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The Charity Of The Garden

He is there, quietly. But in an almost unselfish way, take care of yourself and all those who want to enjoy your energies

The charity of the garden: give

He graciously forgives our indifference and the little time we give him to feed him by taking care of his health. He becomes indulgent, apologizing for the economy we make with care and material things like water, fertilizers and so many other important needs so that he can give all he could give and yet with a huge effort, presents us with dewy glows early in the morning. Sometimes, facing cold, rain and wind, the erythrinas can release red flowers to warm the souls of those who suffer a strange recollection within themselves.

It seems kinda cheesy. I know... gentle kindness is always confused with excesses of sentimentality. But this charitable garden was invented long before men derided any sign of disinterested complacency. The charitable garden to which I refer is the same as the Old Testament, which is regarded as paradisiacal. It was imagined by Muhammad with inexhaustible sources and by the Egyptians who, utopically, imagined fields of evergreen reeds. I speak of the garden which the Greeks imagined on the Champs-Elysees, while they built the Parthenon, dotted with landscapes containing all the greens and all the flowers.

But do not worry, you do not have to leave this world to contemplate these paradises, and here among us, it is not so necessary to be free of sins so that the charity of this garden will feed you with an impalpable light, full of this chlorophyll loaded with perfumes of grass freshly cut. The garden practices charity spontaneously, if only because its essence secretly demands that it does this blindly, for the pure pleasure of giving itself. It seems inconceivable to you, but it was also difficult for me to understand that someone had billions of compassions to offer for free, for the sheer pleasure of blossoming forever. Even if we forget to water it.

Author: Raul Cânovas

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