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The country house is a place of refuge for those who like to rest and enjoy moments with family and friends. The projects of this type of residence merge with nature, so it is necessary to respect the surroundings so that there is harmony with the existing landscaping.

The idea for this type of house is a project that brings warmth and tranquility, being able to vary the style that goes from the rustic to a modern or industrial model. The floor plan should contain large room areas - large spans of windows enhance the look of the outdoor area and offer pleasant natural ventilation.

In the decoration, the ideal is to prioritize the simple furniture with a warm disposition. Usually, rustic materials such as wood, bricks and natural stone floors are used, in tones that contrast the environment. Make a composition with carpets and colorful pillows with foliage prints to leave the environment with a pleasant climate.

The materials of the facades can vary, the glass guarantees the visibility with the external landscape and it favors the entrance of sun. The details of the façade can be composed of stones, woods, straw, mud and clay bricks, focusing on the natural climate.

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Facades of country houses

Want to know more about choosing the country house facade? Enjoy the projects that we separate:

Picture 1 - Villa with pool and lawn


A country house can be modern and sophisticated without necessarily being rustic. In this project, the stone and wood on the facade are enough to give a more country-like look. The swimming pool is elegant and features a pergola in the seating area.

Picture 2 - Country house design with American style.

country house-2

An interesting country house design in the American style. The dark wood and the metal of the balcony refer to a more modern style of architecture. The residence has ample lighting in its interior.

Picture 3 - In this project the roof has a beautiful connection of support with the ground, besides being covered by vines.

country house-3

This connection creates a differentiated covered and free environment that can be used as a recreational area for adults, such as a dining table or for children, as a play area.

Picture 4 - A modern design of single storey villa with balcony and yellow door.

country house-4

This one-story home design is pure modernity. The house has neutral colors with metallic tones and ample natural lighting that the glass windows allow. The highlight is the color of the interior objects such as the armchairs and the door.

Picture 5 - Project of country house with small balcony at the entrance.

country house-5

Picture 6 - House with glasses that provide a wide view of the field. In addition to the roof, there is a metallic pergola in the outside area.

country house-6

The country houses are usually located on land with ample area, providing greater privacy for the residents. In these cases it is interesting to use materials that show the interior of the residence.

Picture 7 - Industrial style is the highlight of this villa design.

country house-7

See how feasible to have a country house with a more geometric industrial architecture. The ground floor house has a clean facade with metallic colors and wooden details on the windows, shutters and deck.

Picture 8 - Country house with stone facade.

country house-8

A classic style of house with tiles that are most common in our country. The townhouse has a more modern area coupled with stone flooring and a red wall that cuts the facade.

Picture 9 - A perfect combination between the graffiti shades of the facade with the wood in prominence.

country house-9

Image 10 - Wide external vision is the focus of this project.

country house-10

Another example of a cottage that takes advantage of its location and privacy to have a large glass wall that allows ample viewing from the inside out during the day and the inverse at night.

Picture 11 - Country house with brick and wooden details.

Casa de Campo: 95+ Awesome Models, Designs and Photos!: casa

Despite having a modern interior, this residence has an elegant outdoor combination with brick and wood on the windows.

Picture 12 - A beautiful country house with sloping roof.

country house-12

This is a project for houses in the countryside with modern architecture and using wood in the design, the slope allows to have a small room on the top floor, as we see in the photo to the right.

Picture 13 - The balcony is the highlight with the barbecue and the fireplace.

country house-13

One area that should be valued in a country house is the area of ​​leisure and coexistence. It is no different for anyone who wants to have a barbecue or a wood oven.

Picture 14 - Another country house with industrial style.

country house-14

Image 15 - Mix between the stones and the industrial style of the facade.

Casa de Campo: 95+ Awesome Models, Designs and Photos!: models

Picture 16 - Large modern country house with large lawn.

country house-16

Picture 17 - Balcony of a more rustic country house.

Casa de Campo: 95+ Awesome Models, Designs and Photos!: casa

This design has a more rustic style on its exterior than wood provides. The detail is to the green color that was used in the painting in some parts. The balcony is in the ideal location of the residence to contemplate the view of the lake. The country houses should take advantage of the natural attributes of the land in the positioning of the surroundings.

Picture 18 - Country house with rustic wooden facade.

Casa de Campo: 95+ Awesome Models, Designs and Photos!: Picture

For those who are a fan of the striking rustic features, this project takes advantage of the attributes of the wood to achieve this effect on the house façade, interior and furniture. Stone lining is also a great option to match this style.

Picture 19 - Country house with white painted bricks and woods in the rustic style.

country house-19

House with very rustic style. The difference is that the white color that was used in the coating of the paint of the stones ends up breaking the stronger tone of the woods that were used. A beautiful combination!

Image 20 - This design has the stones as a highlight on the facade.

Casa de Campo: 95+ Awesome Models, Designs and Photos!: designs

In country houses, it may be interesting to use the stones as a coating, such as stone fillet, volcanic, natural, Portuguese, canjiquinha or others. The wall will not need as much maintenance and is a good material to match the wood.

Picture 21 - Cottage style house made of wood.

country house-21

One striking feature of this project is that it resembles a cabin. The wood has been used extensively in this flat-roofed house. Certainly this is a model that can be more economical in construction.

Image 22 - House with tiled roof and roof.

Casa de Campo: 95+ Awesome Models, Designs and Photos!: casa

Picture 23 - Cottage in the dark wooden cabin style.

Casa de Campo: 95+ Awesome Models, Designs and Photos!: designs

In this residence, the dark wood is very striking and really remember a rustic cabin. An option for those who like this type of project.

Picture 24 - Rustic style with wood accents is the highlight of this design.

Casa de Campo: 95+ Awesome Models, Designs and Photos!: casa

Image 25 - This small cottage has focus on the earthy tones on the walls.

image (1)

This design takes advantage of the nuances of earthy colors to give a texture effect on the exterior wall of the villa. Color also refers to nature, the earth and the countryside.

Image 26 - This house has a brick facade.

image (2)

Brick flooring is one of the options used by cottages and inland. Conservation is practical and easy.

Image 27 - The wooden friezes have an impressive effect on this cottage facade.

image (3)

A house that can be built both in the city and in the countryside. The highlight is the wood with friezes and spacing. In this project, they also give movement to the façade.

Image 28 - Country house facade with simple style

image (4)

Picture 29 - A beautiful facade design for a residence in levels.

image (5)

Picture 30 - Country house with lake with stone details on the facade.

Casa de Campo: 95+ Awesome Models, Designs and Photos!: casa

Picture 31 - This project integrates seamlessly with the surrounding vegetation and gardening

Casa de Campo: 95+ Awesome Models, Designs and Photos!: Picture

A great example of use and conservation of vegetation.

Image 32 - Country house facade made with wood and glass doors.

image 8)

Another beautiful example of a house surrounded by greenery. The cabin style is balanced with glass windows that allow ample view of the interior, which has balanced lighting.

Picture 33 - Small country house with cozy style.

image (9)

Image 34 - Country house facade with modern style

image (10)

A country house need not necessarily be rustic. The choice of modern architecture is a way of differentiating itself in this type of project, giving refinement and elegance to the residence. This project has wooden roofs painted with dark color.

Picture 35 - Facade of house for residence chalet style

Casa de Campo: 95+ Awesome Models, Designs and Photos!: models

The glass provides a modern aesthetic to this chalet-style cottage design.

Image 36 - Facade with suspended cover

image (12)

A beautiful combination of modernity of concrete with a rustic aesthetic of wood. The lighting is the strong point of this residence that counts on reflections of the interior in the roof.

Image 37 - Facade with black details

image (13)

Image 38 - Facade of house with straight lines

image (14)

Picture 39 - House facade in concrete painted in white

image (15)

Picture 40 - Country house facade with swimming pool

image (16)

Image 41 - Facade with outdoor grill

image (17)

Picture 42 - Facade of house with wooden deck

Casa de Campo: 95+ Awesome Models, Designs and Photos!: Picture

Picture 43 - Country house facade with green paint and detail in stone

image (19)

Image 44 - Facade of house with glass panels

image (20)

Picture 45 - Country house facade with rustic style

Casa de Campo: 95+ Awesome Models, Designs and Photos!: campo

Picture 46 - Facade of house with Brazilian style in green paint

image (22)

Picture 47 - Facade with stone

image (23)

Image 48 - Facade with wide balcony

Casa de Campo: 95+ Awesome Models, Designs and Photos!: casa

Picture 49 - Facade of house with lake in the entrance

image (25)

Image 50 - Facade with wooden structure and large glass windows

image (26)

Image 51 - Facade with contemporary style

image (27)

Picture 52 - Facade of house with sliding glass doors

image (28)

Image 53 - Facade in apparent concrete

image (29)

Picture 54 - Facade with stone

Casa de Campo: 95+ Awesome Models, Designs and Photos!: campo

Image 55 - Country house facade with exposed brick

image (31)

Image 56 - Facade with ocher paint details

image (32)

Image 57 - Craft house facade

image (33)

Image 58 - Facade for small residence

image (34)

Image 59 - Facade with large glass windows

image (35)

A beautiful example of a well-lit house using the external washers for such.

Image 60 - White facade with black frame

image (36)

Image 61 - Country house facade with pivoting doors

image (37)

Image 62 - Facade in light blue tone

image (38)

Image 63 - Facade of house with concrete slabs

image (39)

Image 64 - Country house facade with pergola cover

image (40)

Picture 65 - Facade of house with romantic style

image (41)

Image 66 - Facade with modern windows

image (42)

Image 67 - Façade for large residence

image (43)

House with more traditional style, pool and soccer field.

Image 68 - White house facade with black stone details

image (44)

Picture 69 - Facade of country house with double foot

image (45)

Image 70 - Facade with square windows

image (46)

Image 71 - Facade for single-family residence

image (47)

A more traditional house with a very high ceiling.

Picture 72 - Facade with metallic structure

image (48)

Image 73 - Facade with wooden cover

image (49)

A large modern country house with brick. The highlight is the hanging room over the pool which is extensive.

Picture 74 - Country house facade with wooden cover

Casa de Campo: 95+ Awesome Models, Designs and Photos!: Picture

Picture 75 - Country house with contemporary style with emphasis on white color.


Interior decoration in country houses

Even with an excellent façade, we can not forget the interior details of the decoration of a country house. See below some examples that maintain the proposal of cozy environments with rustic and modern details at the same time:

Picture 76 - Kitchen decoration with the cozy style of a country house.


Picture 77 - Room decorated with fireplace and rustic wood tones, without losing the modernity.


Picture 78 - Clean room with wooden details for a country house.


Picture 79 - Double room with rustic wooden details, ideal for country houses.


Picture 80 - Simple bathroom in cottage.


Image 81 - Highlight for the rustic details of the double bed.


Picture 82 - Bathroom of a country house.


Bathroom with several rustic details. A beautiful inspiration to combine wood with decorative objects.

Picture 83 - Double room in a country house with wooden details.


Image 84 - Balcony with ample space and highlight for the wood.


Picture 85 - Room with stylized wall with the color of the bricks and pieces of the coating of paint. A beautiful combination!


Picture 86 - Example of bathroom in a country house.


Image 87 - Dining room with sofa in the window and rustic details.

Casa de Campo: 95+ Awesome Models, Designs and Photos!: designs

A beautiful decoration with a rustic footprint.

Picture 88 - Double room with large light entrance in a country house.


A cozy and sophisticated room. The bed has a beautiful headboard and set of bed.

Picture 89 - Modern dining room in a country house, keeping the details of the wood.

Casa de Campo: 95+ Awesome Models, Designs and Photos!: casa

Picture 90 - Beautiful living space with American kitchen, dining room and living room.


Detail for the central island that uses wood demolition. Great material for a more rustic decor.

Picture 91 - Clean room in country house with wooden details.


Balance between wood tones and white wall.

Picture 92 - Small kitchen in a country house.


A beautiful kitchen decor with rustic dining table. The atmosphere is cozy!

Picture 93 - Beautiful decorated dining room.


A bright and well lit dining room using a table and bench with more rustic materials such as wood and straw.

Picture 94 - Room in simple country house.

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