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Cupcake For Christmas Tree

Cupcake for Christmas Tree

It makes you want to eat!

But stay at ease, because it is to decorate. And it's very simple to do!


  • Styrofoam ball 50 cm in diameter
  • Styrofoam bead or ball painted red
  • Pearly or neon glitter
  • White Collar Cascorez Extra
  • Container for tapioca
  • Red embroidery line (ball type)
  • Glue brush
  • Cupcake form
  • Barbecue stick
  • Styrofoam piece
  • hot glue
  • Needle
  • Tapioca

Way of doing

christmas tree cupcake

Tip the Styrofoam ball on the toothpick and glue all over the surface.

christmas tree cupcake

Put the tapioca and glitter in a bowl (preferably something disposable, like the grocery wrap trays) and roll the ball over the mixture.

Throw some tapioca with the hand on the bottom (around the toothpick) to cover the ball totally.

You can also use marble powder (found in building material stores), which dispenses glitter; but tapioca is a cheaper option and easy to find.

christmas tree cupcake

Let the ball dry, stuck into a piece of styrofoam or florist foam.

Even modeling pasta serves, as long as the tapioca does not touch anything.

christmas tree cupcake

For the cherry, you can use ready-made "berries", sold in stores of 1.99 for Christmas decoration (like those in the article).

You can also do them by painting beads or small Styrofoam polka dots of bright red.

Cross the cherry with the needle and the thread; then cross it again, forming a loop.

Join the two ends, knot and cut the excess.

christmas tree cupcake

Glue the cherry on top of the Styrofoam ball with hot glue, tightening it tightly to conceal the knot.

christmas tree cupcake

Lastly, make a few drops of hot glue inside the shape, to glue the ball.

christmas tree cupcake

christmas tree cupcake

You can vary the appearance of the cupcake in many ways - for example, replacing the cherry with brown or colored beads that look like chocolate and granulated sugar.

There are some accounts that look a lot like M & Ms. Use your imagination and experiment!

Video Editorial: How to Make Christmas Tree Cupcakes