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Choosing Wedding Rings

Choosing Wedding Rings

Once the decision is made, it is time to anticipate to face an extensive list of preparations that involve the celebration of marriage.

In addition to all the details for holding the ceremony, organizing the couple's future residence and the honeymoon trip, there is a very important aspect that should not be ignored or left to last: choosing the pair of rings.

A major symbol of marriage in Western cultures, they will be used for a long time and deserve detailed search for a solid and long-lasting investment.

Here are some important considerations and detailed descriptions of the available models available for you to choose from.

The Engagement Alliance

couple rings

It is tradition, when the couple officializes the plans of marriage already plans a small ceremony to notify the family and the closest friends with the celebration of the engagement.

Many couples choose to have gold rings already and start using them in their right hands as a sign of commitment, and wear the same rings at the wedding ceremony.

As the engagement ring will usually be used for a short period, it is optional for the newlyweds to arrange for simpler alliances, which will be replaced by the definitive alliances, or already invest in advance in the pair that will be used after they are married.

There is no specific rule for engagement rings, you decide.

Wedding Rings Materials

The classic and most used models for wedding rings are those made in gold.

In addition to the aesthetic custom, it is worth mentioning that gold is a noble, light metal, resistant to the action of time and easy to clean and polish.

You can find several shades of gold, such as intense yellow, aged yellow, rose gold.

However, some couples can break the tradition and use wedding rings of white gold or platinum, or blending materials of different shades.

Platinum is also a noble and ultra-resistant oxidation metal, presenting significant levels of strength and durability of gold.

Platinum alliances are often the basis of alliances studded with stones and have a higher market value than gold and silver.

Although there is no rule of thumb that would prevent a couple from adopting silver rings like the official wedding rings, the habit is not at all common, since this category of metal is usually employed in compromise alliances during the dating period.

Even at a lower cost, it is worth noting that silver is not as tough as gold and platinum. Alliances of this material can last less time due to natural wear and tear.

Alliances: Think about the Practical Aspects


Having chosen the material, it should be taken into consideration that wedding rings will be constantly used and therefore it is necessary to combine comfort with its beauty.

The market offers anatomical models, which accompany the natural curvature of the fingers, which must be absolutely measured before purchase.

A very loose alliance can slip and fall, and a very tight, as well as uncomfortable, can cause circulatory problems.

It is worth remembering that less detailed models are less likely to disrupt everyday activities and deteriorate over time or contact with tools and tools.

The Style of Alliances

The options of wedding ring models have greatly increased in recent years, catering to every type of taste and preference of couples.

For grooms and brides, they do not have to be totally identical. Each spouse can add traits of his or her preference to the ring.

For example, there are very similar pairs, but they are decorated with gems for women, leaving the alliance more feminine.

The important thing is to take into consideration that jewelry should respect the preference of the couple.

Choosing the ideal model for both is already one of the first exercises of understanding and fellowship in marriage.

Whether they are wide or narrow, straight or rounded, smooth or decorated, the important thing is the consensus, the harmonization with the style of each bride and groom.

Writing the Alliances


The most common custom is to record the name of the spouse along the date of the marriage within each covenant.

However, it is increasingly common to find couples opting for alternative recordings.

Name and date may be included on the outer surface of the rings, but there are other personalized forms of identification, such as fingerprints, representation of heartbeats, and even the graphic representation of sound waves in the voice of the loved one.

Regardless of customs and traditions, the choice of wedding rings can count on any feature that allows the couple to identify more, making this symbol even more meaningful.

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