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Big Houses: 54 Designs, Photos And Plants To Inspire

Projects of big houses usually occupy a good amount of land. The first step is to acquire the land to evaluate and design the construction of a residence in accordance with the limit of available space, so that the house occupies adequate space and maintains circulation, garage, leisure and other areas.

According to the area in square meters available, it is possible to define the type of construction: a single storey house occupies more space, one storey can be more compact and suitable for a more restricted area. A ground floor residence can be considered a large house and without the need for stairs, the comfort is greater when it comes to getting around and accessing all the rooms.

When dealing with homes with expansive sizes, we refer to the concept of luxury, with areas dedicated to leisure with swimming pool, garden, living spaces, barbecue and gourmet areas. On broad grounds, attachments can be constructed to delineate these areas outside the main residence, such as for example edicts.

Evaluating all these aspects is the role of architecture and civil engineering professionals: contracting is essential to define all the steps of a construction, following the local norms and natural features of the site.

50 great home design ideas to inspire

Before that, of course, you can visualize large house designs to use as a reference and source of ideas for your own residence. This is the purpose of this article, where you can browse selected sources of large houses with Brazilian architecture and international projects to inspire. At the end of this post, check out some useful home plants from residences with large areas.

Picture 1 - Contemporary large corner house.

Contemporary corner house

Picture 2 - Large house with balconies on the upper floors and front garden with palm trees

Large house with balcony

Picture 3 - Design coated with stones and wood.

Design coated with wood and stones

This home still has an entry way with garden and open covered garage, ideal for residences in condominiums.

Picture 4 - An imposing design of big house with different volumes interconnected in the construction.

An imposing large house design with different interconnected volumes

Picture 5 - Great beach house that values ​​the areas of coexistence, here with the view of the funds of the project and access to the sea with deck.

Large beach house

Picture 6 - Big house with coconut trees and beach style.

Large house with coconut trees in front

Picture 7 - Project of house with wood in the facade and central volume with upper floor.

Project of house with wood on the facade

Picture 8 - Large house in the classic style: funds for porch with arches and swimming pool.

Big house in classic style

Picture 9 - Modern house with wooden flooring, entrance way with rectangular blocks and Portuguese stone.

Modern house with wooden flooring

Picture 10 - Design of single storey house with leisure area, space with concrete pergola and sun loungers.

Project of single storey house with leisure area

Large house designs prioritize comfort on a daily basis and on special occasions. Defining living and leisure areas is one of these proposals, especially in conjunction with a garden with landscaping according to this proposal.

Image 11 - Internal area of ​​a house in L.

Internal area of ​​a house in L

Here the sliding door allows the integration of the dining room with the external area, ideal for special occasions and days of coexistence with guests.

Image 12 - Attachments are also possible in large houses.

Large house with annex

Nothing better than to enjoy the area of ​​a large lot using each space in the proper way: annex buildings like edicts and living areas are perfect to maintain the space separated from the main residence with positioning near the pool or a garden.

Picture 13 - Modern single storey house with infinity pool.

Modern ground floor house with infinity pool

Not only houses are considered large houses: the ground-floor houses have their charm and can accompany a modern or contemporary architectural style. This project on steep terrain prioritizes access to the pool, with an amazing view.

Picture 14 - House with 3 floors large and spacious with balcony.

House with 3 floors wide

Picture 15 - Large townhouse on sloping ground with balcony on upper deck and glass body guard.

Large townhouse on sloping ground

Image 16 - Sobrado with covered porch, support columns and living area.

Townhouse with covered balcony

Well-used spaces make all the difference in any home: in this project, the space around the pool has wooden decks, comfortable chairs. Already on the covered veranda with pergola, armchairs and sofas and area for rest.

Picture 17 - Great houses that takes advantage of the integration between the internal and external area.

Casas large that takes advantage of the integration between the internal and external area

Picture 18 - Sobrado with garden on the balcony and open garage.

Townhouse with garden on the balcony

Landscaping projects can not be overlooked when it comes to building a stately and luxurious home. The choice of plant species that fit the project proposal should be left to a professional in the area.

Picture 19 - Sobrado with imposing entrance.

Townhouse with imposing entrance

In this large house design, the entrance is formed by a high wooden door, in addition to having a part of the facade with glass.

Picture 20 - Townhouse with pool and wooden deck.

Townhouse with pool and wooden deck

Wood decks provide thermal comfort and drain the water in the area around the pool. In this project, the house still has a covered area with sofas and armchairs and a gourmet space with barbecue.

Picture 21 - House with pool surrounded by glass guardrail.

House with pool

Image 22 - International house project.

International Big House Project

Image 23 - House with connected volumes and facade with strip and wood flooring.

House with connected volumes

Image 24 - Imposing Brazilian residence with coconut trees and windows on the facade.

Stunning Brazilian residence

Picture 25 - Large townhouse without walls for condominium land.

Big single storey without walls

Image 26 - Modern sobrado with white paint, glass façade and dark slats.

Modern house with white paint

In this residence, the pool was positioned in the front area of ​​the residence.

Image 27 - Large house design with classic style.

Big house design

Drawings in curves are prominent in construction. In the access area, the Portuguese stone floor marks the entry in a circular design.

Image 28 - Design of large international house with geometric volumes and glass throughout the façade.

International Large House Project

Picture 29 - The green makes all the difference in the look of the house.

Green makes all the difference in visual

Picture 30 - Large ground floor house in L with pool and lighting project.

Large single storey house in L

Picture 31 - Stunning townhouse with open garage and lighting project on the facade.

Stunning townhouse with open garage

Picture 32 - Model of large Brazilian house with wooden door, entrance way and without walls.

Model of Brazilian large house

Picture 33 - Single storey house with driveway and landscaping project.

Single storey house with driveway

Image 36 - Imposing facade of large house with glass and vases at the entrance of the house.

Stunning large house facade

Picture 37 - Modern Brazilian house with two floors and facade with stones.

Modern Brazilian house with two floors

Image 38 - Brazilian house with facade cladding.

Brazilian house with facade cladding

Picture 39 - Single storey house with Portuguese stones on the floor and landscaping project.

Single storey house with stones

Image 40 - International project with 3 floors and swimming pool.

International project with 3 floors and swimming pool

Picture 41 - Large classic Brazilian house with porch at the entrance.

Brazilian classic large house

Picture 42 - Brazilian house with blue roof and central entrance area.

Brazilian house with blue roof

Picture 43 - Sobrado big and modern.

Large and modern townhouse

Picture 44 - Large international house and ground floor with lower access to the pool area.

Large and earthy international house

Picture 45 - Project of large house with pool area and cascade.

Large designer house with pool area and waterfall

Picture 46 - Great Brazilian house of imposing corner and with glasses in the facade.

Big houses: 54 designs, photos and plants to inspire: houses

Picture 47 - Large Brazilian house with balconies on the upper deck and entrance garden.

Large Brazilian house with balconies on upper deck

Picture 48 - Areas of the back of sobrado with swimming pool in L.

Floors areas with pool in L

Picture 49 - L-Townhouse with pool area.

L-Townhouse with pool area

In this project, the residence has an enclosed and covered access to a small pool area for rainy days.

Picture 50 - Glasses by the facade of the big house with architecture in oval format.

Glasses by the facade of the big house

Large house plants to inspire

We separate two nice plants from large houses. You can find more details on the Ready Plant site where these images were taken:

Picture 51 - Front of large townhouse with garage.

Front of large townhouse with garage

Picture 52 - Large floor plan.

Large floor plan

Image 53 - 3D design of large single storey house.

3D design of large single storey house.

Picture 54 - Floor plan of large house

Single storey house plan

What did you think of these references? If you liked it, share it, like it and spread it on your social networks. Enjoy all these references before consulting the professional and have the best ideas to make a perfect big house!

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