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Decoration With Artificial Flowers: 25 Ideas And Tutorials!

Flowers always give a more delicate touch to the decor, but the financial situation has become increasingly restricted and can not always renew and invest in natural options. Thinking about it, a bet and trend is to use decoration with artificial flowers. And before you wring your nose know that it is possible to find models that replace the natural version very well, and best of all is that the result is long lasting and reflects more money for your pocket.

Artificial flowers at home

House with pool

Synthetic fiber furniture is ideas for the outdoor area

On the outdoor coffee table, the bet was to use two decorative vases - one small and one large. And to fill the items the choice was for different models of plants, the smaller one won a bush and the large one version of flowers more vivid.

christmas decoration dining room

The dining room is also an environment conducive to receiving a vase with flowers, and in this case the bet was to use a lie flower which simulates a clear parrot's beak; plant very common in the Christmas season. Oh, and the advantage is that you can save the item for the holidays for a long time.

coffee table ornament

Are you going to say that you never felt like giving a special touch to the coffee table? Without going to the flower shop, it is possible to invest in very varied models that simulate flowers and put in a vase to decorate the room.

double room

Not having the dream partner you will have fresh flowers every day by the bed, after all you can not send bouquets daily, right !? So one option is to choose a version that is very similar to natural ones, like this model of roses that has been decorated with a wooden trunk.

vintage decor

Flower pots decorate the furniture in the corner of the room

In the dining room, the decor follows the retro / vintage line, and to give delicacy to the table decoration, the idea was to use a white ceramic teapot with a small bouquet delicate and lying.

decorated wall

The chairs have won black upholstery

The wallpaper can be a little expensive, and the result more traditional. But if you want a different idea to decorate the wall bet on this version with various flowers that extend across the surface and create a super delicate, charming and very creative result.

room with column lamp

The striped wallpaper is smooth

The luminaire already has years in the decoration, but still not giving to change ($$$)? Nothing to get into debt, since it is possible to spend very little and give new face to the item; like this idea in which the central rod was redecorated with flowers and flasher.

acrylic chair

Books decorate the mirrored table

Look what a charm this home office with mirrored table and with vases of flowers on the desk! Among the ideas can be inspired by the two versions:

  • Small white pottery bowl with miniature flowers;
  • Glass aquarium style glass with roses.

glass shelf

If you are still afraid of using the artificial versions, these two examples show that it is possible to decorate the house with great taste and even with a very interesting mix of artificial plants and flowers.

decorated bathroom

Oh, and of course you can not forget the bathroom decor. For this, it is worth to be inspired by these ideas of using vases with flowers on the workbench.

More pictures

simple kitchen planned

decorative vase

Special vases leave the most charming result

coated lamp

modern dining room

The dining table has a modern design

wood floor

The TV panel occupies the entire wall

book shelf

For the coffee table, a furniture with contemporary design

bedroom decoration

Festivities decorated with artificial flowers

decorated table

The napkin holder follows the same decorative trend

I swear that when I think of parties and the amount of flowers used, I can already imagine how much money has gone; so one option is to use the artificial versions, as this decor shows, which brings together different types and colors of unnatural flowers. The only tip for not making the result somewhat "kitschy, out of season, tacky, or whatever you want to call", is to choose models that look more like their original versions.

little owl party

In the decoration of the children's party of owl, the choice was to use small little colored little flowers and little flowers that decorate the front of the table.

party garden

The green lawn enhances the decor with soft tones

At the wedding, engagement or garden party the flowers can be used loose on the table or to decorate decorative lanterns that are suspended and stuck in the tree.

table center

The centerpiece can also follow this trend and leave the natural versions a little aside, so guests can take the treat home and always have a "live" and lasting version of your party.

cup lamp

Golden chairs make up the table

Here the idea was to decorate pots with the artificial options, but the tendency also followed in the ornament that is on the plate.

More pictures

colourful party

party decorated table

Stands leave decorations and sweets at different heights

butterfly party

I hope that the ideas of artificial flowers decoration have broken your paradigm and you surrender to this economic trend, not less beautiful.