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Creating A Pond In The Garden

Water has the
property of transforming the environments where it is inserted, have you noticed this?
Indoors, in fountains or aquariums, or in the garden, in swimming pools and lakes, the
water becomes a leisure and therapy tool. Even without a grandiose space,
you can create a pond in your garden and totally modify the atmosphere
your home. We teach!

Prefabricated lakes are available in
and can be easily implemented by following the
instructions included in the kit. However, you can make your own lake,
need only some previous planning and a basic kit composed by
a plastic blanket and a small appropriate water pump. The existence of a
pump is crucial to ensure that the lake water remains in circulation,
thus avoiding mosquitoes and other insects.

depends on the size that the lake will have, but also on the use that this
will have. Plants and fish need at least 4 hours of direct sunlight all
the days. Another important point is to avoid placing the lake near
not having the lake constantly filled with broken leaves and branches, which will require
more cleaning and maintenance time.

To complete the pond of your garden, you can
include plants or fish suitable for the atmospheric and climatic conditions of
region where you live. The best plants for the lake of a garden are,
naturally, aquatic plants.


Study the location of the lake in your garden,
marking the area with some cuttings stuck in the ground and a rope. Have
always be careful to verify that the area where you will dig does not have any kind
of pipe.

Once the size and shape have been decided, start digging
earth, removing all kinds of stones, plants and flowers, including roots. O
hole to the lake should have a depth between 60 cm and 1 meter.

The next step is to level the bottom the maximum
possible, by adding some of the soil already removed, if necessary.

Then extend the plastic blanket you purchased,
making sure that it covers both the bottom and the sides of the
hole. This material, although durable and durable, can easily break if
contact with sharp objects, so be careful
blanket away from gardening utensils, as well as
of larger dimensions.

The plastic blanket should extend outward from the
hole and along the shores of the lake. Cut the excess with scissors.

Use the excavated earth to cover the blanket.
Place large stones around the lake, covering the excess of the
plastic blanket, creating a natural decoration for the garden pond. You can
still put some flat stones on the bottom of the lake to help keep the
immobile blanket.

Following the instructions accompanying it,
position the water pump properly into the hole.

Fill the hole with a little water to ensure
that everything is in its proper place and there are no leaks. In case everything is working,
fill the hole with water and turn on the water pump.

Wait about 24 hours to add plants
and / or fish to the pond of your garden. The plants should be placed inside the
lake in black plastic pots and can be positioned on the bottom of the lake and / or
on stones of different heights to create an impact decoration.

With these tips, I bet you wanted to create your own lake,
Is not it?

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