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Cell Phone Strap

Cell Phone Strap

If you live forgetting where your cell phone is, you will like this simple and inexpensive clip to make, and that will always leave your device in sight.
It can also be used in the car, such as by holding on the ventilation flaps.


  • 1 large paper clip
  • Black Synthetic Strap
  • Black round elastic
  • Piece of Eucatex (for the press)
  • Super Bonder Cola
  • Scissors
  • Pliers
  • Sergeants

Way of doing:

Begin by removing the two wires from the paper clip.

The two wires need the "heads" (the rounded part) to be tilted at an angle of approximately 20 degrees.

As the wire is very hard, you can bend it in two ways: one, hammering several times on the "head" of each wire.


The other way, which we consider to be safer, is to fasten the wire in a press made with a piece of cardboard or Eucatex with two "sergeants" (small lathes used to fix something in place).

After securing the wire firmly, pull it with the pliers.

Release it and do the same with the other wire.


We need to wire the wires so they do not scratch the cell phone.

Dress each one with a piece of synthetic cord, those used as handles in cardboard bags.

Usually these strands are hollow, but if not, first remove the string inside it, carefully.


For the cord not to break, take one end at a time to the flame of a stove or lighter - and then leave, of course.


Then pull and squeeze the melted end of the cord onto the wire, closing it, so you do not "escape" when you put it back into the clip.


Replace the wires in the position shown in the photo (because of the cord, you may have to widen the wire inserts with a pair of pliers).


For the phone to be secure, with no risk of falling, we need to tie the two tweezers with a strong knot, called the eight knot, which is used to withstand heavy pressures.

Make a strap with the elastic by crossing one end over the other.


Make a loop on the base of the loop with the larger part of the elastic (the loose part left over).


Pass the tip through the handle and tighten the elastic slightly.

Do not loosen the strap by running your finger inside it.


Make the second loop by passing the tip through the spaces created by the knot, and pulling it back, being careful not to let go.


The node is ready.

Test it by pulling on the two handles: if the knot gets tighter and does not come off, perfect.

If it loosens a tip or begins to loosen, dismantle and do it again.


Attach the two loops on the wire clips and wrap the rest of the elastic band, securing the ends underneath.

Cut excess and cole with Super Bonder drops.

Note: before cutting, do another test by opening the catch clamp to see if the knot continues to tighten or loosen something.

This part of giving us nonsense, but with a little practice, you get the hang of it.

There are other varieties of us with several utilities, which you can find on YouTube and on blogs about camping, yachting, etc.

cell phone

Now test your catch!

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