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Wedding Checklist: Learn How To Step-By-Step Month To Month

After saying "yes" to your fiance's wedding request, you will have several things to worry about, including the wedding party. At first glance it seems like a lot to be organized and you have no idea where to start. So it is important to do a month-to-month wedding check list.

Putting on paper all you need to go behind makes it easy to know where to start. The check list can be done on the computer or by hand - and there are even applications that help with the task - what's important is to make everything more practical and help define where you should start!

The truth is you can do the wedding party check list alone or with the help of a ceremonial. Most brides like to rely on help, especially from someone who already understands and has experience with marriages.

Need to set up a wedding check list? Check out how to do this:

Where to start?

Wedding Checklist

The most common question for the bride and groom is: "Where to start?". The answer is quite simple. Decide whether you want help from a ceremonial or not. Then develop your ceremonial wedding checklist.

Write down in this Word paper or document everything you consider indispensable for your wedding to take place: dress search, church and registry booking, guest list, gift list, buffet, party room, party style, and money you It is available.

However simple the ceremony may be, you'll need some things to make it work. It's worth even jotting down who you would like to be the groomsmen, number of guests, limit and the time you have available to organize everything.

At this point, being organized is essential. Ideally, start preparing everything at least a year in advance. So there is no rush to solve what you need. Here are some things to check out each month:

12 months before

A year before you can determine a few things. Your checklist starts appearing. At that point you're already engaged, but you have not decided on a date yet. What you can do while you still have 12 months to get married:

  • Choose the date of the wedding ceremony: bet on those dates that you like best. In that first moment write down more than one option;
  • Determine Your Budget: How Much Money Is Available To Invest In Marriage? Define this and make it clear what the threshold value is;
  • Initial guest list: Make the first draft of the guest list;
  • Place of Ceremony: Will it be in the Church? At the notary's office? Somewhere else? Define now;
  • Reservations: Search the places and dates you want the wedding to take place. See if there is availability and if possible already leave reserved;
  • Event Schedule: Determine what time you want your wedding to take place. Ideally do this before booking;
  • Godparents: Select who you would like to be the godparents of the religious wedding and at the notary's office;
  • Pages and checkers: Define which children will take this role;
  • Honeymoon: Start looking for destinations that interest you for this special moment;
  • Work holidays: As you have already chosen the date and made the reservation, consider starting to schedule and negotiate with your employment the two vacations for the month in which the wedding will happen;

11 months before

Buffet breakfast

Now that you've set the date, it's only 11 months left for the big day. Carry on with the monthly check-list. Now you should worry about:

  • Search for buffets: Start taking a look at wedding buffets. Write down all those who draw attention;
  • Decoration: It's time to start thinking about the wedding decoration checklist. Determine how you want everything to be;
  • Photography and filming: look for professionals who work with photography and filming weddings and seek to know their work better;
  • Band or DJ to party: choose from now if you want band or DJ at the wedding party and if yes already research and hire the professionals;

10 months before

Missing ten months for your wedding is time for you:

  • Visit the selected buffets: taste the food of the buffets you selected the previous month and close with one of the companies;
  • Define Decorator: Look for decorators and choose who will do the church decor and party room;
  • Flights or honeymoon travel packages: purchase airline tickets and hotel reservations from the place where you wish to spend your honeymoon;
  • Color of the bridesmaid dress: start talking to the bridesmaids to choose the color of their dress;

9 months before

Wedding dress

It's nine months into the big day! You should now:

  • Bridal Gown: It's time to choose your dress and look for the atelier to do it or rent it;
  • Dress of the bridesmaids and ladies: time to rent these dresses also;
  • Groom's costume: The groom should also go after his costume for the event;

8 months before


Eight months in advance it is indicated:

  • Aesthetic treatments: If you believe that you will need some (tooth whitening, dental treatment, plastic), do it now;
  • Medical check-up: to ensure that your health is up to date;
  • Diet and Fitness: If you find it necessary to lose weight - or this is recommended by your doctor - this is the time to start;
  • Documentation for travel: If you are going to honeymoon abroad, start taking care of the necessary documents;
  • Invitations for girls, pajens, groomsmen and godmothers: It's time to deliver the invitation to these people!

7 months before

Wedding party

After seven months for the ceremony you must:

  • Musicians or choir: Hire the music directors at the ceremony;
  • Cake and sweets: place the order. Visit candy shops and get to know the items before closing the deal;
  • Bar service: Search, taste and contract;
  • Bride's Day: Start researching salons and compare values ​​with services offered;

6 months before

When you miss a semester for the big day, it's time to:

  • Wedding night: search for places, if you want to spend in the city, before traveling;
  • Close the bride's day service: hire the chosen venue and select who will be the makeup artist of the bride and bridesmaids;
  • Invitations: hire the company responsible for development and printing;
  • Well married: look for someone who will do the married good and already hire if you like the services;

5 months before

Wedding ring

Five months before the wedding is indicated:

  • Wedding Website: The time has come to set up the website and start feeding you information about your wedding;
  • Alliances: research, choose and buy;
  • List of wedding gifts: create your list online or physically and leave in some store;
  • Party Attractions: Look for something to entertain guests, such as partying with the bride and groom, guests, photo booth and children's recreation;
  • Marriage at the registry office: Decide what the property regime will be;

4 months before

Bride shoes

Four months in advance you must:

  • Shoes and accessories: Bride and groom. It's time to choose and buy;
  • Playlist: define which songs can not be skipped at the party and forward to the DJ or band;
  • Documents for civil marriage: start arranging all the necessary documents;
  • Alliances: choose what you prefer and buy;
  • Who will take the covenants to the altar: who will be responsible for bringing the covenants to the altar, the daminha or the pajén;
  • Lingerie tea, bridal shower, tea bar: time to talk to the bridesmaids and start thinking about this event that precedes the wedding;

3 months before

Missing a quarter for marriage focus:

  • Menu: make the final tasting and define what will be offered on the party menu;
  • Proof of the wedding dress: make the first test of the wedding dress, to see if everything is okay or if some adjustment is needed;
  • Retrospective: Separate the photos that will be used for this video;
  • Photo session: time to do a photo session of the couple, who can enter the end of the retrospective video;
  • Lighting and support services: Hire these professionals for the big day;
  • Invitations: Start handing them out to the guests;

2 months ago

Two months before the big day is indicated:

  • Meeting with counselor: If you hired a marriage counselor, it's time to set up a meeting and review how everything will happen at the ceremony;
  • Meeting with suppliers: The suppliers checklist for the wedding is intended to ensure that everything has already been properly forwarded and will be delivered on the wedding day;
  • Car of the Bride: Hire the car that will take you to the church;
  • Bouquet: order yours and your own;
  • Lingerie: Time to buy wedding night lingerie and honeymoon lingerie;
  • Confirmation of attendance: if you have advice, ask for the presence confirmation service. If not, the indicated is what is written in the invitation that the guests must confirm the presence in the own site of the couple;

1 month before

Wedding concept

Missing one month for the ceremony is time for you:

  • Transfer: for the honeymoon, book the airport-hotel transfer if you do not wish to rent a car;
  • Full proof of the bride's costume: make the dress, shoes and all accessories complete;
  • Alcoholic beverages: time to buy them for the party;
  • Teas for lingerie, pot or tea bar: the time has come for this event to happen;
  • Skin cleansing: good time to do;
  • Wedding Vows: write them;
  • Wedding Hashtag: Create and Disclose;

1 week before

One week in advance you should:

  • Personal care: check hair, eyebrow, massage and some hair styling - just be careful not to look very different from how it was in the photo essay;
  • Finale of the wedding dress: To check if everything is ok;
  • To soften the shoes: To have no discomfort on the day of the event;
  • Honeymoon bag: Start preparing and if possible leave ready;

1 day before

The day before the wedding you:

  • Votes: Revise, decorate and make your tail;
  • First Aid Kit: Put some items that can save you in the middle of the ceremony as remedy for headache, colic, toiletries, makeup and hair clips;
  • Disclose the hashtag: Make the disclosure of the wedding hashtag, so that the guests remember to use it;

On wedding day

On the big day focus on:

  • Food: feed well, but bet on lighter, healthier foods;
  • Follow the routine: follow everything that was previously agreed;
  • Enjoy your moment!

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