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Pallet Table: 65 Amazing Ideas, Prices And Diy Projects!

If you are the type that sees a pallet and is already thinking about a thousand ideas on how to turn it, surely today the post is for you, after all let's talk aboutpallet table

Wood material may even look like a useless base, but if you allow yourself a little, there will soon come a lot of ideas to transform it, and as unbelievable as it may sound, the pallet is an excellent material to be made into a piece of furniture.

In the case of the pallet table, there are several models and to bring a little bit of this magical universe of transformation, we go to the post to know the styles of tables and how to make the mobile step by step.

Pallet Table: 65 Amazing Ideas, Prices and DIY Projects!: amazing


  • 1 How much does it cost? #price
  • 2 Pallet Table Photos and Models
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    • 2.2 Dinner
    • 2.3 Office
    • 2.4 With Glass
  • 3 How to Make a Pallet Table Step by Step

How much? #price

If you are thinking about the pocket ($$$) there are two options and both bring very different prices:

  1. Buy ready
  2. Put your hand in the dough and make your own pallet table

In case of buying ready, you can imagine that the price is higher. So if you do not have as much skill with DIY projects or do not have the time to create the furniture, you'll need to shell out at least $ 200 for a coffee table. And these are the cheaper versions of the furniture already transformed.

However, if you love to create and save money, this is the best pocket option, since the same small table can be recreated for less than $ 100.

Pallet Table Photos and Models

From Center

The choice of coffee table is one of the tasks when the idea is to decorate and plan a space in the room or a corner with sofas in the garden. And among the models of coffee tables, one of the options is the pallet table.

The variation of styles that the table can have is a great advantage, since it allows to have a version that adapts to different decorative styles and to compose the room in a harmonious way.

coffee table with glass top

In this proposal to use pallets in the decoration, the bet was to include a coffee table made of the material.

In the design, the table has more style pulled to the wood, and leaves a little more rustic look. Besides the wood being varnished, the pallet table still has a glass top, which enhances the furniture and gives a more modern look to the item.

decorated living room

The exposed brick wall adds a more modern look to the project.

Another idea to introduce the center pallet table as part of the decoration is this design.

In the design of the furniture, the idea was to maintain the natural color of the wood and make a low center table, following the proportions of the sofa.

In addition to its more natural look, the coffee table still won casters, which allow the movement of the furniture more easily.

More ideas

colored coffee table

The yellow coffee table has been fitted with mirrors

Pallet Table: 65 Amazing Ideas, Prices and DIY Projects!: amazing

table decorated with tiles

room with coffee table

The light carpet brings more light to the decor

decorated balcony

The balcony has a sofa and a small table.

small decorated room

In the room, the rack consists of niches

table with casters

The coffee table has casters

decoration pallet sofa

In the decorative design, the sofa is also pallet

room with brick wall in sight

On the coffee table, the spaces between the pallets are perfect for storing magazines and books

room decor

The small wooden table has metal feet.

Pallet Table: 65 Amazing Ideas, Prices and DIY Projects!: ideas

rustic coffee table

center coffee table models

For dinner

The pallets are super versatile and can be transformed into different furniture and table styles, including the wooden base can be turned into a dining table.

That's right, have you ever imagined having a pallet dinner table in the décor?

The idea works super well, and the size and style of the table only depends on you. So let's get some ideas on how to use the wooden base to make the dining table.

glass top dining table

Among the various inspirations for the pallet table, the idea here was to use the upturned pallet so that the feet that stand up and serve as a support for the glass top that was used to form the table.

In addition to the pallet used as the base for the table, the feet of the furniture were also made of the same wood, keeping the look harmonic.

In the design, the oldest pallets were kept in the natural and this creates a rustic and super charming aspect for the decoration.

seating for 4 people

If the idea is to value only wood in the design of pallet furniture, this proposal is a great inspiration.

The rectangular table has gained pallet top, which has been completely filled and leaves the surface more even. The wooden feet also maintain the style of the furniture.

And to add a modern touch to the decor, the bet was to use modern Charles Eames chairs with matching wooden feet with the table.

More ideas

dining table reuse

square dining table

The square table has a glass top

dining table with seats

The table benches were also made of pallets

rustic dining table

The wood-paneled benches value the rustic look of the dining room

dining table with acrylic chairs

Acrylic chairs give a modern air to the environment

dining table with different chairs

The mix of chairs leaves the look of the most funky dining room

square table with glass top

German corner with pallet table

German singing was the bet for the project

dining table with wooden crates

Wooden crates work as benches for the table

vintage chair

Metal chairs follow the vintage style

Office Supplies

In the office or home office the pallet table is also a perfect solution for anyone who wants economy and creativity in the decoration and composition of the environment

In these environments, the desk can follow different styles, ranging from a more funky footprint to a more alternative home office; rustic or even in more modern projects with a mix of elements and materials.

suspended desk

For those who love the idea of ​​a suspended table, the proposal of this project is exactly this.

The work table made of pallets has been attached to the wall and the detail of the steel finish conveys the idea of ​​a table held only by the handle.

For the furniture, the idea was to paint the white pallet and put a glass top to leave the regular surface.

The result is super cool and the small table is perfect for small space.

bins and pallets

Another perfect bet for decoration with reuse of materials, is the table of crates and pallets. The use of these two materials yields super versatile designs and furniture.

As inspiration for this type of furniture, the idea here was to use the pallets as a base for the worktable, and the crates were used as drawers to make the table.

More deias

office with pallets

office desk

One side of the table was fixed to the wall


The table top was made in blackboard style

home office

The little plant decorates the table.

pallet workbench

L table

Corner desk makes better use of space

small home office desk

For the chair, the bet was for an acrylic model

office decoration

The wall has straw covering

study table / work

With Glass

A super versatile material to be used on the pallet table is glass.

The material is perfect to leave the table surface even; but the proposal goes beyond the functional, and also has great aesthetic value, since the glass along with the wood give a more modern touch to the furniture and value the piece.

table with black glass

Among the proposals to make pallets with glass, this design of the coffee table is one of the inspirations.

In the room, the pallet table was kept in the natural color of the wood, and the black glass positioned as a top gives a more modern look to the furniture, in addition to better matching the room decor, which features black elements such as the bookcase and wall.

party table

Another idea that has been very usual is the pallet table to party. In this project, the pallets form a large table for the wedding sweets.

The rustic look of the wood is softened with the colorless glass on the top, and the result is a perfect proposal to decorate the party.

More ideas

colored coffee table

bottle tumbler

The glass bottle was used as a flowerpot

conference table

The large table is ideal for meetings

yellow coffee table

The caveirinhas decorate the table and give a touch of decoration young and modern

dining room with carpet

The carpet delimits the space of the dining table

glass top table

red dining table

The pallets were painted red and highlight the dining room

small dining table with glass top

table templates

How to Make a Pallet Table Step by Step

Model 1

DIY coffee table

  1. Cut the pallet of the desired size for the coffee table;
  2. From the part you will not use, remove the wood;
  3. Take the wood you have removed and complete the vain spaces of the coffee table to make a lid all closed;
  4. After completing the entire table top, put some wood in the bottom where the feet of the table stand;
  5. Fasten the metal feet to the four ends of the coffee table;
  6. Coat the cover and allow to dry;
  7. Okay, now just insert the pallet table into the decoration.

Model 2

simple step by step

  1. Take a pallet base and paint the desired color (do not forget to paint underneath);
  2. After the paint dries, install casters on the four ends of the coffee table;
  3. Place a glass top on the table top;
  4. And now enjoy the coffee table with casters to enhance the decor of the room.

After this post it will be difficult to go through a pallet and forget the idea ofpallet tableSo, here's the hint of how to transform the wooden base and create a stylish furniture to decorate the house.

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