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Bathroom Tile: 60 Inspirations To See Before Choosing Your Bathroom

Decor is the result of planning based on various inspirations and styles that can be applied at home. In practice, the decoration of a residence usually has a different order, since the first impulse is to focus mainly on social environments, leaving the bathroom to the last stage. That is why some techniques are essential for anyone who wants to renovate this forgotten room in the house!

The bathroom tiles play a fundamental role in the setting and can leave the space more beautiful and with your face. Demand for the item has grown in recent years, maintaining itself as a fine choice wanted by architects and interior designers.

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Essential Tips and Ideas When Choosing Bathroom Tiles

Wall with tiles

Get to know some basic tips for applying tiles in bathrooms, without having to make a high investment in the work:

  • Use the parts on only one bathroom surface: it is a way to preserve existing materials and still have a lower labor cost. In this case, it is worth to line the floor, the lateral surface and even the box;
  • The niches in the box are becoming more common: the option of coating this small space with tiles is a way to highlight this place and create a visual contrast.
  • Be creative and propose a differentiated pagination for the tiles playing with the sense of the drawings, as well as the perception of depth;
  • Bet on more fun prints, colors and textures. Make a composition for example, leave any bathroom with lots of personality!

60 Inspirations of Different Bathroom Tiles

Take advantage of the above tips and a few selected inspirations that will make your bathroom fantastic. Use the references to activate your creativity and bring other ideas to decorate this environment:

Picture 1 - I see flowers in you!

Tile with designs in the bathroom

In this reference, the tip is to compose with a different and creative floor! The idea of ​​using tiles to make drawings is one way of looking at the material with another look. So you will have an exclusive floor with a unique pagination!

Picture 2 - Mix of prints P & B.

Mix of black and white prints in the bathroom

Prints are not missing in the market! So, find out the right amount to assemble this type of composition.

Picture 3 - The blue transmits tranquility to the environment.

Blue transmits tranquility to the environment

Here the blue was the great highlight of the bathroom. With the color appearing on the tile, the solution was to convey to the decorative objects as well.

Picture 4 - From the wall to the ceiling.

Tile in bathroom from wall to ceiling

For those who want to dare: do not be afraid to extend the coating to the ceiling. This technique is different but brings great results to space!

Picture 5 - The tiles vibrate and rejoice the box of the bathroom.

Tiles that brighten the decor and leave the box with more personality

As we mentioned above, lining just the box is a way of highlighting a neutral bathroom. The work is short and there is no need to dispose of existing coatings. Remembering that the combination should be harmonious without evading your style!

Picture 7 - The tile helps to reinforce the style of the environment.

White Tile Sets Bathroom Decorating Style

With the proposal of a jovial environment, the idea was to carry a colorful woodwork and a geometric floor. Bringing dynamics to the environment is essential for a young resident!

Picture 8 - For those in love with lilac!

Bathroom tiles with geometric design and lilac color

This composition deserves attention and care so that the choice of color is the same, both the cabinet and the tile. Note that the bathroom gets the same shade of lilac, leaving the look much more charming and romantic.

Picture 9 - The tile gave a touch of color to the white decoration.

A touch of color in a neutral bathroom

For those who have a neutral bathroom, you can abuse the tiles. Changing the floor is the perfect solution for anyone who wants a quick and low-cost work.

Picture 10 - Antique tiles are pure charm in the decoration!

Antique tiles: pure charm in the decoration of a bathroom

The old tiles are no longer old fashioned. The tendency is to reuse and transform the old into new to have the least possible loss! With a good cleaning and restructuring, it is possible to have a new part and still very well taken advantage of if you have a good interior design at hand.

Image 11 - The contrast of light and dark is a simple solution to decorate the bathroom.

The contrast between light and dark in the decor

Image 12 - The color tones of the tiles can appear on the decorative objects.

Tiles matching the color tones of the rest of the bathroom decor

A little green in the bathroom does not hurt! So, think about the proper choice of colors for the tile so you do not get a color shock with the plants.

Image 13 - Apply the coating on only one wall.

Coating applied to only one wall

Use this technique to keep your hand in the decoration. They brighten the environment with their composition of shapes and colors!

Image 14 - Note that even the embedded niche can be tile coated.

Niche built with tiles

Picture 15 - For a modern and masculine bathroom!

Tile for a modern men's bathroom

Image 16 - To combine with rustic wood, abuse warm colors.

Abuse of warm colors to match the wood

The rustic wood is most striking in any environment, so choose a stronger and hot color for the wall tiles.

Image 17 - The geometric shapes came with everything in the decoration.

Bathroom tile with geometric shape

Picture 18 - With the neutral base, it is possible to invest in colored tiles.

Colorful tiles in a bathroom with neutral base

Image 19 - The floral design of the tile transmits joy and identity to the bathroom.

Cheerful bathroom tile with flowery designs

Figure 20 - Try to work a minimum joint between the pieces.

Set a minimum joint between tile parts

Image 21 - Abuse of the creative drawings of the tiles.

Abuse creative designs

Image 22 - Neutral and romantic shades.

Romantic bathroom with subway tiles

Picture 23 - Decorate more, for less!

Bathroom with white tiles

Picture 24 - Play with sensory perception on the wall.

Play with the visual perception on the wall with the colors and positioning of the tiles

Image 25 - Three-dimensional effect on the floor.

Bathroom tile with three-dimensional effect

Image 26 - The circles added to the color represent the feminine and jovial side.

Bathroom tile for women and jovial

Picture 27 - Perfect match!

Combination of geometric tiles with whites on the wall

Image 28 - Continuity with the landscape of the window.

Tiles forming a continuity with the wall

Image 29 - Tone on tone in a mix of drawings.

Tom on tone with a mix of designs on the tiles

Picture 30 - With an air more classic, but without losing the personality.

Tile with classic design

Figure 31 - Repeating the drawings in a smaller version allows greater visibility in very small bathrooms.

Well laid tiles allow greater visibility in the bathroom

Look for a smaller pattern so that the tile has more value on the applied surface. The proportion should be worked in the same way, as in other materials and coatings.

Picture 32 - The grid is an option that never goes out of style!

The grid never goes out of style

Image 33 - Get inspired by Portuguese tiles.

Bathroom with Portuguese tiles

Image 34 - The turquoise blue takes the seriousness of the bathroom.

Tiled bathroom in turquoise blue

Image 35 - Tiles that combine with sanitary fittings.

Tiles that combine with sanitary fittings

Picture 36 - Make a different "footer" for your bathroom.


Image 37 - Combination of materials and colors in a harmonic way.

Combination of materials and colors in a harmonic way

Image 38 - Choose a color of the print to add to the rest of the environment.

Bathroom with white tiles on the wall

Image 39 - Discrete hearts on tile.

Discreet hearts in the drawing of the tiles

Picture 40 - Be creative in this composition!

Be creative in choosing the tiles for your bathroom

Form inspirational words on the wall with the pagination of this tile pattern.

Image 41 - The design with the junction of the pieces provides the geometric effect naturally.

Geometric drawings in tile for the bathroom

Image 42 - If you do not know where to apply the geometric tile, start with the floor.

Tile with geometric designs on the floor

Picture 43 - Or maybe, in a strip of the wall.

Tiles with designs on a wall strip

Image 44 - The colors of the tiles can follow the tone-to-tone pattern.

Bathroom Tile: 60 Inspirations to See Before Choosing Your Bathroom: inspirations

Picture 45 - Enhance your bathroom the way it deserves!

Enhance your bathroom with the right color in the tile

Picture 46 - The rustic style could not miss in our inspirations.

Tiled bathroom in rustic style

Picture 47 - Learn other ways to leave the bathroom neutral, leaving the basic decorating tricks.

Bathroom with hexagonal inserts

Make a neutral base to add other colored elements in the rest of the bathroom. In the above design, the use of white finishes, classic joinery and black details helped to highlight each item simply.

Image 48 - Inspire yourself in a minimalist decoration with only a few elements.

Bathroom with minimalist decor

Image 49 - Tile with triangular design is another trend in interior design.

Tiles with triangular designs

Picture 50 - Neutral in the right measure!

Neutral decoration in the right measure

Picture 51 - Create a fun decor in the bathroom.

Make fun decor in the bathroom

Image 52 - Bet on the hexagonal tiles.

Bet on hexagonal tiles

Picture 53 - The cool thing is to play with different models and prints, as long as they follow the same pattern of size and style.

Different designs and colors

Picture 54 - Colorful and dynamic!

Colorful tile of dynamic on the wall!

Applying the tile on the wall behind the mirror also helps to highlight the look of the bathroom. The trend of the Adnet mirror reinforces this idea more clearly because clean and easy combination.

Picture 55 - The smaller pattern makes the bathroom clean without giving up the tiles.

Clean bathroom

Image 56 - Take the urban air into your bathroom.

Bathroom with an urban touch

Image 57 - Joviality without needing much.

Jovial bathroom

Image 58 - Gray remains neutral and discreet in the environment.

Gray neutral and discreet in the environment

The print of this tile uses shades of gray and keeps the look neutral, a great alternative to get out of the traditional porcelain tile in burnt cement.

Image 59 - Only highlight the bathroom stall.

Highlight the bathroom box

This contrast of the materials gave personality to the bathroom. For those who want to create a visual effect, try to study the possibilities for the result to go as desired.

Image 60 - Play with the pagination to form an original composition!

Bathroom with an original tiles page

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