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Brownea Grandiceps

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Brownea grandiceps: grandiceps

Tree essence to be cultivated only in hot and humid climates, since it originates in the northern region of the Amazon. Its flowers, up to 15 centimeters in diameter, are curious because, in dense chapters of intense red, footprints appear to the trunk or in the main branches, forming gravel and velvety pods. Its permanent foliage is very decorative, especially when the new leaves hang in flaccid curls and reddish.

Its botanical name is a homage to Patrick Browne (1720 - 1790), an Irish physician and naturalist, author of a natural history of Jamaica; grandiceps, because of the large flowers. It can be used near paths and constructions and so closely watched - even as it is a slow-growing tree that reaches just over six meters at best. Above the Tropic of Capricorn, in frost-free regions and preferably with high ambient humidity, it thrives easily and draws much attention.

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Author: Raul CĆ¢novas

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