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Pet Bottle Christmas Tree: 40 Ideas And Step By Step

THE Christmas tree of PET bottle is a beautiful, practical, ecologically correct and super low-budget option for this Christmas. The main element of this type of tree is sustainability, where items that would be discarded enter a new cycle and have other uses. Plus you can put your DIY skills into practice and make yourself a personalized tree for your holiday celebrations.

The material allows a lot of variety and creativity at the time of mounting your Christmas tree of PET bottle: you can enjoy the green or transparent packaging and play with different colors and lights. The textures can also vary a lot according to the technique you employ, there are models that use the proper format of the pet bottle and others that ask for cuts to make the reference less apparent.

This is a decoration that serves both inside and outside the house, not only part of the decoration of the room but also the garden, yard or public spaces such as square of the city, entrance of the condominium and courtyard of the school.

40 PET Bottle Christmas Tree Decor Ideas

Check out our inspirations and step by step to help you put together the Christmas of your dreams:

Image 01 - Bottles of other colors to highlight your PET pin.

Bottles of other colors to highlight your tree

The green bottles are perfect for composing our beloved pine trees, but try putting bottles of other colors as punctual details to give more prominence to your Christmas tree.

Picture 02 - You can think big: any plastic bottle serves to make a Christmas tree of the ideal size.

Any plastic bottle can be used to make a large tree.

Image 03 - Enjoy the recycling wave and make a structure with the iron that you no longer use.

Iron Christmas Tree with PET Bottles

With an iron structure or some metal your tree will get much firmer and more sustainable.

Image 04 - A Christmas tree of PET bottle full of cachinhos.

A tree full of cachitos

Image 05 - Bottles illuminated and full of color.

PET Bottle Christmas Tree: 40 Ideas and Step by Step: step

PET Bottle Christmas Tree: 40 Ideas and Step by Step: step

With flasher and colored ribbons inside the transparent bottles you can create a very striking color effect for your Christmas tree.

Image 06 - Christmas tree of PET bottle to brighten your balcony.

PET Bottle Christmas Tree: 40 Ideas and Step by Step: step

Image 07 - Make a base on the floor, put the bows together, join the gifts and have fun with a Christmas tree in the garden.

PET Bottle Christmas Tree: 40 Ideas and Step by Step: christmas

You can still use spray paint to give a golden effect on the body of the tree and to whittle on the top making an arrangement with flowers or artificial leaves.

Do you know that office chair that is not so good anymore? You can make an incredible sliding base for your tree.

PET Bottle Christmas Tree: 40 Ideas and Step by Step: tree

Image 09 - White tree in the backyard.

PET Bottle Christmas Tree: 40 Ideas and Step by Step: bottle

This is the perfect model to use those classic water bottles with blue cap. Enjoy the easy assembly and be sure to put a flasher and some embellishment on the top.

Picture 10 - Christmas tree of PET bottle: tropical, colorful and sustainable.

PET Bottle Christmas Tree: 40 Ideas and Step by Step: christmas

Image 11 - Tree with bright tubes.

Tree of bright tubes

Another way to use the bottles in assembling your Christmas tree is to line up several of them as if they were tubes and insert some kind of light inside (preferably flasher).

Image 12 - Embellishing the streets of the city.

Christmas tree with PET bottle illuminating the streets of the city

Picture 13 - How to make PET bottle Christmas tree step by step.

Mini tree with PET bottle

You will need between 10 and 15 PET bottles in green color (if possible of varying sizes), a broom handle (whole or in half, depending on the size of tree you prefer), scissors and a plant pot with sand or earth.

  • Wash bottom of bottles and dry thoroughly
  • Cut the bottom of them all
  • Cut the cylindrical part in strips from bottom to top
  • Open the straps with your hands until you reach the mouthpiece
  • Attach the bottles to the wood by the nozzle
  • Trim the top strips to leave the most triangular shape

Image 14 - In the door trimmings.

In the door ornaments

The most fun in this ornament is that it is well with bottles of various sizes, the important thing is that all are the same and form a nice composition.

  • Cut out the bottom of 17 green PET bottles
  • Start the composition by the base of the tree by aligning 5 backgrounds in the same row
  • Always place 1 bottle bottom in the composition as it rises, until it reaches the top with 1 bottom only.
  • Glue the bottoms together with hot glue in tree format
  • Finish decorating with red bows and hang on the door

Picture 15 - A composition so grandiose that it does not even look PET.

Great composition: neither does PET bottle look like

Image 16 - All special lighting.

Special lighting with PET bottle tree

Set up a well-lit base and then distribute the little bottles with colored caps for a very original and charming effect.

Picture 17 - Giving a Christmas touch with a small PET tree.

A Christmas twist with a small Christmas tree with PET bottle

Picture 18 - A different tree in the park.

A different tree in the park

Again using the docking technique and turning the bottles into several large tubes, you can make a different kind of tree and integrate it into nature.

Image 19 - A pine as green as the natural.

PET bottle tree for outdoor area

Image 20 - Tree with bottles background, ink and lots of creativity.

Tree with bottom of bottles facing outer area

Bottles of different sizes, colors and patterns are no problem for this super integrator tree model.

Picture 21 - A tree in the shape of a tower all illuminated for your room.

Tower-shaped tree

Image 22 - Tree from stacked bottles.

Tree of stacked bottles

One of the easiest ways to mount a Christmas tree with a PET bottle is to make stacked circles to form the cone-like appearance of the tree.

Picture 23 - Fully lined and with neon.

Fully lined bottles on Christmas tree

Image 24 - PET tree in snowflakes.

PET tree in snowflakes

If you want to get away from the traditional cone shape, bet on "flowers" or "snowflakes" made of PET bottles.

Image 25 - Bottles cut and joined.

Bottles cut and joined

Image 26 - Little tree to do in school.

Small tree to do at school

This is a very easy and fun do it yourself to do with the little ones and train their manual skills:

  • Put two PET bottles in the bottom and tape them with hot glue
  • Cut the bottom of 6 more bottles so that they can all fit in an asterisk or star type
  • Prepare the next layers with fewer bottles and go shorter
  • You should repeat the procedure for more or less 6 layers
  • Do not forget to finish with the part of the bottle nozzle at the top of your tree
  • Decorate with the decorations and characters you prefer.

Image 27 - Green and blue in a spiral pine.

Green and blue on a spiral pine tree

Image 28 - Bottles in a light texture.

Bottle tops in a light texture

For those of you who want to be sustainable, but prefer not to wrap the shape of the PET bottle in the decoration, cutting the plastic from the bottles into strips helps to de-characterize the material a bit and still have the creative freedom to assemble your tree as you wish.

Picture 29 - Tree with deconstructed PET.

Tree with deconstructed PET

Plastic can be trimmed, folded and handled the way you prefer, to form a tree you just put all the inserts in a spiral wire, so your reference to PET bottles is less obvious and more creative.

Picture 30 - Look what you can do with the bottles of water of the day to day.

Transparent PET Bottle Tree

Picture 31 - To light your walls.

To light your walls

References to Christmas trees on the wall are a very effective trend for those who do not have all that space in the living room or in the Christmas party settings. One of the options for those who do not have space but does not give up the charm is to mount a panel that allows the shape of the tree with PET bottles and still illuminate them inside for an amazing lighting effect.

Image 32 - PET tree pendant and simple.

Simple PET and Tender Tree

All you will need to do is cut the bottles into strips, fit into each other through the nozzle and attach them all together by a cord. The embellishments and ties are due to your imagination.

Image 33 - Bottom background texture for the whole tree.

Bottle background for the whole tree

This tree can be made either in the transparent green version or in a more solid color, for this you must be careful when selecting the type of bottle that will use or can even all with spray paint if you prefer.

Image 34 - Several layers with crushed bottles.

Christmas tree with crushed PET bottles

The texture of the kneaded bottle adds a touch of fun and fluidity to the Christmas tree, especially if combined with proper lighting and a little color to make everything look better.

Image 35 - A GI-GAN-TES-CA structure!

A GIANT structure for a tree with PET bottle

Picture 36 - Christmas tree of PET bottle: adorned with characters to brighten the entrance of the house.

Embellished with characters to brighten the entrance of the house

Bring the kids together and let them all unleash their imagination to make the ornaments of this beautiful Christmas tree made with 2-liter PET bottles.

Image 37 - Details with backgrounds of bottles of other colors.

Details with bottle backgrounds in other colors

Image 38 - PET crystals on a white Christmas tree.

PET crystals on white christmas tree

The "snowflake" format was used with a simpler decoration and made this tree super stylish.

Image 39 - Small and with decreasing layers.

Small and with decreasing layers

Image 40 - Colors and lighting with PET bottles.

Colors and lighting with PET bottle

PET bottles allow you to think and realize very complex and elaborate structures, just take a look at this tree so full of layers and so illuminated.