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Cigar Box With Mosaic Cover

Cigar Box with Mosaic Cover

Make yourself this beautiful mosaic in a cigar box. Nothing fancy to give an adept of this hobby.

You can also use this same drawing for another box that can be used to store CDs or DVDs, books, wine corks, etc.


  • 1 wooden box for cigars 29 x 24 x 12.5 cm (L x W x H); or any other box topped in this format;
  • Ruler;
  • Pen for overhead projector and permanent marker tip pen;
  • White grout;
  • Silicone and plastic spatulas;
  • Neutral silicone (if it is a tube, you will also need a silicone gun);
  • Small spatula to pass silicone (spatula 24 - dental instrument) or ice cream stick;
  • Small glass base to place silicone;
  • 1 glass cutter;
  • Kerosene for the cutter;
  • Pliers;
  • Smooth colorless glass;
  • Colored glasses;
  • Squares of dark brown glass of 2 x 2 cm;
  • Mirror squares 0.5 x 0.5 cm;
  • Vegetal paper;
  • Scissors;
  • Stiletto;
  • Alcohol or acetone;
  • Cloths;
  • Closure for the box;
  • Gloves;
  • Protective goggles.

Bases: Mold and Box

First of all, print the risk. To download it to your computer click on the image:

cigar scratch

mosaic cigars box

This is the cigar box I chose.

It measures 29 x 24 x 12.5 cm and has glass on the top measuring 20 × 22 cm.

How to Make the Base for the Mosaic

mosaic cigars box

Separate the plain colorless glass.

Mine has 2 mm, but you can use a 3 mm too.

Separate also the cutter, already with kerosene, the fine point pen, the ruler and the pliers.

For ease, I chose to make the mosaic over a colorless glass and not directly on the glass of the box.

If you want, you can choose to do the direct mosaic.

mosaic cigars box

Measure the size you need to cut the glass or model: place the glass over the place where it is to be fitted and scratch with the fine-tipped ruler and pen.

mosaic cigars box

Cut the glass in the markings.

Run the cutter making medium pressure for each of the markings and break.

The cutter cover must be uncrossed for kerosene to drain.

Learn this cut better in our tutorial about glass cutting.

After cutting, thoroughly wash the glass and dry. If you like, stick the scratch with tape under the glass.

Mosaic Cigar Pieces Cut

mosaic cigars box

Separate the colored glasses that you will use to make the cigar.

I chose a dark olive green.

Choose the color that most resembles a true cigar.

With the thin-tip pen, copy the scratch of the cigar into the glass.

Do not forget to leave the gaps for the grout between the parts.

mosaic cigars box

Cut the shapes marked with the cutter, passing the cutter steadily over each scratch.

For more explanations on how to cut glass in curved shapes see our glass cutting tutorial on curves.

With the cut face up, place the clipper close to the cut, close to the edge, hold firm and break down.

Cut out all the parts of the cigar and check on the risk.

Silicone for Mosaic Collage

mosaic cigars box

Separate the neutral silicone, the spatula or ice cream scoop and the glass base to support the silicone.

mosaic cigars box

Pass the silicone in each piece to be glued, throughout the piece.

Put it in the right place and push with your finger to spread the silicone, avoiding bubbles.

Glue all the pieces that make up the cigar in this way.

mosaic cigars box

Avoid soiling the top of the glass.

I always keep with me a little cloth to go cleaning my hands.

The mosaics of the olive cigar pieces are already in place.

mosaic cigars box

Now, carefully, copy the other two parts of the cigar onto the parchment paper.

Use the thin tip pen.

mosaic cigars box

Cut the molds.

For the Tip of the Cigar, Use Dark Brown Glass

mosaic cigars box

Copy the template onto the glass with the overhead pen.

Cut through the risk as we learned earlier.

mosaic cigars box

For the cigar seal use a red glass for the central part and yellow for the sides.

If the glass allows, you can also copy the mold to the glass by placing the scratch underneath and scratching with the fine point pen.

Cut all parts of the seal.

mosaic cigars box

Glue all parts of the cigar with silicone, in the right places.

Mosaic Smoke with Mirrors

Now let's do the cigar smoke.

For this we will use mirror squares of 0.5 x 0.5 cm. You can use squares of mirrors bought already cut in roll, like this, or cut their squares.

To know more read our glass cutting tutorial - about cutting tesserae.

mosaic cigars box

If you are going to use the mirrors sold in rolls, separate them with the help of a stylus.

Glue the squares over the hazards of the smoke, with the silicone and the spatula.

mosaic cigars box

Make the turns and in all the meetings and fittings, mark the leftovers and cut so that they are perfect.

mosaic cigars box

Make the windings of the windows also at the beginning and end of each strand of smoke, marking and cutting the excesses.

Let it dry before the next step.

Mosaic Ashtray

mosaic cigars box

In a medium brown glass, copy with the tip pen the tops of the ashtray.

Cut and glue all ashtray tops.

Do not forget to leave the spans to the grout.

mosaic cigars box

Use a lighter shade of brown to make the side of the ashtray.

Copy the side on the glass with the fine point pen, cut and glue in place with the silicone.

mosaic cigars box

For the sides of the ashtray on the inside, use a darker brown glass.

And as the glass is darker, model the pieces of paper first to make them look perfect.

mosaic cigars box

Copy the molds from the sides of the ashtray into the glass with the overhead pen.

Cut the parts with the cutter inside the scratches.

mosaic cigars box

Stick in the right places - forming like shadow curves next to the cigar.

Mosaic Cutouts for Drawing the Table

To the table where the ashtray rests, I have chosen a copper glass.

Since he has no transparency, I copied the scratches first to the parchment paper.

mosaic cigars box

You can do this by separating the parts from the risk, without forgetting to get the sieves to the grout.

Or copy the risk parts straight to the glass if you are using a glass with transparency.

Cut the pieces that form the table and glue.

Modeling the Ashtray Background with Vegetable Paper

mosaic cigars box

Cut the larger part by dividing into several smaller pieces, as desired.

Do not forget the gaps for the grout!

mosaic cigars box

Transfer the molds to a glass of another shade of brown with the overhead pen.

Mine is a reddish brown.

Cut all parts of the bottom of the ashtray, running the cutter through the scratches.

mosaic cigars box

Stick in the right places using the silicone and the spatula.

Always pass silicone over every piece to be glued and tighten well to spread and avoid blisters.

The bottom of the ashtray is already glued.

Mosaic Background

mosaic cigars box

I chose 2 × 2 cm squares of very dark brown.

Brown to stay within the shades chosen for the design and squares to create a beautiful contrast.

mosaic cigars box

To make the contrast even more accentuated, paste the squares straight, followed by columns, from the top of the table.

mosaic cigars box

Glue the squares across the bottom.

Mark and cut the excesses in the splices of the drawing so that they are perfect.

Let it dry well.

Mosaic grouting

mosaic cigars box

After drying, wipe the pen marks on the mosaic glass by wiping a cloth moistened with alcohol or acetone.

Separate the white flexible grout, a bowl and a spoon or spatula to prepare the grout and a silicone spatula.

mosaic cigars box

Prepare the grout with water according to the manufacturer's instructions. Make a homogenous and pasty dough.

Thread the grout from side to side in the tile, using the silicone spatula, filling all the holes.

Clean the excess grout with the spatula and in the most difficult places, remove the excess with your fingers.

mosaic cigars box

Pass the grout on the sides of the mosaic with a finger, against the grout.

Let it dry for about 4 hours.

mosaic cigars box

After drying, wipe the grout from the top of the tile by wiping with a clean, dry cloth.

Here is our mosaic tile ready.

Glazing of Glass Mosaic Piece

mosaic cigars box

To glue, first place the tile in place.

Grasp and lift the lid.

Mark on the glass, inside the box, with the pen, where are the darkest pieces.

Put silicone drips where the pen marks are.

I put silicone at the ends of the glass cover and in the center.

Place tile in place and lightly tighten.

Finishing Grout

mosaic cigars box

Grout the edges of the tile with white grout.

Use your fingers for this and do not overtighten the grout.

Let it dry.

After drying, wipe the grout with a clean, dry cloth.


mosaic cigars box

As this mosaic is very masculine and we use only sober and earthy colors, it can be used in any type of box for men.

Video Editorial: Covering a Cigar Box