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Kitchen With Coifa: Tips And Models!

THE kitchen with hood has become more and more frequent, since the accessory is ideal to account to remove odors and smoke when preparing food. Besides useful, the accessory can still be part of the decoration and so the model chosen is decisive for this task.

Difference between exhaust fan, air cleaner and hood

  1. Exaustor: the model is usually like a fan with propellers that is installed on the wall and pulls the hot air out.
  2. Air purifier: the appliance sucks the hot air and treats the particles by filtering it and returning it to the environment. This type is best suited for small kitchens.
  3. Coif: can have two functions - exhaust fan and scrubber. At first, it just sucks hot air and throws it out through the duct; and in the second there is air filtration and return to the environment.

Tips for hood

  • When it comes to choosing, consider in addition to the model and take into account your performance in the kitchen. If you cook enough or the environment is integrated kitchen, bet on versions that have greater potency to better absorb the smell and smoke.
  • THE width of the appliance is another reason for attention. The stove can influence the choice, since versions of 4 mouths fit very well to hoods with width of 60 cm, and for models of 6 mouths the ideal are appliances with 90 cm.
  • Besides the installation of the hood, there is still the duct and so it is ideal to consider the use of the appliance still in the phase of reform or construction, so as to avoid construction afterwards.
  • THE indicated height to install the utensil is between 65 and 75 cm above the stove.
  • If the environment is not well lit, the choice is to choose a model with built-in lighting to ensure the proper preparation of food.

Kitchen with wall mounted hood

blue kitchen cabinet

The wall model is most suitable for those who have the cooker installed close to the surface. In this kitchen, the built-in stainless steel cooker matches the color of the electro that sucks odors and smoke.

wall tile

On the shelves, vines with seasonings and fresh vegetables

If you have the tallest right foot you can be inspired by this idea of ​​using the ducts only up to a height. And you still have the idea of ​​using the wall covering along the width of the electros.

modern kitchen

The modern kitchen has electro in the same style. The combination of stainless steel with glass gives this touch more current and leaves the atmosphere full of style.

stove top burners

On the wall, red tablets

With little space, it is also possible to invest in a duct equipment. Here the kitchen decorated with tablets has focus for the red coat.

wall of tablets

With modern straight-line design, this version is ideal for more compact stoves and fits nicely into tight spaces, such as this design with integrated environments.

colorful hood

The burnt cement counter is a trend

If the intention is to have a more daring project that can follow the retro or modern line, a sure bet is to use the colored hood. In this design, the yellow utensil matches the decoration of the space.

Venetian blind

The reduced space is not an obstacle to have the electro, and here was exactly the idea. As the space is small, one bet was to choose a smaller model with light to illuminate the stove.

More pictures

side by side refrigerator

The carpet in the kitchen creates a cozy area for the dining area

mirror wall dining room

gray and yellow kitchen

The slate wall is modern

kitchen with built-in oven

gray wall

The cabinets in blue color the environment

small decorated kitchen

stainless steel hood

kitchen decoration

Kitchen with island hood

modern kitchen

Pictures decorate the shelves of the closet

The kitchen with island can also count on the accessory, which has a special version to be installed in the center of the environment.

coifa with coating

In addition to leaving the electro exposed, there is also the option of coating the item to integrate it even more into the environment, but ideally check if the model purchased allows this and respect the outlets and air intakes.

black bench

The glass counter is ideal for small environments.

The island version can also be with glass, like this model with rounded lines and that match with the other kitchen elephants.

acrylic chair

If you want a modern model, bet on round hood, which is more compact and looks great for tight spaces. And it can also be used on peninsulas.

modern decoration

The glass table is modern

Another modern version is this rectangular model that has a wide suction area and is great for island models with the same format.

More pictures

white counter

kitchen with island

Plant pots decorate the environment

kitchen with wallpaper

small kitchen with island

The central island still serves as support for

electric cooktop

The retro red beater decorates the workbench

built-in oven

vegetable vases kitchen

Hanging utensils make everyday life easier

fern decoration

The brick wall is a trend

hood for island

contemporary decoration

Now just follow the tips and ideas of cooker hood to have a modern ambiance, and leave the rest of the house without smell and smoke.

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