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Children'S Room Planned: Ideas And Photos Of Current Projects

Entering the universe of the little ones is essential for anyone who is setting up a children's room. Knowing how to deal only with security by planning a threat-free environment is not the most relevant feature of the project. It is also important to involve the child in this place with playful elements that encourage their development and provide a family atmosphere.

Offering all this is a challenging task, so one solution is to opt for a planned child's room. In it, the educational spirit is successfully worked, fundamental for the transition from the baby stage to the pre-adolescence!

Advantages of a planned children's room

1. Economy in the final value

The costs of a room made in traditional carpentry plus the hiring of a professional in the area of ​​decoration are relatively larger compared to those of a planned room. The first option is the best way for those who want a personalized look. For those who prefer to save a little more, look for a company specializing in planned furniture and guarantee your project without investing as much.

2. Simple and beautiful layout

If you are afraid of making mistakes in the choice of finishes, materials, colors and contracting services, opt for the planned children's room. They are beautiful and functional, moreover, they can have the personal touch of each client.

3. Full utilization of space

Because it is a bespoke project, all furniture is adapted according to the dimensions of the room: right foot, window and door openings, width, length and circulation. That way, you can use all the nooks in an efficient way, without worrying about hunting furniture ready at department stores.

4. Versatility in decoration

Its basic layout lets the ambiance take over the room. We can say that this type of project fits all profiles, just have creativity at the time of riding!

How to Build a Planned Children's Room

Consider the priorities that this room should have: a bed, a desk, cabinets, storage space for toys, reading space, a television, reading space and so on.

From there, define a style or theme by checking the child's profile. If it is a smaller child, the ideal is to play with the colorful and themed elements in the room. Now, if you're a child about to enter pre-adolescence, stick with a traditional bedroom and just add decorative objects to bring character.

O planned child's room neutral requires greater care in the setting and in the choice of complements to decorate it!

60 current ideas of planned child bedroom projects

Check out some ideas to apply in your project and have amazing results like the inspirations below:

Picture 1 - Since the proposal is childish, apply colors on the furniture.

Apply colors in the children's room

Colors are great to insert into the decor! When it comes to children's carpentry, remember that your child may get bored over time, but the result can be creative.

Picture 2 - Planned child's room with two beds.

Planned children's twin room

In this project, to better optimize the space, were added drawers and shelves that can separate the belongings of each one.

Picture 3 - Embellish the wall with a very dynamic panel.

Embellish the wall with a very dynamic panel

The very sober panel is not always recommended for a children's room. Unless the style is very narrow as the minimalist and the Scandinavian. A traditional room has colors and compartments in different dimensions, which leaves this game more playful for their universe.

Picture 4 - To optimize the space, enjoy the space of the window.

Enjoy window space to optimize space

A tip for those who do not know how to make the best use of space, place some furniture in the window extension. In this case, worth the desk, chest, cabinets, etc.

Picture 5 - Niches are key elements in decoration.

Niches as key elements in the decoration of a planned children's room

Leaving the room without any open compartment does not allow the toys to stand the show. In addition to facilitating in the organization, they decorate the room without bothering to invest in other decorative objects.

Picture 6 - Place mirrors on cabinet doors.

Put mirrors on cabinet doors

To carry the element that allows the feeling of amplitude, the solution is to add it to the cabinet doors. There is nothing better than uniting functionality and beauty in one item!

Picture 7 - A study corner is a great alternative to add in the room.

A study corner in the planned children's room

A small room should prioritize the child's basic needs like rest and study. Try to fit a niche, in the middle of the cabinets, to install the desk.

Picture 8 - Choose a color and apply it in the decorative details.

Choose a highlight color for decorative elements in the planned children's room

For a neutral room without many details, the solution is to let the colors enter the small points of the setting. Invest in cushions, bedding, carpets, paint, pictures and so on.

Picture 9 - Optimize space as best as possible!

Optimize space as best as possible

If it's a single room, use the bottom to set up another space. This optimizes the area, delimiting the functionalities of each location.

Picture 10 - Apply a wallpaper to give more liveliness in the decoration.

Apply wallpaper to make the decor more lively

The wallpaper carries personality to the children's room. With different prints, patterns and colors you can choose the model that most pleases the rest of the decoration.

Image 11 - Ideal for storing toys.

Ideal for storing toys

Picture 12 - Organization is everything in the children's room!

Organization is everything in the planned children's room

The more divisions, the better the organization of the room. That way you can divide by items like: toys, clothes, school supplies, shoes, books, and so on. If you can, improvise some chests that make it even easier to pick up the items.

Image 13 - If space allows, mount a small closet.

Build a small closet in the planned children's room

Picture 14 - Separate the activities of the room in a harmonic way.

Children's room planned separates activities

Picture 15 - Make just a few colorful details in the joinery.

Just a few colorful details in the joinery

For those who want to escape from a full color cabinet, you can improvise these details in a single point of the furniture. It is an interesting idea to have a room with a child's mood but that extends until adolescence.

Figure 16 - Mount a very dynamic closet for space.

Assemble a very dynamic cabinet for space

Image 17 - Color made all the difference to the decoration.

The color made all the difference in the decoration

Picture 18 - Small children's planned room.

Small children's planned room

Picture 19 - Make a fun game with the shelves.

Children's room planned: ideas and photos of current projects: children

What happens with the niches can be done with the shelves as well. The more distributed, the greater the playful effect for the space.

Image 20 - Male designed children's room.

Kids' planned children's room

Picture 21 - The neutral white can gain prominence with the decorative objects.

Neutral white in planned child's room

Image 22 - Enjoy the space of the window to insert some furniture in its extension.

Enjoy the window space to insert a piece of furniture

Picture 23 - Children's room designed for women.

Children's planned children's room

Image 24 - The interesting thing about the plan is that it does not leave the decor dated.

Planned child's room

Picture 25 - Planned child's room with bunk bed.

Planned child bedroom with bunk bed

Image 26 - Simple and functional as it should be.

Simple and functional as it should be

Image 27 - Wall stickers reinforce the personality of the room even more.

Stickers reinforce the personality of the room

Image 28 - Learn how to decorate a shared room boy / girl.

Children's room decoration shared between boy and girl

Make a neutral base and apply the preferred color of each in the room details. In this choice, do not forget to check if this combination is harmonious.

Picture 29 - The mixture of finishes is very important in the final result.

The mixture of finishes is important in the final result of the decoration of the children's room

Picture 30 - When the room is shared, place only the essentials.

Just put the essentials in the planned children's room

Picture 31 - Decorate the room with the theme that your child likes the most.

Decorate the room with the theme your child most likes

Image 32 - Highlight some detail of the bedroom's joinery.

Highlight some detail of the cabinet in the room

Picture 33 - Work each module with a different finish.

Work each module with a different finish

Picture 34 - For those who want a room that lasts for many years.

The decoration of a planned room can last for many years

Image 35 - In this case, the colors were worked in pastel shades.

Crayons in children's room decoration

Image 36 - Who prefers a blue room, you can choose to put the color in just a few details.

Just a few details with the color

Picture 37 - Do not forget to insert the LED tape in these spaces below cabinets.

Insert the LED strip as a complement to the bedroom decor

They light and decorate the furniture that is just below it. In the case of the desk this kind of lighting is indispensable.

Picture 38 - Children's room designed gray and yellow.

Planned children's room gray and yellow

Image 39 - Make a color gradient.

Color gradients in planned cabinets

To give a different and fun look, put a door of each color, using the gradient technique. This is the latest trend in decor that can be found in adult rooms and even in home office decor.

Picture 40 - The niches and shelves are able to organize the items in the room.

Niches and shelves to optimize organization

Picture 41 - Children's room designed with Scandinavian style.

Scandinavian style in children's room

Image 42 - Modules do not always have to be regular.

Non-regular modules

This disproportionality creates a joke for the room! Do not be afraid to play this game with niches, shelves and cabinets. The bigger the size differentiation, the more fun it gets!

Picture 43 - The niches and shelves are perfect to leave the toys visible.

Illuminated Niches to Let the Toys Show

Picture 44 - The closet at the bottom of the bed divides the space for each one.

Cabinet at the bottom of the bed divides the space for each

Picture 45 - For a neutral room, work hard on the decorative elements.

Children's room that works the prints

Picture 46 - With minimalist style, without losing the air of children.

Minimalist style without losing the child's touch

Picture 47 - Gray is a neutral color that accompanies all ages.

Gray is a neutral color that accompanies all ages

Picture 48 - Girls are passionate about colors!

Girls are passionate about colors

Picture 49 - Simple furniture but works very well for who shares the room with his brother.

Simple furniture for shared room

Picture 50 - For those who wish to escape the rose, blend with another color together.

Mix of rose with another color

Picture 51 - Mescle themed room with colors!

Children's themed room with colors

Picture 52 - Choose functional furniture, without leaving the decoration aside.

Functional furniture without leaving the decoration aside

The shelves structured the roof of this bedside in the shape of a house. It is a creative idea that can be made with the planned furniture, after all it is only to change the position of the shelves, which instead of straight, are angled.

Picture 53 - On the bunk, enjoy the stairs as drawers and niches.

Ladder with drawers and niches

Picture 54 - The cabinet built into the wall allows lightness for the look.

Lighter with built-in wall cabinet

Image 55 - Add shelves in different formats.

Add shelves with different formats

Image 56 - Work the geometric shapes in the decoration.

Work the geometric shapes in the decoration

Image 57 - Even planned, it is possible to insert a theme for the room.

Choose a theme for a planned children's room

Image 58 - The slate wall is ideal for decorating a children's room.

Wall board in children's room

Image 59 - Simple designed children's room.

Children's room designed with simple style

Picture 60 - Enjoy the entire length of the wall to insert cabinets, niches and drawers.

Cabinets, niches and drawers on wall extension

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