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Cooling For Swimming Pool: Types, Tips And Photos!

If you have a space at home, at the farm or on the site, have you ever thought about building a recreational space with swimming pool? For those who are already wishing this refreshing little corner, today the post has tips of pool liner.


  • 1 Pool Floor Tips
    • 1.1 Tablets
    • 1.2 Tiles and ceramics (porcelain, etc.)
    • 1.3 Advantage of using flooring in pool liner
    • 1.4 Caution!
  • 2 Porcelain tile and pool tile
    • 2.1 Pool Pads

Pool Floor Tips

  • Tablets

  1. Variety: the variation of finishes (ceramic, glass) and colors is one of the highlights of this type of material.
  2. Size of the pieces: because they are small, the material is super indicated for those who value curves in the format, so the finish is nice.

    round and curved pools

  3. Effect: the visual result is beautiful and for those who like brightness and want a cool option can opt for the glass tablets that are most used for this type of coating.
  4. Durability: this is an important factor, after all it is not possible to be renovating the swimming pool frequently; and therefore, the tablet becomes an excellent option, since its resistance is high and has excellent.

    green pastilla pool

    Upholstery and chairs make the area comfortable

  5. Application: In order to cover the interior of the pool with this type of material, it is ideal to hire specialized labor, since the installation of the boards should be as natural as possible. Another point is the amount of grout used, which is usually high because of the reduced size of the pieces.
  6. Cleaning: to keep the place clean there are no major difficulties, but with less frequency you need to clean the grouts and this can be a bit of a pain.

    pool colored inserts

  7. Cost: o price of the tablet for coating may vary, but glass-finished versions are more expensive when compared to ceramic models. Grouting and skilled labor can also raise the final price a little.
  • Tiles and ceramics (porcelain, etc.)

  1. Variety: you can imagine that the range of options is numerous, and you can find different sizes, colors, designs / prints and finishes (frosted, glossy, etc). However, the ideal is to choose models that are not so smooth and suitable for wet areas, so there will be problems with infiltration.
  2. Size of parts: various models also offer different sizes, but not as small as the tablets, but nothing that a professional is not able to work in nooks and crannies.

    infinity edge pool

    The wooden deck enhances the outdoor area

  3. Effect: The end result is something that can vary greatly depending on the choice, but overall, it always looks cool.
  4. Durability: In the past it was common to find tiled / ceramic pools that gave problems, but today exactly for this area avoid these drawbacks; and thus this coating becomes quite durable and without loss of color over time.

    pool format

  5. Application: larger parts are simpler to apply and even faster. The work can be performed by a professional tile maker to ensure a smooth finish.
  6. Cleaning: in relation to the grouts, it is simpler to clean; but if the chosen material is not intended the pool area can happen to accumulate fungi more easily.

    swimming pool with printed floor

    Floreiras give color and green to the leisure area

  7. Cost: The price can vary according to the chosen piece, but in general the tile is usually a cheaper option when compared to the pellets.

Advantage of using flooring in pool liner

Undoubtedly the greatest advantage is the possibility of following the desired format, rather than getting caught in the shapes of vinyl or fiber pools.

Watch out!

Mixing pieces such as tile and tablet can guarantee a beautiful visual effect, but attention is needed with the dilation of each material in order to avoid problems.

Porcelain tile and pool tile

house with pool tile

Burnt cement and wood are the materials for the balcony

This project shows the use of tiles in the pool with a variation of tones, which gives an incredible visual effect next to the water.

pool with drawing on the background

This model shows all the irreverence of the leisure area. The drawing at the bottom of the water can be done with pieces already stamped, but it requires the hiring of a good professional for the application.

pool models with ceramic coating

The size of the pieces can vary, and even use different colors and sizes of the same material to create a different result.

type of pool liner

The wooden deck separates the play area from the lawn

With a predominance of light blue tile, this design has a shallower surface for those who want to sit, and so this area has gained some details in dark blue.

porcelain pools

The porcelain tile guarantees a beautiful effect and can be used in different colors such as light blue and green, and thus the hue of the water will follow the color of the coating.

More pictures

pool with chairs inside

The barbecue area values ​​the external environment

pool tile

Swimming pool inserts

home leisure area

On the wall, vertical garden

The finish with ceramic finish has been delicate, and to enhance the outdoor area, the green wall becomes a great choice.

pool models with bubble gum

To leave the legal result, merge colors throughout the internal area (photo 3) or use other tones for finishing details.

pool with waterfall

Plants decorate vertical space

In the outer area, the pellet was not only used at the bottom of the water but also for the wall that houses the cascade. In contrast, a Wood wall to the side it values ​​the space.

House for sale in The

The modern house has clean colors in the painting

If you have different heights in the pool, take advantage of this idea of ​​using different pad colors, so the various shades can create an alert for levels.

swimming pool cover

The little pieces are great for the most different formats, as can be seen in the photos, and even for curved and round pools.

More pictures

sophisticated pool

pool of tablet with drawing on the background

Porcelanato that imitates wood was the option for the external deck

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