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Patchwork Centerpiece

Patchwork Centerpiece

A centerpiece made with the technique of joining the little pans - the famous patchwork!

This time, the union was thought of fabrics with prints in the colors of Christmas: the classics - red and green and to complement the yellow.

The intermediate fabrics bring the three colors into their composition. For this part, it is ideal that contrasting fabrics are used.


  • Cotton fabrics with red, green and yellow prints;
  • Sewing lines in the same colors;
  • Acrylic blanket;
  • Ruler;
  • Scissors;
  • Pencil;
  • Sewing machine;
  • Glue cloth.

Measurements, Quantity and Preassembly

christmas patchwork centerpiece

We used 48 squares of tissue measuring 11cm by 11cm in 6 different patterns.

So, cut out 8 squares of each picture.

In this quantity and measurements a piece of 1.07 cm long by 37 cm wide was made.

christmas patchwork centerpiece

The assembly can be done in the way you please.

For this piece, the idea was to arrange the colors in a way to create a harmony between these intense tones with attention to the complementarity of red and green, which by choice were left together and, to cheer, the yellow was arranged to hop in the piece.

christmas patchwork centerpiece

To join, the easiest option is by the smaller ranks.

Then, they were joined 4 by 4 squares following the seam sequence, so that they remain as in the pre-assembly.

One tip: when preparing an assembly, take a picture so you do not miss the sequence.

Way of doing

christmas patchwork centerpiece

The sewing moment is made easier if we start with some order, either increasing or decreasing, because randomly even if the rows are identified, it becomes a bit more complicated to check with the pre-assembly.

After sewing through the smaller rows, the sequence should still be maintained, as shown. The union of the strips of squares should follow the numbering left and always checking with the photo of the pre-assembly.

christmas patchwork centerpiece

After the first part is done, it is time to join the acrylic blanket, cutting it slightly larger than the formed fabric, by pinning each square so that nothing will leave the place.

christmas patchwork centerpiece

For the seam of union of the fabric with the blanket the zigzag stitch was used very small in the proportion of 1.5 of height by 1.0 of width with the line of yellow sew that made the necessary illumination in the seams.

This seam was passed by all the amendments.

christmas patchwork centerpiece

The time to add the liner arrived. The color chosen was green, but it would look great with red too.

Cut the fabric into the size of the patchwork fabric, leaving a small leftover, pinning the squares like the blanket, so that nothing gets out of the way.

The seam this time, by choice was made only in the points of union between the squares, where to the machine, holding the fabric in the same place was made a line stitch that in the top part was green and in the bobbin was placed the red line to contrast with the green.

There is also a seam all around.

christmas patchwork centerpiece

And the charming finish is fetus with the same color of the verse and in the case was used the green bias very close to the tonality of the fabric.

The seam of the bias must be done with all the care and affection in order to prevail the beauty of the united squares.


christmas patchwork centerpiece

This is the verse with the dots in red and a tip is to pass an ounce of cloth glue on each red dot, thus avoiding it easily shatter.

You can also use the creativity and paint flowers in the dots, giving a charm and value to the verse of the piece as well.

There it is, another piece made with care and care. The union of little pans can bring a lot of surprise of colors and forms and in this case with the inspiration of the natal the ideas sprout if they cease.

christmas patchwork centerpiece

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