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Cell Phone Dinosaur

Cell Phone Dinosaur

Take advantage of old cardboard boxes to make this cute dinosaur that, besides decorating, keeps your cell phone safely. Check out our step by step below.


  • Pieces of cardboard boxes
  • Barbecue stick (optional)
  • Color EVA Retail (optional)
  • Green eva
  • Black marker
  • Eyes of a doll
  • Red sandpaper nº
  • Pencil or pen
  • Carbon paper
  • Paper for molds
  • Silicone glue
  • hot glue
  • Square
  • Stylus
  • Scissors

Cell Phone Holder

Print the dinosaur drawing. It is already in the correct size, but of course you can reduce it.

Download Templates

Click here to download the download files to your computer (PDF)

cell phone dinosaur

Transfer the drawing to the cardboard sheets six times.

cell phone dinosaur

Cut with stylet.

You can then trim burrs in the curves with the scissors.

cell phone dinosaur

Glue the dinosaurs two by two to reinforce them. Take care that they are well aligned.

cell phone dinosaur

Even with all due care, there may still be some inequalities.

Collect all the dinosaurs and remove burrs with sandpaper and scissors.

Snapping the Dinosaur

cell phone dinosaur

Let's make a snap so the dinosaur can carry his tablet or cell phone on his back. Using a square, cut about 5cm off the back of one of the cardboard dinosaurs, and glue it on another.

cell phone dinosaur

Before pasting the last dinosaur, cover the slit in the back with bits of EVA. Attach the dinosaurs with the silicone glue and let them dry.


cell phone dinosaur

This part is very delicate, because any mistake can compromise the finish.

After checking if the part is completely smooth, without burrs or irregularities, cut a long strip of paper (if you need several strips with durex) and try it on the dinosaur, to mark well the width of the EVA strip you go cut.

Note that the paper strip of the photo already has the marks marking the slit in the back because you will have to cut that opening in the EVA strip, too.

cell phone dinosaur

Cut the slit in the paper strip and check one last time if it matches perfectly with the slit in the back.

If not, prepare it before using it to cut the EVA.

Cut the EVA strip according to the mold and fit it on the back using both silicone glue and hot glue.

It looks like glue wasting, but the silicone glue spreads best across the surfaces and the hot glue holds the strip in place while it dries. Try to make the ends of the strip adjust into spots that are barely visible, such as under the chin and tail.

Cut strips to cover the lower sides (legs, belly, neck and tail). Be careful not to over-tighten the strap on the collar, otherwise it will get high and low stitches, making an unsightly zigzag.

cell phone dinosaur

Lay the hooded dinosaur on the rest of the EVA and scratch (with the stylus tip or a toothpick) two dinosaurs to cover the sides.

The most recommended is to cut one side, glue it and after gluing, do the same with the other.

cell phone dinosaur

Finally, glue your eyes and make the mouth with a marker. If you want, you can add some stains with stamped EVA flaps.

cell phone dinosaur

You can make other cell-holding animals with this technique - for example, elephants or camels. Search the web for simple contour molds.

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