Diagonal wall painting with boiserie

Picture 44 - Extend vertically the environment with high boiseries.

Boiseries high in the environment

Picture 45 - No exaggeration.

Wall with boiserie without exaggeration

This room has everything within the measure. The harmonic decoration, in neutral tones, without exaggeration, confers a cozy atmosphere for those who wish to spend time there. The boiserie seamlessly integrates with the room without being appealing.

Picture 46 - Boiserie in the whole house, even at the doors.

Boiserie in the whole house

Picture 47 - Room of pastel shades with white boiserie.

Room with pastel tones and boiserie

Picture 48 - Half to half: in this room, half of the wall is smooth, while in the other half the boiserie technique was applied.

Half of wall applied with boiserie

Picture 49 - Luxousa and sophisticated.

Wall with boiserie

The modern luxury of this room is due to the furniture and other decorative objects. But the contribution of the boiserie is undeniable for this purpose, however, the technique brings a classic sophistication to the environment, unlike the other pieces.

Picture 50 - A room to impress: the black wall would already be enough to leave this room full of personality, but the boiserie adds a touch of glamor.

Room with personality

Image 51 - Reclining lights in the boiserie create a different visual effect.

Lights on boiserie

Image 52 - A small (and flashy) highlight for the boiserie.

Highlight the wall with boiserie

Picture 53 - And the rustic with the classic, have you seen?

Rustic and classic atmosphere with boiserie

So far you have seen many images that blended the classic and the modern, but what do you think of the mix between classic and rustic? That is precisely the proposal of this room. The exposed brick wall contrasts with the boiserie of the adjacent wall and the Victorian-style bed.

Picture 54 - Instead of dividing the boiserie with a vertical painting, you can bet on the painting with horizontal lines.

Horizontal painting in boiserie

Picture 55 - Door with boiserie integrates to the wall when it is closed.

Door with boiserie

Picture 56 - In the external area, the wall with simple boiserie stands out by the tone of blue.

Blue tone on the wall with boiserie

Image 57 - Boiserie decorating the whole house.

Boiserie decorating the whole house

The boiserie was the technique chosen to decorate all the walls of this house of integrated environments. The dark brown brings sophistication and elegance, just like the furniture and rug that follow within the same color palette.

Picture 58 - The black square painted in this boiserie causes a sensation of shadow on the wall, very interesting effect to modernize the environment.

Black square in boiserie

Picture 59 - The classic decoration is present in the walls and the furniture, the acrylic chairs and the light fixtures prevent the environment from turning too much in time.

Classical decoration with boiserie

Picture 60 - When the room is black, highlight it with a vivid color.

Black room with boiserie

Image 61 - Basic and error-free way to apply decoration to decorations.

Basic shape to apply the boiserie in the decoration

Picture 62 - Room with classic and romantic proposal.

Room with classic and romantic proposal

Picture 63 - Baby's room with white boiseries and decoration of neutral colors.

Baby nursery with white boiseries

Picture 64 - Gray, white and wood make up this room of classic and modern style.

Gray, white and wood make up this classic and modern style room

Picture 65 - Children's room mixing classical, vintage and modern influences; the harmony between them is due to the same color palette.

Children's room combining classic, vintage and modern influences

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