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Thermo Hair Care Totes

Thermo Hair Care Totes

For many people, the thermal cap is an ally of the beauty of the hair. When used properly, the heat it produces can really make a big difference. Here's how to get the most out of yours.

What are the Advantages of Using the Thermal Cap

The thermal cap helps to open the cuticles of hair strands to absorb hair treatment masks. Its heat is also very useful when smoothing or curling the locks.

Depending on the product used, the thermal cap can also help with hair dyeing. And they're also great for promoting deeper cleansing in the scalp itself.

Types of Thermal Caps

thermal cap

Here in Brazil there are aluminum thermal caps and Styrofoam balls, which muffle, and the electrical ones, which need to be connected to the socket. Among those imported, there is the flexible model with a tube where to couple the mouth of the hair dryer and use the heat generated by it.

However as excessive heat, without the supervision of a professional, can end up "roasting" the wires, the most indicated cap is the aluminum, which uses the body's own heat.

Because capillary treatment products currently do not require heat to function fully, that is sufficient.

How to Use a Thermal Cap

If you still prefer a thermal cap that emits a lot of heat, do not use it for more than five minutes. This may end drying the hair rather than moisturizing it. Be aware of the voltage of the cap, so as not to burn it or decrease its power.

Use the cap in a dry place away from water. And do not dispense an ordinary cap between the hair and the thermal. Disenfranchise the use of sharp pins or tweezers: they can overheat and burn the scalp. Or even finish sticking the cap.

Damage to the cap can be very dangerous. In the event of a tear, the hair or head itself may come in direct contact with the electricity and cause shocks.

So always make sure the inside of your cap is in good condition each time before using.

Using Thermal Caps to Fix Hairstyles

dryer thermal cap

If you've done a hairstyle with rollers or a brush, use a thermal cap to leave it fit for longer.

With rollers, it will be enough to use it when the hair is still attached to them. Make sure the rollers are resistant to high temperatures. The iseal is not to use staples while the hair is under heat.

If you made a brush, wrap the hair around the head to one side only - as in a traditional cold cap with a handkerchief. Turn on the heat cap for five minutes and then change the hair direction around the head. Another five minutes and it'll be ready.

In any case, blow a cold air with the aid of the dryer to finish the hairstyle.

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